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My First Time Ever Masturbating

Let's begin by describing myself, I am an average guy, average height, thin, dark and short hair, white skin. At that time I was 13 and had what I guess was an average penis for that age.

I am the youngest out of three b*****rs in my f****y. I attended Elementary and Middle School at a private Catholic School in my city, it is actually the best in town. As a part of this, the school was divided in two different schools, one for boys and one for girls (they weren't together, a couple of kilometers away from each other). That being said I grew up surrounded by boys only, I didn't really care about it in Elementary School, but as I became older and went to Middle School it started to bother me. As you may guess, the environment at an all-boys school can be very tough. As a result of this I grew up to have a fetish with boys (and girls) of my school in uniform (grey trousers, white short sleeve shirt, red and blue tie and a blue blazer), even though I'm not gay.

When I became 13 I started to have a sex drive and to think of girls, and being surrounded by boys I also began to hear of people "jerking off" and "masturbating". I didn't knew what this thing meant at all, but I was curious to find out. Unfortunately I was too shy to ask someone about it, because I would probably feel odd about not having "done it" yet.

After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, I decided I should ask my best friend, Louis Fer, about it, he is tall, really thin, white and had long straight hair. I decided to bring up the topic of girls at lunch break and then asked him if he had ever masturbated. He told me he never had, and neither did he know how to. We decided to find out and to tell each other if we did.

Later that week while I was looking for something in my older b*****r's room (Roger Ulysses, 15 years old), I ran into his porn stash. I decided to borrow one that caught my attention, a DVD with a young naked couple, I don't remember the name of the film. I didn't watch it that day, but rather decided to wait for Louis Fer. The next day I invited him to come over to my house, as my parents wouldn't be home nor my b*****rs, it was the perfect chance.

We arrived to my home after school, we ordered some pizza and I told him about the movie I had taken from my b*****r. While we waited for the pizza I went back to Roger's stash and picked up a couple of magazines and we skimmed them, talking about the obvious things, even though we really didn't knew much, we were marveled by the girls from the pictures. That made us feel more horny than ever, so we had lunch and went upstairs to my room, and put the DVD on. It was about one hour long, but we had time because my parents were coming home really late with my oldest b*****r, and Roger was on a date with his girlfriend, so he wouldn't come soon, we closed the windows so that the neighbors wouldn't hear, we turned up the volume and started watching.

By now I know it was a typical DVD porn, and as we watched it I could see through his uniform trousers that we both had tents on them. Yet we didn't really know what to do with it. I felt aroused as hell by us being together looking at the movie with our school uniforms and hard ons. We obviously knew that touching our penis's when it was hard felt good so we rubbed it through our trousers as we took our blazers off and laid down on the bed.

We had just being watching the film for about half an hour when all of a sudden Roger opens the door. I didn't know what to do!

"You pervert creeps! You stole my porn!" he screamed as he came in.

"I am sorry! I wanted to know what it was, I am really sorry".

Meanwhile Louis Fer didn't even move, he was like frozen.

"Well, go on", Roger said "jerk off, I would be a bad b*****r if I didn't let you finish".

That's when he noticed that we had our uniform on and we were just rubbing our penises through our trousers.

"No way! Don't tell me you don't know how to masturbate"!

Louis Fer and I completely blushed, but then admitted not knowing.

After laughing for a couple of minutes he told us:

"Well, I'm not gonna let you get all blue balled! I will show you, stand up, and wait for me, I'll go get some lube".

And so we did.

When he came back from his room he told Louis that he was going to help me, but that as he didn't want to make him uncomfortable or have a weird situation he would have to do it himself, but told him to do as he did. That was when my b*****r kneeled and unzipped my belt, and then opened the zipper on my trousers and let my totally hard penis out. Louis did the same with his. Then it all started, my b*****r put some lube on his hand, then some on Louis's hand and started pulling my uncut penis back and forth. It felt amazing, he then started to change speeds, twist it and slow down. I could only tell him not to stop. After a couple of minutes my b*****r told me that perhaps I could help Louis Fer with his dick, as it felt better if someone else did it. He agreed, and I started stroking him, trying to mimic the moves my b*****r did.

After about five minutes I told my b*****r I needed to pee, but he told me that it wasn't pee, and that he wouldn't stop. The feelings raced through my body, it kept feeling better until I shot a huge amount of sperm (or white thing as I called it that day) through the room, and I had the best feeling ever. Louis Fer quickly followed.

Then Roger told us that we needed to clean ourselves with some tissues.

After that, my b*****r laid in bed and told me it was his turn. My b*****r, being two years older than me was also at the same school as I was, so he also had his uniform on. I had actually felt aroused by watching him in his uniform (I repeat I am not gay, I just have a thing for that uniform). I unzipped his pants, grabbed some lube and started stroking his dick, which surprised me as it was way bigger than mine. He kept guiding me as to how he liked it. At the end he came off and as he was laying down the semen fell all over his shirt and tie, leaving a mess that tissues weren't able to solve.

"Wow, that's quite a hand job you gave me" he said "better than my girlfriend. I'm sure you will have lots of fun with what I taught you today you two", and then he left.

Louis and I couldn't be more excited as to what had just happened. We obviously did it again after thirty minutes, but it didn't compare to the first time.

The next day when my mom was doing the laundry I heard my b*****r had a fight with her due to the semen stains on his uniform. Luckily my b*****r didn't sell me out, maybe for his own good, and instead said it he had got it yesterday when he was with Daniella (his GF).

Louis and I did it together several times more, with the rule that we couldn't touch each other's penises anymore. As for my b*****r I learned much more from him, but those are other stories that I may tell you soon.

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