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38yr old Woman turned me into a man

To set the experience.I'm Mexican and all my friends were also. Being Mexican we would go to parties where adults and teenagers are all drinking. That's how I grew up.
It all started on a cold Wisconsin night.It was my birthday and i just turned 18 and was in a car with my friends going to a house party in Illinois about an hour away.The party was fine for awhile,but we decided to leave.A big breasted, red headed woman name Lynn at the party asked us if we could give her a ride home, since she was to d***k to drive.Lynn was a bigger women about at least six ft and 200+ lbs. She knew one of my friends,so she rode with us.The car was packed 3 in the front and 4 in the back.I was a skinny guy back then. I was 5'9" 150 lbs.I did lift weights,had muscles but not the bulk like the bigger guys.Lynn sat in the back i was in the middle next to her. We started our ride back home passing around a couple of bottles of MD 20/20. It was a very very cheap wine that comes is so many different flavors. Being a high school k** with out a job, a $2 bottle of MD 20/20 was a excellent price. As I was starting to get d***k and the beer goggles started to kick in. Lynn was looking good and I put my hand on hers and smiled. Lynn looked at me giggled and took another swig of wine.I don't know how long had passed but out of know where I was kissing her.She had one of my friends sitting on her lap, cause the car was full to the max.
Being d***k I did not even notice my friends in the car.I was just kissing Lynn and feeling her breasts outside her shirt.I unzipped her pants and started to rub my finger up and down her slit. It was so wet and she kissed me more passionately now.Lynn started to moan and squirm as my finger explored her hairy bush.I turned my head and caught a glimpse of the girl sitting on her lap, as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. I did not care,I was a horny teenager and would of had sex with her right there with everyone watching. As Lynn and I were having a good time she asked me how old I was.I told her i just turned 18 today. She smiled and said "I'm taking you home with me!" I had a big smile and kissed her some more. We arrived at her home and we both got out of the car. As we walked up to her door,I heard one of my friends say "Take care of my boy!" as they sped away.

We entered her house and she gave me a quick tour and we went to her room.I sat on the bed and she said she would be right back.I took off all my clothes and got under the covers.When she returned, she was in this sexy one piece red satin nightie.Her breasts looked even bigger now.She did a sexy walk,turned around,bent over and showed me her ass. I could of jacked off right there just looking at her. That is how horny I was.She got into bed and I was groping her like a man who had just got out of prison on a 10 year sentence. I took her hand and put it on my cock. I think she was surprised I was naked already.She told me to take it slow and enjoy the experience.Lynn started speaking to me in Spanish as she rubbed my dick. I did not know what the hell she was saying. I don't speak Spanish or any language. So to this day,who the hell knows what she was saying to me.

After she was done talking we started to kiss and she rolled on top of me and slid my cock inside of her.I started to slid in and out of her.She told me to let her know if she was hurting me.I remember saying "something that feels this good,could never hurt.I was thrusting in and out like a rabbit.At 17 all i wanted to do was bust a nut. She told to calm down and relax and let her do all the work.Lynn being an older woman in her 30's knew how to control the situation. The pace slowed and we made love. Sucking and biting her huge tits,had her moaning and grinding her pussy deep into me.A little while later she got off of me and laid on her back and spread her legs.

I started out slow kissing her legs and started licking her pussy.It was so wet and tasty. I don't know how long i was licking and sucking her. She was literally fucking my face, moving those pussy lips all over and her groans started to get louder. I came up for air and stuck my dick in her very hot cunt.She let out a moan and said that feels so good.I'm not gonna bullshit you and say i have a 9in dick that is the width of a club. I did say I was Mexican not black.I'm an average 6.5 in decent width.My dick slid in and out of her and she kept saying"oh yea,oh yea".I sucked and bit her nipple and she started grinding my dick some more. So I started to speed up the pace,in and out, faster and faster. She stated to moan louder and louder and lifted and spread her legs further apart.I was getting deeper and deeper in her pussy with my dick.I started sweating from fucking her so fast and hard.I was so turned on hearing her scream so loud.Faster and deeper she kept telling me.I was ready to cum,so i pulled out and shot my load all over her pussy.The first thing I heard her say was "Don't waste it baby!". Lynn got up and came back with a warm wash cloth and washed my dick clean.She got back into bed and we started to fall asl**p.I kept thinking to myself don't waste it? My dumb ass had a chance to cum in a woman's pussy for the first time and blew it.I always remember my friend Ryan saying ś seconds of pleasure is not a reason to bring a c***d into this world.That always stuck with me till i got married.We feel asl**p.

A couple of hours must of passed,I woke up went to the bathroom came back to bed.I started to rub her ass and my dick got hard again.She was sl**ping on her stomach,so i spread her legs apart and started to finger her pussy again.I licked my finger and started with one and then two.She was in a deep sl**p I thought and I stuck my dick in and started fucking her doggy style.Her pussy felt so good on my cock.About 10 minutes later I started to cum deep into her pussy and I caught her smiling.She laid there motionless and let me have my way with her.Wish i was a little more experienced or I would of had a field day fucking her pussy and then her ass!I pulled out and left my dick next to her pussy.I could feel my cum drip out of her cunt.As my dick went limp the last of my cum dripped on her leg.I feel back asl**p till i awoke late in the afternoon the next day.

Hungover I got out of her bed,washed up and got dressed in her bathroom.I was ready to do the walk of shame out of her house. But when I opened the door to the bathroom she was in the kitchen.She asked me if i wanted something to eat.I said no and told her I need to get home.She walked over to me and she had on a long pajama top.She gave me a kiss and then she stuck her tongue in my mouth.I pulled up her nightshirt thinking to feel her panties,but to my surprise there were none there. She unzip my pants and started to rub my dick as we kissed.I pulled away got down on my knees,looked up and started to lick her pussy once again.She was so wet again.She grabbed my heading,holding it in on spot as I licked her till she started to cum.She shook with joy and I got up gave her a kiss and left.

I never saw her again.To this day thanks to her,I realized that big women are so fucking sexy and horny.I still get hard thinking about the night she made me into a man. There is nothing better than a woman with some extra padding.I love my BBW's

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