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The Mother In Law...Needs More?

The sun came through the window strong and bright. It was Sunday morning and I lay there trying to get my senses about me. It had been a crazy weekend so far. Marla, my wife, was already out of bed. I wondered if Jim and Carol, my in-laws, were awake yet. They had spent the night and things had gotten crazy between me and Carol. I had fucked her twice the previous night, and still wanted more of her sweet stuff.

I managed to roll myself out of bed and quickly took a shower. Then, I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and made my way down the hallway towards the kitchen. I could hear voices as I rounded the corner.

"Good morning, Joe," Jim said as he held a cup of coffee.

"Good morning, Jim," I answered. "I hope you slept well."

I was also hoping that he hadn't noticed me banging the hell out of his wife while he was walking to the kitchen the previous night.

"I slept like a baby," Jim replied stretching his arms into the air. "But I don't think Carol slept too well. She's still sl**ping. I think she had too much last night."

Jim was obviously referring to the alcohol, but that's not what she had too much of, I thought laughing to myself. What a ride she took on my hard cock last night. No wonder she's still sl**ping.

Just then we heard the water from the shower start to run in the guest bedroom.

"Well, I guess that's mom now," Marla said.

"It's about time she got up," Jim said. "We need to hit the road soon. I'll need to get a shower before we leave, also."

I eased my way out of the kitchen and into my study. I turned on my computer and started catching up with the news, and sports scores.

After about thirty minutes, I was thirsty and thought I would return to the kitchen to get some orange juice.

As I walked into the kitchen, I saw Carol had joined Jim and Marla. They were all sitting around the table having coffee and juice.

Carol was already dressed to leave. She was wearing a low cut, black sleeveless top, and a khaki skirt. Her legs looked great coming out of that skirt, and she had kicked her shoes to the side.

"Good morning, Carol," I said with a big smile.

"Morning, Joe," Carol replied with a low tone while glancing away.

"I hope you slept well last night," I asked.

"Not too well," she replied. "And I don't feel that well this morning either."

Carol looked at Jim and said, "We need to leave soon. I need to get home."

"We will, dear," Jim replied. "I need to take a shower, and then we will be on our way."

Jim got up from the table and made his way towards the guest bathroom.

"Well," Marla said to Carol. "I am going to take a quick shower, too, before y'all leave." Then, Marla looked at me and said, "Keep mom entertained while I'm gone."

"Sure thing," I said with a grin, as I looked over at Carol.

Carol just sat there shaking her head at me as Marla walked out of the room. She knew what I had on my mind, and she was right. I wanted some more of that fine ass.

Carol just sat there as I got up from my chair. In the background I could hear the water start running in the guest bathroom, which was to the left of the kitchen, down a hallway with two other bedrooms. Then I heard the water start in the master bathroom, which was to the right of the kitchen. The house was a split bedroom design, and from the kitchen table, I could see partially down both hallways.

I walked around the table and stood by Carol.

"Get the fuck away from me," she said with a stern tone.

My dick was already hard and I was looking right down her blouse at her cleavage. The stern tone of her voice just turned me on even more.

I pulled my dick out and started stroking it slowly.

Carol just kept looking down at the table, though I knew she was aware of what I was doing.

I moved my dick closer to her face, and said, "Time for breakfast, Bitch!"

"Hell No! Not again," she replied. "I've got to go get ready to leave."

She started to get up, but I put my hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down in the chair. I kept stroking my hard dick right in front of her face. Then, she looked up at me with lust in her eyes, then took a deep breath, lunged forward and swallowed my rock hard dick whole.

She bobbed her head back and forth on my cock a few times, then looked up at me and said, "Oh God, I'm turning into a slut. Why won't you leave me alone?"

I didn't reply. I answered by putting my right hand down her blouse, and underneath her bra, tweaking her left nipple. She let out a soft moan. Then, I reached down and started to pull her blouse up so I could access those nice tits.

"No," she said firmly. "Leave my blouse on. What if they come back in here?"

Again I didn't reply. I just kept pulling till I got her blouse over her head, then with one snap, released her bra and it fell to the ground.

"Goddamn you," she said, jumping to her feet. "I said to leave my blouse on. Are you fucking crazy? We are going to get caught!"

I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. Her tits were flopping and shaking all over the place. I pushed her upper body down on to the table, dropped my shorts to the floor, and moved in behind her. I pulled her skirt up over her hips expecting to see a sexy thong, but to my surprise, she was wearing no panties.

"What do we have here," I asked. "No panties? You are just turning into a little fucking whore, aren't you, Carol?"

"I am not a fucking whore," she demanded. "You are making me do this. I don't want to, but you are making me!"

"Oh, you don't want to do this?" I asked. "You don't want me to fuck you?"

Before she could reply, I started slowly rubbing my rock hard cock up and down the crack of her ass. Then, I moved it up to her cunt lips and started teasing them.

"I asked you a question, Carol," I said inquisitively. "You don't want me to fuck you?"

"Oh God! Just do it," she answered. "Just fucking do it, before they get finished with their showers!"

"Say it, Carol," I demanded. "Tell me what to do to you!"

"I said to just do it," she cried.

"Tell me Goddammit," I demanded again, in a raised voice.

"Fuck Me," she screamed. "Put your dick in my pussy and fuck me!"

With that I drove my hard cock into her wet slit with all I had, over and over again. She was meeting my thrust with her big ass and grunting and moaning with every breath. Her voice was so loud that I was afraid Jim or Marla might hear her, but I could still hear the water running in both showers, so I figured we were safe.

I reached around and cupped both of her tits with my hands. I focused on her nipples and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

"Oh God Yes! Give me that dick! Give me that dick," she screamed. "I'm going to cum!"

"That's it, Bitch!" I replied. "Cum for me! Cum Goddammit!"

I reached up and grabbed her hair. I pulled her head back and slapped her ass. I was pumping her pussy hard and fast. Then I put both hands on her hips and sqeezed them tight. Her big ass was rippling with waves of flesh as she met my thrust. We had a good rythym going.

"Oh My Fucking God, I'm cumming! Shit! Oh Shit, I'm cumming!" she screamed.

"Hell Yeah, Bitch," I replied. "Cum all over my fucking cock!"

Just then I heard the master bedroom shower stop running. Shit, I thought, Marla is finished taking her shower. I thought Jim would finish well before her, but I guess she was in a hurry this morning.

Carol didn't seem to notice the water had quit running, she was building towards a second orgasm.

"Oh God Yeah," she said with lust in her voice. "Oh Holy Shit!"

I reached around and tried to put my hand over her mouth, but I couldn't keep her quiet. Her orgasm was building.

"Oh God Yes! Fuck Me Harder," she cried.

Marla would definitely hear her if she kept this up. I pulled my dick out of her soaking wet pussy and pulled her around to face me.

Just then, I heard the hair dryer start in master bedroom. Marla was drying her hair. She wouldn't be able to hear us.

I pulled one of the chairs out from under the table, kicked it to the side and threw Carol down on it into a sitting position. Then I grabbed her legs and pulled her forward so she was slumping a little, and took her legs and threw them up in the air. That left her pussy wide open for me. I immediately shoved my hard cock inside her pussy with one long, hard thrust.

"Oh Goddamn that's good," she said as her eyes started to roll back in her head. "Give it to me!"

"You want it, Bitch?" I asked, as my thrust got faster.

"Oh Hell Yeah," she replied, grunting with lust. "Give me all you got!"

She was close again. Her head was rolling from side to side, while her body was starting to shiver under me. Her tits were shaking with every thrust, and her legs were open wide and bent at the knees. I reached out and put my hands just under her knees and pushed her legs back so I could really pound her hard.

"Oh God Yes! Oh God Yes, I'm cumming again," she said as she started to shudder underneath me. "Oh My Fucking God, I'm cumming again!"

She came like a wild woman, long and hard. It was all that I could do to keep her on the chair. At that point I couldn't tell if Jim was still in the shower, or if Marla was still using the hair dryer. I slowed down a little, pumping her pussy slower and leaned over as far as I could and looked down the hallway to the left, and then looked down the other hallway to the right. I didn't see Jim or Marla. If they came out we would be dead, caught red handed. Then I thought, fuck it, I was close and needed to blow my load all up in Carol's wet, tight pussy.

I started pumping her pussy faster again. Carol could tell I was close and she started urging me on with her dirty little mouth.

"Oh Hell Yeah," she said. "Get that pussy! Get that shit!"

"Oh Hell Yeah," I replied, still pounding with all I had. "I'm almost there!"

"Cum in me," she demanded. "Cum in me now!"

She grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed with all she had. I could feel her fingernails digging deep into the flesh of my ass.

I was pumping her pussy with hard, fast strokes. She was in a deep orgasmic state, and close again. Just then, something caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Marla walk out of the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her, cross the hallway, and walk into the laundry room.

Oh Shit, I thought to myself. What if she looks this way. We are dead if she comes out of the laundry room and looks this way.

"Cum now, you Bastard!" Carol demanded. "Cum Goddammit!"

Carol had no idea that her daughter was just down the hall from us. Her eyes were closed and she was bucking and pulling me hard against her.

Just then, Marla came out of the laundry room heading back towards the bedroom, she didn't look up the hallway towards the kitchen, and her back was to me and Carol. She stopped at the laundry hamper that was in the hallway, opened it, bent over and started started digging through it. In the process, the towel that had been wrapped around her, fell to the floor exposing her fine ass.

Goddamn, I thought to myself. I am fucking the shit out of my mother-in-law, and looking at my wife's naked ass bent over right in front of me, just down the hall.

I looked back at Carol. "I'm cumming again," she said softly this time, thank God, or Marla would have heard her.

I looked back at Marla. Her ass was looking damn good, and I could see her cunt lips as she bent over. Then I looked back at Carol. Her tits were bouncing all over the place.

I couldn't handle anymore. The site of my wife's ass in front of me while my dick was inside her mother's pussy was more than I could take.

With that I shoved my dick inside Carol's pussy as far as I could and held it there.

"I'm cumming, Bitch," I said, with a low voice. "I'm cumming!"

I could feel Carol's pussy sqeezing my hard dick as I looked at Marla's ass still bent over the laundry hamper.

I started pumping Carol's pussy hard and fast again as I stared at Marla's ass.

"Oh Goddamn! Oh Goddamn!" I whispered softly as I unleashed stream after stream of hot, gooey jizz all inside Carol's wet, juicy pussy.

"Oh Fuck Yeah! Oh My God" she growled as her pussy milked my dick.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Marla close the lid to the hamper and walk back into the bedroom.

"Oh My Fucking God," Carol said as the last of my jizz squirted into her juicy snatch. We had came together with her daughter standing right behind us.

Just then I could hear movement in the guest bedroom. I pulled my dick out of Carol's pussy and pulled my shorts up. Carol raised herself up from the chair and grabbed her bra and blouse from the floor. As she was putting her bra on I got one last chance to admire those nice tits. Then she slid the blouse over her shoulders just in time as Marla walked through the doorway into the kitchen.

"Well, I sure do feel better now," Marla said as she walked into the room. "Did you keep mom entertained while I was in the shower?"

"Yes, Dear," I said while smiling at Carol. "We had a nice little talk."

Just then Jim came out carrying their suitcases. "We need to get going, Carol," he said. "Thanks for letting us spend the night, Joe."

"Anytime, Jim. You guys are always welcome," I answered.

As we walked with them outside to their car, I couldn't help but stare at Carol's fine ass. It was swaying very nicely as she walked around the car.

"Let me get that door for you, Carol," I said.

As I opened the car door for Carol, Jim was loading the suitcases in the trunk and Marla was helping him. I couldn't help but slap that big ass as she went to sit down in the car. Carol slapped my hand away and gave me a silent "fuck you" with her lips. As I started to close the car door, I noticed cum had run down her inner thigh, but it was too late to say anything as Jim was already getting in the car.

"Thanks for coming, Mom," Marla said, and I agreed. "Thanks for cumming, Carol!"

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