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Panty Anti

Some years ago myself and five of my friends started a poker night each Wednesday. The first few months we rotated going to one another's homes but because of the objections from the other guy's wife's we started meeting at my house on a regular basis. Unlike the other wives my Laura didn't mind at all. First she really enjoys poker and second she honestly enjoyed hosting and serving the guys. She especially liked the attention and complements she received from them. I should mention that my wife is a very sexy looking woman (38D-27-37) who has always enjoyed flirting. As she would bend over to serve us chips and drinks her short skirts often rode up in the back revealing her skimpy panty clad behind. The guys behind her would always exclaim what a sexy bottom she had and she really loved their remarks.

As our weekly poker night continued my wife, encouraged by their comments, began wearing sexier and sexier clothes. Her skirts were always mini in length or slit way up the sides to reveal the whites of her thighs above her dark silk nylons. She always wore low cut dresses or blouses that accentuated her buxom breasts. She often wore sexy garter belts and always had at least 4" spike-heels on. Her make-up was always applied heavy, with lots of red lipstick, heavy eye shadow and mascara. She asked me if I minded and I admitted that I was proud to show her off to my friends. Their wife's were not nearly as sexy as her and I kind of got a kick out of the way they lusted for her.

One night, when all the guys had arrived, John (the most ardent of her complimenters) said that he had a surprise for her. He indicated that since she was such a great hostess to us each week that he felt she should have the perfect hostess outfit. He then presented her an extremely revealing maid's costume. It had a little white apron in front with the skirt only being about six inches below the waist. It had a half-cup support for the breasts, but left the top half exposed and it had a lace up front on it. My wife was thrilled to get this gift from John and immediately went to the bathroom to try it on for us. When she came back into the living room, everyone was delighted to see how much of her that it revealed. She bent over from the waist and fully exposed her silk panty clad ass from the rear as well as most all of her breasts from the front side.

John told her that this maid's outfit was meant to be worn without any underclothing. My Laura calmly stood up on one leg, reached up and pulled her panties off the one leg then pulled it down to the ground around her other leg. As she stepped out of them she handed them to me "for safe keeping" The guys hooted and howled at her as she bent over to give them a good view of her exposed ass cheeks. Later as we played they all commented about what a sexy bitch she was and what a good sport I was to allow her to expose so much of her to us.

Hell, I'm not sure if I had objected that it would have made much difference. Laura has a mind of her own, especially when it came to what was allowable fun for our poker games. For the next several weeks Laura got into the habit of opening the game by coming out in her sexy maid's uniform, taking off her panties, handing them to me then posing in the sexiest positions she could for their delightful hoots and hollers. She began lacing up her front so loosely that her full breasts would actually pop out if she bent over, even a little bit. Once out, at the request of my friends, she'd leave them out, fully exposed for the rest of the evening.

I think my wife was as pleased to show her bodacious titties to the guys as they were to salivate over her. One night, I was having some really poor hands and got wiped out from what I'd set as a limit on my losses for the night. When I told the guys, that I was out of funds, one of them suggested that I could stake the whole pot, if I would bet my wife's panties. Laura and the other guys thought this was a hell of a good idea. Fortunately for me I won the pot, but later on I was down to nothing but my wife's panties and this time I lost. Dave won the pot and my wife's panties. He was quick to bet them in the next round and lost control of the coveted trophy. We all laughed at the crazy panty-ante game we were playing, especially my wife.

At the end of the evening when we folded the game, John was the proud possessor of Laura's panties. He complained that the other men had used them to win pots with and that he ought to get some reward for them. Laura took pity on his plight and told us that she felt he should win something for his efforts. She asked him to follow her into the bedroom, so she could put on a private show for his viewing pleasure only.

The rest of us cleaned up the mess and bull-shitted about things for a while. Finally, after almost a half-hour, Laura and John emerged from the bedroom. Laura's red lipstick was all smeared and John was grinning from ear to ear. No one said anything, but I think we all knew that John had been given more than just a private showing of my wife's body. I'm sure that my Laura had given him an opportunity to explore every inch of her sexy pulchritude "up close and personal".

When, I asked her about it later in bed, she just said to me, "Why, Jim I'm surprised that you'd think I'm the kind of slut that would fuck another man in our bed with you just outside the door in the living room." Her words were so exciting to me, that night we had some of the best sex we'd ever had. I decided that it was more exciting to wonder than to know for sure that she had fucked John. The other guys took their clue from it as well and said nothing about it at our next gathering.

However, at the end of the night when Dave emerged with her panties in hand, he wanted the same reward that John had received the previous week. Laura was only too happy to comply and placed his hand on her ass as she walked him into our bedroom. Eventually, we began cutting cards at the beginning of the game to see who Laura should give her panties to when she removed them. We all agreed it wasn't fair that I started with them each week.

Laura has begun rewarding the winner of her panties as the pot is won rather than waiting for the end of the evening. She'll disappear into our bedroom with the winner while we play without him. When he comes back, he'll bet the coveted panties in the next pot. We have a new panty winner that gets to have a "private showing" with my Laura. These "showings" take any where from about a half an hour to 45 minutes, so there is generally 8 panty pots for the night. This means that each of my friends gets to spend some private time with my wife at least once and some lucky guys three times, during the evening.

At the end of the night, when all my friends have gone home, my wife still has plenty of loving left for me. We always have our best sex on Wednesday nights. I guess you'd have to say that this is one poker game that everyone goes home a winner!

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