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It's late Sunday afternoon and I am now in the throes
of pushing my cock into what has to be the best pussy I
have ever fucked - in every way. She is Terri - 35 yr.
old widow and mother of two girls. She is the daughter
of my now deceased second wife. Her husband Daryl is
also deceased. As I pump faster and harder both of her
hands grasp for my butt in an attempt to push my cock
deeper. Her eyes began to flicker and roll upward. But
she grabs my face in her hands and with a throaty voice

"Oh my God, daddy, you're the best fuck I have ever...
oh God, oh God, I'm coming. I'm commmmmmmminggggg -
again. Oh you wonderful man. You sweet, sweet stud.
Ohhhhh, I can't stop cumming, ohhhh, ohhhh. Please
don't ever stop."

Exactly 9 months ago, Daryl, Terri's husband and her
mother, Beth, were out together Christmas shopping when
a d***k crashed into their car, killing them both. Beth
and I had discovered each other after previous
disastrous marriages. This tragedy, I thought, would
thrust us all into an even sadder remaining life.

And unfortunately Daryl had no assets to leave Terri
and the girls. Fortunately, I am well fixed so I did
what any good daddy would do. I paid off her mortgage
and set up a trust that was adequate to provide a
comfortable life style for the three women.

One Sunday evening in June, after all the financial,
physical and emotional components of the tragedy had
subsided, Terri phoned from her car. "Hi, daddy-daddy."
All the girls, Terri, Beth and the teenagers, gave me
that affectionate name of "daddy-daddy." I thought it
was cute as well as perversely sexy. "Are you alone?
I'd like to drop by for a visit. And can I park in your
private entrance?" I live in a luxury condo with
private parking and entrance. "Of course sweetie. I'm
only watching TV news. Just buzz me when you arrive."

In about 15 minutes the signal from the private
entrance sounded and I buzzed her in. In another 3
minutes the door bell rang. I opened it. Now, I'm 56
yrs old and I'm telling you that what stood before me
that night was the ultimately sexiest woman in the
Northern Hemisphere. Terri is about 5 ft. 5 in., l45
lbs., dark hair and eyes. She stood before wearing, or
almost wearing I should say, a halter and short-shorts.
Her small, plump feet wore high heel straw sandals. The
short-shorts struggled to contain flanging hips and
thighs. Terri is plump, round, smooth. As I gazed at
her, my eyes moved from her toes up perfectly shaped
legs, thighs, crotch, hips, ass, lower stomach and tits
- oh my God. Those tits. The halter was - let's face it
- transparent. Her nipples shown clear and erect -
almost defiant. The shorts were low cut, very low cut
and a small medallion dangled from her navel.

"Well hi there daddy-daddy. You seem glad to see me.
May I come in?" With that she swayed forward and kissed
me lightly on the lips. I smelled heady cologne mixed
with wine. "I hope I'm not intruding." And she giggled.
Here eyes dropped to my crotch. I was wearing short
silk PJs and was not aware that my cock was pulsing
almost straight out. As her gaze returned to my face
her eye lids drooped and she said, "I have wanted to
call you because I've been trying to think of words to
express my gratitude for what you have done for me and
the girls. And I simply can't think of words good
enough. So I decided to come over and tell you, eye-to-
eye, that I am willing to do anything to show my
gratitude. Anything, daddy-daddy." With that she moved
both hands up her thighs and lower stomach. Being up
close I saw the medallion on her navel. The inscription
on it read. "Eat me."

As our eyes locked emotions swirled and I grabbed her
in my arms and kissed her with lips tongue and teeth.
Between tongue exchanges she murmured, "God. Oh God,
daddy-daddy, oh daddy-daddy. I've wanted you even
before you married mamma. Oh daddy-daddy. And that
night you spent at our house with mamma I heard you
fucking her and I hear her moaning. And once she said
quite loudly that you had the best fucking tongue in
the world. God I was hot and Ben was snoring. I jerked
off three times that night."

The hot conversation and the hot kisses could lead to
only one conclusion. As we both stripped each other's
clothes off, in record time I might add, we fell on the
couch. Terri immediately pushed her upper torso into
the niche created by the arm and back of the couch. She
threw her legs apart and spread her pussy lips. As I
looked down, cock in hand, she said with a throaty
growl, "God damn, eat me daddy-daddy. Eat me please."
Then her tongue flicked out and wiggled up and down.

I obliged. I ate her pussy. I ate my step-daughter's
pussy which was pink, moist, clean shaven and had the
faint odor of the same perfume that swirled about her
body. God in heaven. The sexual intensity of that
moment was fierce. My face buried itself in her slit.
She grabbed my head with both hands and urged me deeper
into that soft, wet, pink cunt. Her ass pushed against
my face and her hands on my head pushed me as well into
the inferno. "Oh, oh daddy-daddy-daddy-daddy-daddy, oh
sweet God. You're so damn good don't stop, eat me,
please, please. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. I'm
gonna, gonna, gonnnnnnnna. Oh my darling. Oh my sweet,
sweet man. Ahhhhh, ahhh... Yesssssssss." The torrent
was obvious. Her bucking ass, my fucking tongue, our
physical energy raised the temp in that parlor 50%.
Damn. This woman really enjoys getting eaten out.

After her cum subsided I raised up, wiped my chin with
my PJs and gazed onto Terri's serene face. Someone once
coined the phrase, "She has that well-fucked look about
her." Now it's my turn. As Terri came out of her sex-
slaked aura her eyes opened and she looked at me
through heavy eyelids and smiled. But as I grabbed my
cock for a frontal thrust on her waiting pussy her eyes
widened and wish a shriek she said, "Oh daddy-daddy-
daddy-daddy that is the biggest God damn cock. Oh God
it is so big, it is so hard."

I measure exactly 8 2/3 inches when fully erected,
which is a fairly good length. But the girth is where
my statistics prevail. Years before a whore measured me
with a tape measure. "Six inches around - you fucking
brute you." Then she grabbed it and gave me the best
head I've had.

As I got into position to fuck, Terri's eyes locked
with mine. She kinda whined, "Oh my pussy. Can my pussy
take it?" I had no fear. She was 35, and had born two
k**s. With no more hesitation I placed a very large,
purple head into the opening slit and gently pushed.
Terri's eyes continued to seep deeply into mine and as
I thrust inward her ass moved upward in response. In a
nano-second our bodies were merged in a humping,
pumping ass-pounding fuck. Her arms and legs entangled
themselves around my thrusting ass. She grabbed my face
and kissed me with a deep, sweet, wet, scented kiss.
The murmurs, groans, panting all covered over and
ignored the phone ringing across the room. I am fucking
my step-daughter. Is that i****t? Do those thoughts
have anything to do with my perverse appreciation of
her whispers in my ear of that sweet little-girl-like,
"Oh daddy-daddy-daddy-daddy-daddy-daddieeeeeeeeeeee."

As we lay locked in each others appendages I couldn't
imagine a more satisfying sexual arrangement. As I
thought back over the past few minutes I vaguely
remember glancing aside to a mirror near the couch on
which we were fucking. I remembered our bodies as a
blur of fucking, and I remember catching a glimpse of
her red finger nails digging into my buttocks as I
tried to drill her pussy with all I had. Pretty damn
satisfying fuck. But as we continued to float a thought
occurred to me and I guess Terri thought of the same
concern. I said, "Sweet baby I want you every night and
day I can. I don't want even to think of any other
pussy, but how can sustain this?"

Without hesitation Terri said, "Look. There's no
question you and I are a good sexual match. I realize
that Nickie and Trixie are sexually aware and I know
some of our neighbors may frown on us. But I'm here
with all the pussy you can eat and I have to tell you
in all my sexual experience tonight was the only fuck
in which I got my rocks four time - four times."

Still uncertain how we would meet and fuck regularly, I
knew that when two people want each other, ways would
be found to accomplish it. Late Sunday afternoon seems
to be the best time. Although Tuesday morning ain't
bad. Or Wednesday noon and then a couple times Saturday
night. Once we got it on in her SUV near a lake just
before the sun came up. And then there was that time we
fucked for 30 minutes on the table in the foyer of her
house just a few minutes after her girls left to catch
the school bus. Well, you get the idea.


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