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A typical day with my good girl darla

Memories of my good girl.

I f***e you into a hotel room. strip you naked, tie you to the bed and rope your breasts. To your own surprise you feel your pussy throbbing. Your clit pulsating while you beg me to "stop". With that I ball gagged you and put a blind fold on you. I use a riding crop to spank your swollen tits. each strike making your back arch. The sting was sending excitement to your engorged clit. Your moans became clear and I tell you to stop it. You were begging. At first I thought you were begging for me to stop but you wanted me to fuck you. I untied you and took the ball gag and blind fold away. You looked at my fat cock and wanted to suck it so bad but I teased you with it. OK, good girl have a taste as you hungrily took it deep into your throat and pumped on it with your hand. I petted your hair and told you to turn around. Stick your asshole up to the ceiling and reach forward. you comply and feel my cock stretching your tight pussy whole. You try to squeeze it, milk it with your pussy but it's too fat. Your sopping wet as your nipples rub against the sheets. You reach down to play with your clit and I tell you "no....reach straight out" yes Sir you reply as I pump harder, deeper into you. You're so close to cuming but I tell you you're not permitted until I'm ready ... "yes Sir" you reply ... good girl as I continue to bang away at your well worn pussy. My sweat now dripping onto your wonderful ass. I love to watch your asshole pucker as I pound your twat ..... I jam my finger into your asshole with little regard. Your such a dirty little whore. Then a second finger as you yell out. I withdraw entirely and lube up my fat cock. (6" in circumference) I nuzzle the head of my cock on your asshole. "is this where you want it?" ... "yes Sir, please please, please Big Daddy" slowly I nudge it forward, deeper. Stretching that ever so tight hole. Ouchy Ouchy (its what I've taught her to say instead of yelling) "thats a good girl" as she takes it deeper. Then with little regard I bang it home and start riding her. Fucking her ass hard. My balls bouncing up against her dangling pussy lips and throbbing clit. She is moaning faster and begging "please .... please .... " it turns me on so much I command darla to turn around ... she does quickly ... "suck me off".... no sooner do I shove it deep down your throat ... I spray my load, she chokes on it at first then sucks me dry.... and as she has a thousand times before ... you finger your pussy like crazy rubbing your clit with your thumb ... cum for me now good girl as she cums in pleasurable agony. It was so intense. I tug your hair as your body trembles and quivers from the explosive orgasm. ..... I smile to myself as I realize how well I've trained her. Knowing that someday some other wannabe might use this slut someday. Thinking he has been such a good master with a special skill. Probably hearing the same words of passion and promises only a dirty little cum slut will say.

We fall together onto the bed. Our bodies fit so naturally as we entangle our bodies. We fall into a blissful state of satisfaction of spent passion. You nuzzle into me. I stroke your hair softly and say "thank you good girl ... " and you reply " thank you Big Daddy" together we fall asl**p, happy ..... and knowing it won't be long until we'll want to do it again ......


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