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Trailer Park Twink Gets BBC - Part II

“Sup, bo,” the mid-thirties dark-skinned man spoke into his cell phone.
“Shit, man. Where you at,” Lamar asked quickly.
“I’m over at my cuz house chillin’.”
“Which one?”
“Q. What up,” asked Devonte Jones.
“I got a li’l white punk over at the crib wanna get gangbanged.”
“Word,” he inquired with noticeable excitement
“Real talk. You got a ride?”
“Naw, my bitch got tha whip. Q get down though. Let me see if that nigga wanna get in.”
“Aiight nigga. Let me know ASAP,” Lamar advised.
“Hold on and I’ll ask him now.”

Devonte affirmed pretty quickly that his cousin was definitely in the mood to use and abuse a white boy. He and Lamar set the rendezvous at an hour away. Lamar went to the bathroom where Tyler was taking a shower. “They gon’ be here in an hour,” he announced.

“They,” Tyler quizzed in a worried tone.
“Yeah. They. Two of ‘em.”
“Who are they?”
“You ask a lotta muthafuckin’ questions, white boy. My boy Dee and his cousin Q.”
“Are they sexy like you.”
“I don’t know. I ain’t gay,” Lamar barked.

“I’m sorry. Do you know how tall they are or what they weigh?”
“Dee a little taller than me. Built ‘bout tha same. Q a short, stocky muthafucka. Ain’t none of us got no problem gettin’ pussy. Ya feel me?”
“Okay cool. I’ll finish getting ready,” Tyler acquiesced.
“You wanna beer?”
“Please,” the twink begged.

Lamar grabbed a Bud Light and sat it on the bathroom counter as Tyler toweled off his slim, smooth body. He actually wanted to savor this bitch all by himself, but knew the alliance he and Dee had made during lock-up was sacred. Whenever one found a worthy faggot fuck-toy, he was obligated to invite the other for some tag team action. The rule had been invoked six times prior – only one of them by Lamar.

Tyler walked into the living room drinking his beer. Lamar studied the small framed pale skinned boy. “Yo' moms got some smell good lotions in the bedroom. Go get it and bring it so I can watch you put it on.” Tyler returned with a bottle of black raspberry vanilla body cream. He squeezed a fair amount into his diminutive palm and rubbed his hands together. He bent down to lather his left leg and then his right.

Lamar sat watching on the couch. His mouth salivated. His dick stiffened. “Put some on that ass. Get that body soft,” he said exhaling a stream of smoke from a Black & Mild. Lamar took a swig from his Bud Light and stood. He walked over to the nineteen year old and asked, “Want me to get your back?” Tyler shook his hand and handed over the lotion.

Lamar massaged the intoxicatingly sweet concoction into Tyler’s back. “Damn, this shit smells good,” he breathed. His rock hard nine inches poked Tyler as he finished the job. He whispered into Tyler’s ear, “I need to fuck you now. You want this Black dick?”

Tyler purred, “Yes!”
“Get ready.”

Tyler could smell the cigarillo and beer on Lamar. It acted as a pheromone for young Tyler. He could barely contain himself as he felt Lamar’s dark lips press against the nape of his neck. He grew goose bumps and felt his flaccid penis go from soft to erect instantaneously. He wiry five inch cock leaked precum onto the floor. He wallowed in pleasure as Lamar’s fingers fondled his nipples.
“Somebody excited,” Lamar murmured.
“How can you tell,” giggled Tyler.
“You always been good whenever I been around – respectful and shit. I like that. I’ma make love to yo’ ass befo’ these other niggas get ova here and we bang that ass out. You down with that?”
“Come sit on my lap,” Lamar ordered walking towards his recliner.

Tyler knelt in front of the chair to suck Lamar’s throbbing tool. As he worked his head magically, he massaged the massive balls. Lamar groaned with pleasure. “Get it real wet, baby,” he pleaded. Tyler salivated causing it run down the meaty shaft. “Hell yeah,” Lamar chortled. “Now get on this dick.”

Tyler straddled Lamar facing him. He grasped Lamar’s fat schlong tightly in order to position it at his anus. Once satisfied with the location, he placed both hands on Lamar’s shoulders. Lamar’s own hands gripped Tyler’s small supple bottom. His fingers dug into the sleek shaved ass cheeks. Lamar licked his lips as he felt the hesitation from Tyler’s sphincter muscle as he attempted to work his rod inside of the rectum. Tyler bit his lips and winced in pain.

Lamar pulled Tyler close and confided, “I’ma be gentle.” Then he kissed the boy. Tyler slid slowly down the pole as he tongue wrestled with his older lover. The girth of Lamar’s love-stick stretched Tyler wide open in a gentle sort of manner. Lamar guided the eager bottom down to base so he was balls deep in the ass. “Rock on that dick,” Lamar prodded.

Tyler gyrated his body back and forth allowing himself to get used to hefty dick stuffed inside his anal cavity. As he relaxed, he began to move up and down the length. Lamar breathed hard as the pair continued their impassioned lip lock. The kiss lasted an eternity and neither of them cared. Tyler picked up the pace. Lamar clinched Tyler’s fleshy butt and slammed him down matching the rhythm already established. They groaned and mumbled incoherently as their bodies made love.

“Damn that ass feel good yo,” Lamar relished.
“That dick feels good,” Tyler screamed.
“You like that big Black dick?”
“Hell yeah!”
“You gon’ be Daddy’s boy?”
“Yes sir,” Tyler agreed.
“Daddy,” Lamar corrected him.
“Yes Daddy.”

The two grunted as Lamar’s hips heaved into Tyler’s wanting thighs. More kissing ensued while each attempted to make the other orgasm. Tyler’s thin cock was grinding against Lamar’s flat stomach. Lamar inhaled and exhaled with the express purpose of jacking off Tyler’s white prick. Tyler tickled Lamar’s balls with one hand hoping to coerce a flood of cum from Lamar’s snake. Then came the announcement.

“I’m finna nut in yo’ ass.”
“Oh yes, Daddy!”
“Oh shit,” Lamar belted. “Shit baby! Take this nut,” he huffed out each word a second or two after the last.

Lamar convulsed and he held Tyler close to him.

“Oh Daddy! I’m cumming too,” cried Tyler.
“Yeah, boy! Nut on Daddy.”

Spent and sweaty, the pair continued embracing allowing the love juice to settle inside of Tyler. Lamar heard the rumbles of what he knew to be Q’s 1988 Ford Mustang.

“Aiight, boo. Get in the bathroom and clean back up. I’ma wash my balls befo’ these niggas get in here.”

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