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I often left it all behind and headed for the mountain. It’s a place I like to go when I’ve had enough of my daily dose of troubles. So off I went alone. The mountain is steep, not like rock climbing, just a robust ascent. The skies are gray. I travelled a wooded trail.

I had hiked all day and planned on camping over night. The hour was growing near when day is neither light nor dark. As I stepped over a fallen branch, I wonder just when that moment crosses over. There must be that precise moment. Just like there must be that finite moment between life and death.

Clouds above look like dark charcoal smudges against the darkening sky. The shadows of the forest are now black ink silhouettes of the the trees now nearly bare as autumn passes to winter. It has become still. I'm the only moving thing. The silence was deafening. Just as I thought that, a rain drop breaks the deadlock as it splatters upon the bridge of my nose. A gust of wind sends several birds off on a winged flight, leaving behind the echo of their beating wings. The cloak of darkness is soon to envelope me. I wonder if hiking off like this was such a great idea. Yes, I reply to myself. This is where I want to be. In a place so few know exists. So few who care to know.

The time to seek out shelter has come. But where? I see a large tree ahead. It is up off the path upon a knoll. As if it were placed there for me. Just for me. I lean up against its sturdy trunk. I take off my back pack and pull out my poncho. The rain has become steady. I'm so thankful I didn't forget my poncho this time! It's a large over-sized one that can double as quick shelter for such a situation. I sit down and pull the hood up.

The rain shows no signs of stopping. It forms tiny streams snaking its way down the trail. I can feel the temperature fall as the the wind ushers in a steady cold rain. I listen to it dance upon my poncho, like a million tiny angels.

I gaze upon the watery beauty before me. The light and the dark have met. I realize that I'm “there”. In that moment between day and night, dark and light. I'm caught between security and vulnerability. Wet and dry. I love it so. It warms my skin yet chills it too. I want to be this way forever.

At that very thought my eyes are drawn to a figure on the trail below me. I blink a few times as I’m not sure what it is. Is it a shadow playing with my mind? Is it a raindrop caught in my eye? My senses
rush as I see it come closer to me. It is walking, yet floating. It has appeared out of the wooded shadows.

It comes slowly towards me. It becomes clear, “It” is a beautiful woman. She draws nearer.

She is naked . Her golden hair is ringed with flowers. A simple leather necklace hangs beneath her beautiful face. Her wet hair hugs her shoulders and rests upon her large round breasts. Her eyes were captivating. They are neither blue nor brown. It is a color I've never seen before. I deep purplish color. Her shapely body now stands before me. Her presence disarms me. I feel a calm accepting peace engulf me. She has creamy skin and her hair below is spun like gold.

I realized she was the fabled woodland nymph. She reached out her hand. As I took it, she knelt before me. Gazing into my eyes, she said “I am dryad, the nymph of these woods”. She bowed her head then look up. I responded in kind by offering to share my modest shelter. Without a word spoken I lifted it up and she entered beneath. She drew herself up next to me and laid her head upon my chest. She undid my shirt and nuzzled her face upon my skin. I could smell the sweetness of her flowers. She
pushed her breasts up close to me and held me. Her body warmed me. She brought me great comfort. I stroked her skin and kissed her head.
I had hiked beyond my world upon this mountain side. In that magical moment, that people seldom find, I found it. It isn't anything to find, though. It is something to experience. I couldn't find it below in my crowded lonely world. It was here, in this place and at this time.

The woods had been her refuge for centuries. I learned I was just as magical to her. An experience rarely captured. The storm rained on. Within that storm of loneliness I found the one I was seeking. I was tangled with my new love somewhere between fantasy and reality.

I didn’t want it to ever end. And it never did.

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