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Story of my married lovers +18

This is a story about my married lovers.
We start in the middle.
I am gay, it was a secret in the past and I said it to nobody.
After high school I got a job, left my parents house and moved to a flat and lived there alone.
I saw a lot of gay movies and pictures on the internet only saw no more.
Most of time I fingered myself while saw the movies.
But I did not get rid of the feeling, I need a man and his cock into my ass, but I wanted to tell it nobody.
So in the beginning I used a small size banana or cucumber with condom and lube.
After that I bought on the internet a little dildo, because my asshole is tight.
This dildo was a little bit better than the mentioned vegetables.
So I lived alone in a flat about a year ago and I started to be fed up using my dildo, ok one dildo is not bad (more than nothing), but is not like a real living cock (you know heat and flavour/smell and taste and real hot CUM).
So I registered myself one gay "lovefinder" site.
I wrote there I'm a slim, passive, young gay and looking for an active man to a SECRET sex relation.
I got some messages from 20-30 y.o. guys: "hey sweety I fuck you right now, or tonight in one public toilette" or "you can suck my dick in my car this evening" and so on.
First of all I'm afraid of the sexually diseases and I'm not a prostitute, so I did not react this kind of messages.
A little bit later I got a message from a middle age man (he was 42 yo).
He used a normal style: " hello dear I would like to meet you and speak a little........" I was still afraid of the " publicity" so after some messages, first we spoke only via mobile phone.
After some conversation we met in his flat.
That time I did not want, that he knows where I live, so I told him, I live with my parents.
He was married, so we could meet very rarely.
In his flat there, he took from my real virginity (my finger and small vegetables and dildo does not matter).
To me, he was not the best, because he was lower and easier than me and my ideal is bigger and older powerful man.
I was 180cm and 74kg, he was 170cm and 70kg.
But for the first lover he was ok, because he had average size cock 12cm long and 3cm wide.
It was ok because I could completely take it in my mouth and he could fuck me after a short preparation with a little and short pain.
He was slow and gentle and he loved to lick my asshole (ok, it was really good).
So let say it was ok, but not the real what I waited.
Because, when he fucked me it was good, but I never had orgasm, after fucking he sucked me.
What I wrote he was married, so we could meet really very very rarely, so I fed up with it and I started to looking for an other man.
I refreshed my datas on the gay "lovefinder" site.
My news were: I live alone, I'm completely nude (I have hair on my head), shave armpit, area of my cock, my balls, my ass, my legs, so my body really nude, and I would like to wear female underwear and I would like to be "girl".
And also looking for a secret lover.
After some week an other man wrote me a message, that he would like to have a guy like me (completely nude boy in female underwear acting like a girl).
Of course I responded to his message.
The nexts were similar like the first, after some messages two phone calls and one personnel meeting in his car.
We had a half hour conversation, he liked me and I liked him, because he was a real man (masculin with good parfume).
We decided, we meet again in my flat and try eachother like a lovers.
It was thursday late afternoon, we had 2 hours free time (the story was meeting friends....).
Before this meeting, I prepared myself completely, shaved my body, did some enema until the outcoming water turned into clear and after that I had a long shower with female shower gel.
So I was like a girl, nude and fresh with female flavour.
He was punctual.
He arrived, entered and closed the door, after that he gave his hand me to shaked hand.
While we shaked hand he took one kiss on my face left side and I did not wait to take an other kiss to right side, I kissed his lips only a short moment and his immediate reply was a kissing with his tongue.
He was after work, but his flavour was still good (light parfume mixed a good natural body flavour).
I said to him we had only short time, so we should go to bedroom.
He left his shoes next to the door and I took his hand and leaded on him to the bedroom.
I said to him, we are here and I saw into his eyes and I did a smile.
In same time of smile I started to open his trousers belt.
He took his belt from my hand and he continued his undressing.
In this time I also started the undressing, but I had an easy thing because I wore only a cotton bath capes.
I did it very slow that we could finish in same time.
We stood opposite eachother fully naked.
He had nice body (muscular) with short hair on chest and cock's area.
He had nice, hard cock and it was really big (later we measured it, 19cm long and 4,5cm wide).
Immediately after I went down on the knees and took his cock in my hand.
First I kissed the head of his cock.
It had got smell but good smell (you know, not fresh shower gel smell, but nature half day cock smell) and good flavour and taste, hmm his half day cock smell better than fresh after shower (you know nothing smell and taste).
I could take only his half of cock in my mouth.
I sucked him at least 10 minutes, during his pre-ejaculate was delicious.
And he said to me: stop and stand up, he took my body and turned me 180 degrees and stood really close behind me and pushed his cock to my back and balls to my ass.
In this pose he blown into my ears and kissed my neck.
After that, he pushed down my upper body and took me in doggy pose.
I was in doggy pose, he took hand my dick and pulled back to lick it.
When he started to suck it, I said to him this is my clit and my asshole is my pussy, so please lick only a head of my cock, lick my asshole and lick the area between the asshole and balls and please dont touch my balls because they are sensitive.
He understood immediately and said to me: yeah you are a "girl" and after that he touched and licked only what I asked.
He started to pat and kiss my whole ass and after that started to lick my asshole very hard.
His tongue was really strong, almost fucked me with his tongue.
After circa 10 minutes licking he said to me: right now I embrace you.
While he was on his knees and took a condom on his cock, I turned to lie on my back and I pulled up my legs to my chest.
On his knees he came closer until his cock can reach my asshole.
He pushed and touched his cock to my asshole, it was really good feeling my dick became hard.
He started to push his cock into my ass, but he could do it only the first 1-2 cm of his cock.
I felt a medium level pain it was not unbearable, but he could not push deeper his cock, not because of my pain, his cock was too big for me.
I apologised and I said, sorry I'm relaxed and fuly loosed my asshole, even so he could not burgle into me.
He said to me no problem, after that he took the charge and he took my body, lifted up and turned me to doggy pose.
He took lube on his finger and fingered my ass 3-4 times and this way took a lot of lube inside my ass.
During the lubeing I closed my eyes and enjoyed it and my dick was very hard.
After that he stood close behind me and fit his cock to my asshole and started to pushed-pushed a little bit.
He pushed in his cock again only 1-2cm deep and he said to me you can move back very slow, because you feel it.
I started to move back slow and I think his cock went 1 cm deeper next to low level pain.
When his cock went deeper my dick turned into softer and less.
I continued the moving back, but I started to push back him also.
At that moment he took my waist strongly and continued pushing his cock slowly but resolutely.
My pain became higher and higher again was a medium level and I felt my ass started to open up.
He continued pushing his cock very slowly and suddenly his cock could fully driven home.
At this moment my pain spring up very high only a second and when his cock fully driven home, I felt a really amazing unknown feeling.
I felt my ass opened and filled out together with a low level pain and my dick schrank fully small.
After that he started to fuck me slowly and my pain to got large and I started to groan and whispered ouch.
He continued my fucking faster and faster and he took my waist stronger and stronger and he could continue it at least 15 minutes and I felt a really amazing unknown feeling with medium level pain.
He fucked me realy wild (he is a real man).
After about the fifth minute I clamped my belly and groin muscle very hard and I did not know what I feel exactly, and I beleived I immediately cumming, but I started to piss a little bit, he pushed his cock and I pissed some tears pushed his cock and I pissed some tears, I did it across one minute about.
He continued my fucking and one-two minutes before his cumming I also cummed and it was really different feeling when I jerk off.
I felt a little pain and I felt that everything crush up inside of me.
After his cumming he did not pull out his cock and he lied to my back.
Under his body I went down to lie prone and he lied fully on me and blown to my neck and ear.
That time I felt just a little pain and a completely unknown abjection and vulnerability and I felt myself like a girl.
After cumming and these new feeleings I think I know why like the girls the big strong guys and hard wild sex.
After fucking, my asshole was really open, it could close only after half an hour.
Next day I went to the toilette and I felt his cock's mark across the pain in my ass.
Of course we continued this sex relation and the nexts times the intrusions were easier and easier.
This is the story of my two married lovers.
I hope you also enjoyed it reading like me the reality.

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