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OHGIRL: Changing Jobs

I was a stripper at my boyfriend Bill’s club for nearly 3 and a half years and it was a bit sad knowing that I was going to have to leave. It was one of the better clubs in town and it had a reputation for being clean, friendly, safe and for having sexy dancers. There were a few factors that led up to me having to work elsewhere. One of the main reasons was that I only wanted to work on a few weekends and maybe a Thursday evening if need be. The owner didn’t like it either, but I was making a large portion of my money being an e****t and doing personal shows for my regular customers, my referrals and the parties at which I was hired to perform. The owner let it slide for a long time, because he was fucking me on a regular basis, but the other girls were starting to complain. The owner also found out that I had been avoiding paying out my share of tips and fees to the bartenders, deejays and bouncers. It didn’t set well with him when he found out that I was also blowing many of the male staff members in return for their share of my take. It seemed fair and the other girls could have done the same thing, but apparently they lacked the entrepreneurial skills that I had. I was going to miss the club and actually the owner’s big cock, but my reputation was getting pretty bad and it was a matter of time before the other dancers rebelled and the owner and other male staff had a confrontation. Of course, the owner and my lover, Bill, didn’t tell me I was being asked to leave until early on Monday morning. We had woken up at my place, after a long night of intense, rough sex. Even though he had called me a bunch of names before he left, I was still glad I had gotten to ride his huge cock one more time the night before.

I started working at another strip club across town the following week. The building wasn’t nearly as nice and the area of town wasn’t the best, but the owner hired me, even though he knew my reputation. Lou, the owner of the club, actually set up a private room for me to do all of my dancing in with my customers. He knew that many of my regulars would follow me and that meant an increase in his business. He ran the club with his two step sons, Steven and Gerald, who doubled as bouncers and bartenders, where ever they were needed. Although they ran a good business, he knew that I would be bringing in a lot of money, since I had my own private room to handle most of my sexual trysts with my customers. Part of his deal with hiring me included a 20% cut of my profits or his ability to defer the money in return for services rendered to him and his two sons. It didn’t seem much different than my other club, but at least he knew that I’d be doing not only him, but the bartender and the bouncer.

I have to admit that Lou’s idea of giving me my own private room really did allow me to make more money, but it also ended up making me much busier than I was regularly. Word got around pretty quickly about the new dancer having sex with her customers. Through word of mouth, the internet and cell phones, once a few guys started letting their friends or associates know that a certain black stripper (the only black stripper) at this club was having sex for money, there were a lot more new customers. Lou already stated that the numbers from his first month after hiring me had gotten progressively better as time went by and that many of the new customers were first timers. I started working 5 days a week just to keep up with my demand, since it would have been impossible to handle so many requests in one night. I cut my shifts back to only dancing from 9pm until close and I was still doing my e****ting and parties on the side.

One Friday night, at the end of my first month at the club, I set a record for the amount of money I had made. I spent most of the evening in my private room having sex. It seemed like word had gotten around and most of my customers knew what to ask for when we got into the room. I worked my first 12 hour shift ever and at closing, Lou, Steven and Gerald were all waiting after we closed. Lou once again let me keep his percentage of my take, as all three of them took turns with me. Lou was loving it as I knelt before them, taking turns sucking their cocks. Lou and his step sons didn’t seem to mind fucking me or having me suck them off in front of each other. I had joined them in a few drinks near the main dance floor to celebrate the huge night and they all three stood in front of me as I knelt before them. After they were all hard, Lou bent me over one of the tables and slid into my well used pussy from behind. “How many cocks fucked your black pussy tonight?” Lou joked as he pumped my wet hole and his son Gerald stuffed his cock into my mouth from the other side of the table. Steven stood near Lou and they occasionally changed positions as they took turns slamming me with their hard tools. I had gotten used to taking on all three of them at the same time and their ridiculous banter and jokes. “You’ve probably had sex with over 100 fucking guys this week you little slut.” Steven stated, as I kept sucking Gerald’s hard cock. He smacked his cock on my face as Lou made his way to the other side of the table and his turn in my mouth. I continued to suck and fuck each of them until they either came in my mouth or pussy. “Damn, your cunt and mouth just suck up the cum don’t they?” Lou asked as he pressed his spasming cock deeper into me and filled me with his hot jizz. I was definitely going to have to cut back on my dancing at this club too, since the large numbers of customers was making my job too demanding and fucking Lou and his three boys two or three times a week was getting a bit too much.

All three of them walked me safely out to my car as usual that morning and Lou mentioned that he had a request for me to do a bachelor party at one of his friend’s bars. He said that if I was interested, to let him know. He said that it required someone comfortable working a fetish type party. I told him that I would give it some thought and then he leaned down to whisper that I could keep the entire fee from the party if I followed him home and spent the day with him that afternoon, since neither of us worked the next evening. I was pretty tired and Lou’s apartment was much closer than mine, so I followed his rear car lights through the early morning dark streets to his place. Lou and I showered together when we got to his apartment and then fell asl**p in his bed together, but he woke me up not more than 3 hours later sliding his hard pole between my butt cheeks.

His cock was already oiled up and was spreading it’s excess coating of lubricant between my ass as he slid it back and forth. “I’ve admired that sexy ass for over a month now and I’m dying to shove my hard cock in it.” he said. I was so tired from the last evening and my pussy was more than worn out from the number of cocks that I had taken on that night, so I didn’t even try to resist Lou’s offer. He had a pretty nice sized cock and he did seem genuine in his attraction to me, so I didn’t mind fucking him or even his two step sons. Steven and Gerald were much closer to my age, at 24 and 23 respectively, and both had been former highschool athletes, so having sex with them wasn’t so bad either. I must have seemed rather easy to all three of them, as I laid on my side, while Lou spooned me from behind and lifted my to leg up toward my chest, pressing the head of his cock against my tight asshole. Over the last month Lou and his sons had passed on probably close to a total of $6,000 in their cut of tips, so I wasn’t feeling too bad as his hard cock slowly slid into my ass. He squeezed my cheeks and spread my ass open as he pumped me, all the while describing how great it was to feel and watch his white dick fuck me in my sexy, black ass. He eventually filled me with his cum and we fell back to sl**p. I spent the whole day with Lou and he seemed pleased with my personal attention. I even let him pull out an old Polaroid camera and take some photos of me sucking his cock and cumming on my face. We had fun watching the pictures develop before our eyes and all of this made him horny enough to fuck me again for the third time that day.

I ended up performing at the bachelor party that Lou had referred and for quite a few more as I stayed and worked at his club for the next year. He and his sons continued to fuck me for their share of my tips and I even did a few parties for them and a few of their friends, for their birthdays and holidays. They loved showing me off to their friends, since it seemed to make them feel important. After being there a year, I eventually had to slow down my stripping and once again return to being an e****t. The money was better on a consistent basis and I had sex with fewer people, which made my work easier. Over the 4 and a half years that I had worked at both Bill and Lou’s clubs, I probably had some sort of sexual relations with more than 1200 different men and it was time for me to cut that number down and enjoy the money I was making. I had found a card from my first visit to Vegas and the thought of doing porn films was flitting through my mind.

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