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Horny couple

I wrote this for an female XH user on a picture that said leave dirty comments. What started out as a dirty comment turned into a short sex story. I was going to leave it in her PM, but when I finished it, it said user not found.---LOL--- All that work for nothing----So now you fine folks out in XH get to read it. Hope you enjoy it.

If that's your avatar, then I'd most definitely would love to tongue fuck
that ass of yours while fingering that sweet shaved cunt. Of course that's just to get you wet enough for my cock. I wouldn't get more than two strokes in you before I'd dump a huge load of cum into that cunt of yours.

I'd have you hold you hand under it to catch all my cum, while you sucked my cock clean. Now you lick all the cum off of your hand without swallowing, then we do some cum swapping. Your on your knees (where you belong most of the time anyway) with that skinny ass in the air and your face on the floor and hands behind your back.

I don't bother fingering your ass at all, cause I know it's a virgin ass. I lick it and spit on it getting it lubed up for my cock. I slowly work the tip of my cock in then out, not wanting to discourage you from asking me later to fuck your ass some more. Eventually I work my whole cock, balls deep into your ass while rubbing that swollen clit of yours. I pull my cock out of your ass in time for you to turn and swallow my cock whole and I drop a second huge load in your mouth and you again don't swallow.

You spit it back out all over my cock and balls. I rub your face all over it. You look fabulous with a cum glazed face. I pull you on top of me and fuck you some more while doing some cum swapping, and licking cum off each others face.

Your cunt is wet warm and tight, I love biting and nibbling on those stiff nipples. I have another load of cum for you deep in side my balls, and you want me to cum as badly as I do. Work for it you dirty little piece of shit cunt.

Now I have you plant that dripping cunt of yours on my face. Your cunt lips are huge and swollen. I bite and tug on them gently with my teeth, while licking that bl**d engorged clit of yours. You rock back and forth on my face and your legs tighten around my head and I can feel you pushing harder down on my face, wanting to cum bad. As my tongue works furiously on that exposed clit, I grab your skinny ass and pull you harder onto my face, barely being able to breath, but not wanting to stop this incredible experience. Then you cum, and you cum hard. Not once, but twice and your clit feels like it's being shocked by electricity and you are almost in tears it feels so good. Every time I flick my tongue over that clit your hips jerk away from me, but I pull you back. I have never tasted anything this good in my whole life. I finally let you go.

Once again you're on your knees, and you're licking under my balls for that third load of cum. I make you tongue my ass while I stroke my stiff dick. You spread my cheeks and push your tongue in as hard as you can. I grab your head and f***e you to lick and suck my asshole, and it feels so good. You fucking submissive little cunt.

Stroking my cock, I can feel it cumming again, and again you take it all in your mouth and then spit it back out on my balls and ass. You slowly clean me off. I flip you on your back slip my cock into you once more. Glad I used that Viagra. This time it's slow, gentle. You smile, and I notice that some of my cum has filled that cute little dimple of yours. We fuck all night until we're both raw.

Man, I can't remember when the last time I wrote something like this for some one. Seriously, I just got on a roll tonight. Take care, and hope you had a Merry Christmas.

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