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Three Dicks No Waiting...

I was in the college library, when another advance pro-Mongolic studies student by the name of Lionel, came and sat beside me. He asked 'so David did you get what Prof. was hinting at in today's class.' I looked at him and gave a weary smile and replied 'only neanderthal mind would have missed the sexual implication that was at work there.'

Lionel looked at me and continued 'Paul,Reuben and I was wondering what would have happen if the hunters had been trapped without female companionship for extended periods of time.' Thinking that the conversation was genuine I answered 'the strongest of the group would have subverted the weakest to be a substitute for the female and turned them int o sex objects or sex slaves.'

'In time the weaker ones would have become so feminizes that when ever their masculine counter parts wanted sex they would submit and surrender to their will...' Lionel looked at me and smiled, I thought that this was some what odd till I glanced down at his crotch.

Lionel had released his penis from his pants and was stroking slowly his exposed nine inches of man meat. I looked up at him and he asked 'would you like for me to stand up while you suck my dick or can we go back to your dorm room???"

Shocked by his boldness I asked 'what make you think I would be interested in sucking something so revolting as your uncircumcised cock?' Lionel motioned over my shoulders and Paul and Reuben walked up and stood behind me.

Paul laid an envelope in front of me and Reuben said 'look inside, we go to your dorm room or you come to mine...' I looked inside and there was pictures of me in various sexual position servicing a number of young viral penis. The faces of the owners of these magnificent tools were distorted. My face was prominent and unmistakeable.

Lionel took hold of my hand and placed it on his throbbing piece of man meat and whispered 'don;'t say a word, if you don't want these images to get out slowly stroke my dick twice. And we'll go to to a little place we already have set up.'

Shocked and terrified yet mesmerized by their boldness and the throbbing appendage in my grasp, I slowly stroked the phallus as Lionel sighed in ecstasy. Paul and Reuben gathered up my6 books and folders and lead me from the library quickly.

We went to the parking lot and entered one of their vehicles and sped off to our unknown destination. We soon arrived at a cheap motel and I was lead in, my instructions were simple. Paul, Reuben and Lionel was to be my masters and I was to be their sex slave, I was to submit to their wishes and not refuse their trespasses.

I was instructed that what ever I was asked to do, I would do willingly and not object nor protest... My three adversaries undressed and stood in a semi circle as I sat in a chair, Paul directed 'get rid of all your clothes,' Reuben interjected 'we are not going to ask twice. Hesitate and the session is over and we publish the pictures.'

Lionel's penis was standing straight out from his body some ten inches and two inches thick and cut, Paul's penis was uncut, bent some four inches from the base to the right and close to twelve inches long and three inches in girth, Reuben penis was also circumcised, but thick, fat5 and hung to his knees, at least f******n inches and as thick as my wrist.

Lionel stepped in front of me and said 'show the guys that you mean business suck my dick and prove you're gonna cooperate. I looked up at Lionel and saw that he was serious, I raised my hand and enclosed his throbbing penile shaft, not changing my focus I pulled his penile glans to my lips and started to suck on his throbbing penile glans.

Lionel moaned and raised one of his hand to stroke my head as I sucked on his throbbing piece of man meat. Paul and Reuben said 'enough, already let him get naked,' 'yeah you don't have the only dick that wants to be suck, let the whore get out his clothes.

Lionel pushed my head away and said 'you heard them get naked and climb up on the bed.' I stood and started to undress, I must not have been moving fast enough for the three of them begin to assist me and aid in my removal of clothing.

As soon as my clothes were removed I was guided to the bed and placed on my stomach. Lionel and Reuben stood at my head as Paul probed my anus with his fingers and tongue. Reuben and Lionel had me perform oral sex on both their penis at the same time often pushing both penis into my oral orifice.

Paul wasted no time in licking my anal opening and getting it so wet that his tongue had little problem invading my anal orifice. Paul Climbed on my back and parted my buttocks and I felt his massive penile glans as he probed my anus.

With a powerful push, Paul's huge penile head entered my neither region. I gasped in pain as Lionel took advantage and pushed the entire length of his penis into my oral opening and into my throat.

Before I could react and grab hold of his penile shaft, Paul started to ram into my unprepared butt hole...


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