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The ice maden melted

A total fictional story that would hopefully make you horny.

The wife and I had been married 22 yrs we had 2 daughter aged 21 and had just gone to Univercity, we had provided for them given them a good education and carried on out lives for them only. I had always wondered what my life would of been like if I had not got my leg over and got her up the duff.

We got married as soon as she confirmed she was pregnant and moved into a 2 bed flat and I provided for them all working long hours to make ends meet. I asked the wife if she never regreted getting pregnant she said no but would of liked to wait a few years, to try things out, I had to admit she was a prude in bed and not a huge sex drive, maybe a shag once a month with a few handjobs.

I on the other hand would of fucked her twice a night maybe more if I got the chance and had often jacked off after seing her in the shower, she asked me the same question, I told her that I would of loved her to suck my cock and even would of loved to fuck her twin s****r and her in the same bed, she seemed shocked but said well I did ask, I said well i would never of cheated on her.

She said well I could try to suck ur cock now and got up and walked over kneeling infront of me, she rubbed the front of my trousers awakening the sl**py monster, as she did I felt it twitch, as she unzipped my trousers and reached in pulling the thick shaft out she slowly rubbed it bringing it to attention, she commented it looked bigger up close and slowly opened her mouth as she sucked the head.

she slowly sucked it moving her head up and down, me feeling I would shoot my load if she carried on. I said it felt good and admitted I was close, she took it out her mouth and rubbed it as, she undone her top and took her bra off her tits hung down as she aimed my cock over her tits rubbing it as I pumped my load over her tits, she then stuck her tounge on the end licking a bit of cum off it, she said it tasted nice and sucked it dry, she never done that before.

She laid back on the carpet removing her knickers as she said lick me please, I knelt down and started to lick her pussy I said her pussy would look better shaved, she said she had considered it but never had the bottle to do it. I offered to do it she nodded her head and I got the shaving stuff, I returned and trimmed her bush, then shaved her lovely and smooth.

I dried her off and then rubbed her now throbbing clit making her groan as she wanted me to fuck her, I was as hard as a rock lifting her legs as I rubbed my cock head over her pussy lips, slowly pushing my head in she groaned again as I slowly pushed my cock in, I moved slowly as she begged for more she was a diffent women, for once I was fucking her with the lights on, as I pushed in her tits moved back and forth, her pussy muscles gripped the shaft and I emptied my load into her.

About 2 days later whilst sitting down for breakfast the wife said was I serious about wanting to sl**p with her and her s****r, I said yer but it was only a fantasy, she said why not make it reality then. I was shocked she had suggested it, she said I will have a word with her s****r and see what she says.

That weekend our daughters came home for a few days and everything was as normal could never get in the bathroom and when I did it smelt like a tarts arm pit, I walked in the bathroom on the monday morning to see Candy totaly naked, she tried to cover up as I stood there staring my cock strainning in my boxers wanting to fuck her pussy, she took her hands away showing her wet body as I walked towards her transfixed as tho in a trance, I dropped my boxer revealing a huge stiff cock, I got into the shower lifte her up and inpailed her on my cock, I fucked her like a rabbid dog making her cum as I errupted in her sweet pussy, I could not believe I had just fucked my daughter.

She said it was awsome and had always wanted to fuck me. I said it should never of happened and appoligised left. The wife came back and said the s****r had agreed to a 3 way, the girls left with the thought of my daughter inpailed on my cock in the shower. The s****r arrived the following weekend and we relaxed, the s****r said she had never realised I wanted to fuck the 2 of them in the same bed.

We went to bed and I started to kiss her s****r as she rubbed my cock slowly commenting to her s****r I was built like a horse, she said well fuck him it will feel like a horse fucking you, I lay down as her s****r lowered herself onto my cock as my wife licked her s****rs nipples rubbin my balls as i moved my cock in and out of her s****rs pussy, my wife said don't be a greedy bitch and leave some for her, all of a sudden I exploded in her not being to hold back. my wife pushed her siser of my cock and licked her pussy of my cum I looked at my wifes ass and spanked it like a naughty school girl as she cried out saying she was a naughty little girl, begging daddy to spank her more.

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