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Older man & me

It was just a cold snowy day outside & I go walking to the gas station a few blocks away.At the corner of the block was an apartment complex where this older black man about 50 always said hi to me & you could tell me was checking me out.I would walk by & he would come up to me invite me in and lick his lips but I always refused & said I was in a rush and I kind of felt bad because he would always want me to come on but I never did.To be honest, I didn't know what his intentions really were until I looked back at everything.At that time I was 17 turning 18 next week. About three weeks after not seeing him anymore, I walked by his house about 9:30pm, no cars driving only street lights on and I knocked on the door.The mans name was Frank.Frank came to the door greeting me ” Hey Alicia, come on in baby! What brought ya over?!” I just walked in and sat on the couch in the corner and said..” Not much, was just coming to see how you were.My 18th birthday just passed you know.” He goes ” of course I know!” Making it obvious his excitement was thru the roof.He walked out for a minute & came back with two glasses of wine. ” Do you're parents know you're here right now?” ” No ” I said.” They don't, why? ” He goes ” I was just wondering dear. ” I finally finished by glass of wine and felt a great relief being over there, my buzz was in full action.

Frank a few minutes later took my cup from me Iand sat down.” You seem tense” he says.No I'm okay..just looking at the fire.He had a fireplace in his living room,he kept coming closing and I couldn't resist it.” feel comfortable? I've always thought you looked so good..” ” yes I feel fine with you and you have huh ?” I replied.”I want to show you how a grown man makes you feel, take your pants off and come here.” I stood up, took my pants and underwear off and sat on his two knees where he pulled his legs apart and I felt a breeze come between my legs and my clit and asshole were revealed.He took my shirt off from the back and began to kiss all over my back.Touching my boobs,grasping my nipples so harder and turning me over on his lap licking my entire stomach and breasts.Now I was fully naked sitting on Franks lap.

Frank leaned me back a little and spread my pussy lips apart and ran one finger back and forth softly.That felt so good.He then rubbed around my pussy and kept my lips wide open with his other hand, he kept slowly rubbing my rose and the hood in circular motions I thought I was going to explode.Mind you, I'm only 18 my pussy is very tight and when I get wet it's really wet.He reached over and grabbed a lotion and a small little toy which was a vibrator.He lubbed up his whole middle finger and my clitoris, the lotion was so warm.He turned me around doggy style and a felt a finger slowly stroke my clit up and down in my lips and then I felt a finger slowly go into my ass.He put it in deep and pulled in back out and kept doing that for about five minutes.Then he took the finger off my clit and slid it into my vagina.In and out while he is still working the finger in my ass hole.I was getting so horny I had him stop and took his 9 inch dick out of his pants.We did 69 and he put the vibrator in my vagina while working his finger in and out of my asshole.I stroked his big juicy dick while he licked the juices falling from my pussy.I felt so good, that vibrator was on full in my pussy and he licked my clit so good.My ass was really hurting at first cuz that was my first time anal but I didn't refuse,he was such a big got I just let him do it and it didn't even feel bad.After awhile, he said get on top of me and sit on my dick,he said I'm putting this in your ass.It was a 10 inch brown dildo,he said suck it,i did it and he stroked his dick to me sucking off the dildo.

After about 25 minutes of him making me suck off a dildo and finger my own pussy his dick was so wet.He goes come here and sit on these with both your holes at threw same time.I said ” no ! ” I'm a virgin in my ass ! That was only a finger then put a ten inch dildo in it?!” I can't it will hurt so bad, no.” He stood up looking very angry with his dick hard as rock and said ” get over here.” I came to him.He picked me up his hands separating my ass and said your doing it.” I couldn't believe it.he layed me down lubbed up the dildo and put three fingers with lube in my ass and that already hurt bad.He took the dildo and slowly worked it in.I felt about 6 inches inserted in me and I screamed almost crying ” take it out! ” he stared at me and put it me.He worked it for a minute and it was okay,he said keep that in you and get on top of me.U got on top with the dildo in my ass still and he slid his cock in my pussy.” Lets see you ride my dick and that dildo.”

I sure as hell rode that.After an hour my asshole was done.That's my story! I love old men, add me!

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