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Rainy night in london town.

A total fiction story that represents no real person only by coincdence.

Penny was a young bride of 2 months she married the boy next door type thing.
She was out shopping and was getting ready for her first christmas that she was spending alone with her husband, but was seing her parents and in-laws later that evening, she was full of seasional cheer, she was just having a coffee ticking off her christmas list when her husband Cris phoned, he chatted for a few minuets but had to go.

She drank her coffee and carried on she was about another hour shopping and was then finished, she got the last of her gifts passing a underwear shop, she decided to treat Cris by buying a selection of sexy underwear, and asked if she could try some on the assistant showed her to the cubicle where Penny began to undress. She took her bra off as she loked in the mirror her tits where stunning with erect nipples she touched it made her gasp.

She closed her eyes as she touched her body sliding her hand onto her smooth pussy her finger sliding into her wet slit, she gently rubbed her clit as she moaned quietly cumming as she did it, she tried the underwear on and got redressed paying for items after picking up a few extra bits , including a rabbit vibrator, Penny was rather conservative so buying this was daring.

She got into the lift as the doors went to shut she heard a voice asking for her to wait, A tall guy run up thanking her for that, he commented on speding the housekeeping she said well christmas only comes once a year he made a cheeky comment saying I bet you come more and laughed, she blushed as he flirted.

As the lift came to her floor the door opened and she saw it was pouring rain,the guy offered to help to save her getting to wet. as he picked up some bags they rushed to the car, he was in just a shirt commenting that he left his jacket in his car as it was sunny when he parked. They reached her car and 2 of the bags split spilling it's content all over the place he looked down and saw the vibrator, he remarked saying she wouldnt need one if he was with her as his cock was huge.

Penny said yer all men said that, he stod back and unzipped hss trousers he wasnt lieng it was huge she shreeked saying that was massive and grabbed it rubbing it softly, she admitted she was horny they put the bags in the boot and got in the back seat,Penny opened her legs as he ripped her panties of, her young wet pussy was soaking wet, he grabbed is cock and rammed it in her slit.

He fucked her with vigour as she yelled to be fucked harder as he plunged his meat into her, she ripped his shirt off her nails digging into his back as he steamed in like a man that hadnt had sex in years,Penny screamed orgasm after orgasm never having sex like it before,all of a sudden he shot his load into her pumping hot cum that didnt stop, he sat to the side Penny breathing like mad,not able to speak, her nipples hard, her pussy dribbling cum from it.

He said he coudnt help what he did as he had seen her earlier and wanted to get to know him better, he also said he would love to see her again she refused saying she was married, he gave her his card saying well if you change your mind give me a ring, she said it was ok and got dressed and said it was a moment of weakness and shouldnt of happened.

She drove home thinking of nothing but that huge cock ramming into her pussy,by the time she was home she was as horny as hell she put the shopping away and got her toy went upstairs and fucked her pussy until she was totaly satisfied. As she lay there she thought about this guys offer and decided that it wouldnt do no harm as it was only sex and his cock was bigger than Cris by a good 4 or 5 inches and possibly a lot thicker as well.

She rushed out to the car and picked up his card that was thrown on the back seat, his name was jake windsor and a male e****t, she debated about calling him as she didnt want to pay but would be worth it for his cock alone. she gave him a ring and arranged to meet him the following week. The day arrived Penny was like a girl going on a date for the first time, she put on her sexy underwear and boddy clinging clothes and set off.

As she waited for jake he turned up as she sat there with a coffee she could feel hrself getting wet as she imagened his cock in her, she had booked a hotel room for the night and they went there. As they closed the door she said i know your a e****t so how much will it cost, Jake said nothing as this was plessure not buisness, he lifted her up and laid her on the bed,kissing her removing her clothes as he undone her bra he sucked her nipples making her cum.

he moved down removing her panties slowly licking her pussy tasting her sweet jucies, she heard the zip on his trousers lower she knew what was comming out. She reached down and grabbed that could only be discribed as a huge lump of hard meat. she sat up as he la on the bed lowering her head onto his cock her mouth stretching to get it in. She slowly moved her head up and down as she enjoyed the taste of his dick.

She stood up and straddled him lowering werself onto him, she cum as she slid down his huge cock as she fet her pssy streching taking his weapon. She moved her hips slowly as jake help himself to her tits pulling gently on her nipples, she moaned as she shook with another huge orgasm, she had never cum so much, jake slowly pulled Penny over now inbetween her legs he pulled out licking her pussy as she begged to be fucked by his cock.

He told her to get on her knees she did as he obeayed, as he nudges his finger into her ass before sliding his cock into her pussy, she couldnt believe what was happening and begged for more, he moved in and out as she moaned loudly she couldnt help it it was unreal, all of a sudden she felt his hot cum fill her pussy.

He stayed the night with her and left with her the following morning, he said she should call him soon as he wanted to see her again, about 2 weeks later she phoned to make arrangements and met in the same hotel for a night of torrid sex.

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