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The Glorious Hole

The following occurred about four years ago after I returned from an overseas assignment. I returned from the Middle East to Tennessee, where I had left my car months before, and intended to drive straight back home to Colorado. I started my trip home early morning the day after I returned to the States. A long full day of driving got me as far as western Missouri, where I found myself just too tired to continue driving. I found a rather nondescript motel along the interstate, checked in, and unpacked a few belongings.

While too tired to continue driving, I was too wired to just go to sl**p, so I decided to go out and explore the local community. I barely got out the door of the motel when I noticed the bright lights of a building next door. I took it to be a cafe or something and decided to walk a few hundred yards across the parking lot to it. When I got in front I could see that it was an “adult shop”, the kind of place that sells lingerie, DVDs, lotions, etc. I thought, “What the heck, maybe I can find some little silly gift for the wife.” I could see that there were maybe three or four cars in the parking lot (it was about 8:00 on a weeknight).

When I entered I found it to be a clean and well lighted store. There was an older gentleman behind the counter who politely greeted me. There was a young couple looking at lingerie, and there were two men (separately) looking at DVDs on the other end of the shop. I walked around and looked at lotions and vibrators for her, and checked out a cock ring for me, but decided that the prices were too high and my wife (Jan) really isn't much into “toys”. I decided to leave. As I approached to door I noticed that there were two side-by-side video booths near the door. They looked like the photo booths you find in shopping malls and seemed a little out of place here.

Now I’m known to enjoy adult theaters, and I've visited a few booths over the years, but I don’t really frequent them. Still, I had time to burn and looking at the toys and things in the store sort of had me in the mood, so I decided to check out the booth and waste a couple dollars looking at some porn. I entered the booth on the left and saw that it had a comfortable looking bar stool and a large bright video monitor. I dropped in a couple of quarters and the machine turned on. The video was very quiet to avoid being heard in the store. I was impressed that there were dozens of good quality videos to flip through. Straight, gay, English, Spanish, you name it!

I was almost immediately hard and quickly decided to unzip and free my member from the confines of my jeans. I’m about 7” and very thick. Not porn-star big, but comfortably above average and my pants were tight. Awesome! This was great, the movie was good (outdoor MFM action as I recall) and the surroundings were…? Hmm, I hadn't really looked around much. Let me take a look. That’s when I found a very large (fist sized) glory hole connecting the two booths.

Now I’m straight and not looking for man-on-man glory hole action as typically occurs in these kinds of places. Still, I am drawn to take a look at anyone who might sit where I can see something. I don’t mind too much if others see me either. In this case the other booth was dark and was of no concern. I continued with the movies and a little stroking here and there. (How can you not do this?)
Presently, the door next door opened letting in a little light that I could clearly see through the hole. I adjusted my position so that I wasn't as visible to anyone looking through. My neighbor dropped some money in the slot and I could hear the change jingling as it went into the machine. Then I heard something I've never heard from another patron at a video booth. It was a woman’s voice. She was speaking with a man and I realized it was the couple who had been in the lingerie section of the store. This was getting interesting! I was hopeful that I might get an eyeful of some fun and games from my “neighbors”.

The couple flipped through a few videos and ended up settling on the same one I was watching. I could tell because it suddenly sounded like the video was in stereo. After what seemed like minutes but was probably much less, I decided to quietly adjust my view to take a look through the hole. As I did I noticed a smallish hand pushed through to my side with an inviting finger motioning me forward. I looked across to see the woman smiling broadly at me. She was young, maybe 25, with short brunette hair. She was wearing a skirt with a cottony pull-over blouse. I couldn't make out much as far as physical attributes, but I recalled from the store that she was relatively thin. (I could tell that her partner was there, but I couldn't hardly see him at all.)

The woman put her face right to the glory hole and whispered if she could see my cock. I obliged without hesitation. She asked, “Can you give it to me?” and I backed off a little and shook my head “no”. (I really wasn't looking for sex.) She pouted, backed off and a few seconds later seemed to fill the whole with something. In the light of my video, I could see that she put her breast up near to the hole with the nipple centered. I couldn't resist and put my hand through the hole and gave her a nice squeeze and caress. Her nipple (dark brown on pale white skin) immediately became erect and very hard. She pulled away again and put her face back to the hole. She asked, “Please let me touch you.”

This time I gave in. I moved to the wall, spread my legs considerably because the glory hole was a little low for me (I’m 6’-1” and the hole was probably ideal for someone six inches shorter), and pushed my erect cock through. I felt her delicate hands rub up and down on the shaft. I felt her thumb across the large wide head of my cut cock. I then felt the wonderful feel of her hot mouth completely surround my cock.

I pulled back. Not only was this not what I came here for, but it was going much too fast. If I’m going to do this, I would like to savor the moment and enjoy the experience. She looked back through with a frown. For the first time I noticed that she had bright lipstick and it was a little smeared from her lower lip to her chin. (My cock most likely had some of it on as well.) At this point my dick was literally throbbing and moving up and down as the bl**d pumped through. I couldn't resist.

With her mouth at the hole ready to receive me, I very slowly and deliberately moved to her. I let her stay practically motionless with her lips only parting as I pushed my way inside her mouth. How could it feel so hot! The inside of her mouth felt warmer than any pussy or mouth I've ever entered. I continued to push expecting her to push back, maybe gag a little as Jan would sometimes do while attempting to take it deep. Instead, I heard a little gasp as she took it all the way to the “hilt” and allowed me to pull out. Again she took me deep with 7” passing through the thin wall of the booth and into her inviting mouth. I could feel a bit of suction and sense her tongue and lips contacting me just as they should. I began to move my hips a little more and then a little faster, and then a little more dramatically until…. OOMPH! Release from my end, suction from hers, another pump and more sucking, a loud slurp and still more pumping. Finally she pulled away, there was a pause and then a loud gulp as she swallowed all that I gave her. I presume the pause was her showing her partner what she had accomplished.

I was spent. I sat back tired. Next door there was a slight rustling of clothing and then their door opened. I waited about 1/2 a minute and then exited as well. The couple was back at the lingerie cheerfully smiling and talking. I started to walk towards them and then changed my mind, I didn't want to further complicate such a perfect evening.

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