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My daughters' friend

Ask me how it happened and I’ll tell you I have no idea.. I still don’t really believe it.

Toni and Lena are my twin daughters from my first marriage. I don’t know why I say ‘first’ in that way. There won’t be a second. Not that I don’t love my ex wife, I do and always will and she says she feels the same. But we can’t live together. We’re amicable. Very! She still comes round for nookie and has no-one else. Neither do I. We live apart but are still lovers. Yeah, I Know. Complicated.

The one thing we do have in common is the twins. Who spend their lives between the two of us. We make sure they are welcome in both houses equally and they freely move between us.

“Can Kerry stop over,” Toni asked one Friday night. “We’ve missed the last bus and she’s a little pissed.”

I had no objection. Kerry was a stunning redhead and very easy on the eye. Her hair was full and hiung down onto her ample breasts which overshadowed a trim waist and beautifully shaped hips and legs. At Five feet ten inches tall she was over six feet with her high stiletto heeled shoes. The twins are a little shorter and less developed in the chest area. Both very slim with long dark hair which Toni wore in a pony tail that reached her waist and Lena wore loose but of a similar length. The one thing all the girls had in common was their eyes. Deep brown. The number of my friends who commented on them I have lost count. But when they looked at you and their tongue just gently moistened their lips it was hard times! Even me, as their father, got a stonker when they did it and I could only wonder what they were doing to the guys they met.

Anyway, they sat and joked and had a few more drinks before bedtime and I laughed at their tales of the capers they’d got up to during the evening. I also felt a little sad for the boys they’d met. The three of them together were obviously prick-teasers and as a man, I can understand the frustration that causes. But I laughed along with them.

It was during this chat that I looked over to Kerry. She sat on the sofa oppostie me with her long legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles. Toni was telling a joke and although the punch line was tame, we were in that state when it all seems terribly funny. Kerry laughed and uncrossed her legs and for a moment I had a beautiful view the length of them to a pink and neat pussy. It was that sort of moment when time stops. Like a photograph fixed in the brain, she was knickerless and bald and my eyes nearly fell out. Then her other leg was crossing over and she was covered. I looked up and saw her eyes fixed on mine. They locked on and I couldn’t tear my gaze away. I wondered if she knew I’d seen. It seemed like an hour but it could only have been seconds then she looked away.

“Shit!” I though. “But WOW!”

My prick was rigid. I hadn’t even felt it swelling. Like instant erection. All were laughing and I was trying to concentrate on what was being said but my eyes kept wandering back to those long legs. She wasn’t looking at me so I felt safe and soon there it was again, the parting legs and the beautiful view of her naked cunt.

It was too much and I asked if they fancied coffee. They all said yes and I stood and walked, painfully, into the kitchen and began making it. The door was partially open and as I looked back, Kerry was looking at my CD collection, kneeling on a chair. Her back was towards me and her short, very short, skirt just covering her bum. Toni moved next to her to look and I nearly swallowed my tongue. Toni’s hand went to Kerry’s bum and slid down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it. As I watched, I could see one of my daughters’ finger stroking the soft pussy of her friend. As I watched, the red-head leaned her head towards my daughter’s and I knew she was having wonderful feelings being stroked by my girl.

Coffee mad I rattled the cups to warn them I was coming (almost literally) and entered the room. Kerry moved back and took a seat next to Lena and Toni sat where she her friend had been sitting opposite me. I poured the coffee and sat back and we began chatting again, talking about my CD collection. All bigband jazz. Kerry said she loved it. Toni lifted her cup and I sat back with mine and looked to her. She had a foot on a footstool and my coffee nearly went all over the place. She also was naked beneath her skirt and I was comparing her to her friend.

I dragged my eyes away. What the fuck was I doing? Getting horny over her friend was one thing but getting horny over my daughter was something else! I felt a little dirty and worse when I looked at Lena and wondered if her cunt looked like her s****r’s. They were identical twins after all.

No! I mustn’t think like that. I must not think about the girls sl**ping in the same bed and stroking each other’s pussy and… Oh, shit! I knew when I finally got to bed, I would be wanking myself silly. And there was only the one bed for the girls. Would Kerry be sharing it? Would they both be stroking her….

“So,” I said and heard the tremour in my voice. “You fancy some music?”

I stood up and went to the CD’s.

“Something smooth and slinky,” Kerry said. “I feel like dancing and I don’t want to jig about.”

I chose a Sarah Vaughan and as soon as I turned back from the CD player, Kerry took my hand and pulled me to her.

“Looks like I get the first dance,” she said and pulled me close to her. I was embarrassed. It was slow and smooch and her body writhed against mine, her hips grinding to mine and I knew she could feel my erection. She puuled her head back and looked into my eyes and smiled, still grinding against me. It was obvious she’d noticed and I didn’t know whether to apologise. Our eyes were fixed. Then the spell was broken by Lena.

“Come on, Kerry,” she said. Don’t monopolise the only man here. Kerry smiled and Lena took her place. I was relieved and put my arms round my daughter only to nearly choke again. She was grinding her pussy against my erection too. My mind was totally blown. Not only had my daughters’ friend frotting me, now one of my daughters was also.

Lena’s hand was at the back of my head and her fingers working through my hair. I could feel her warm breath on my neck and I was fucking rigid. I looked to Toni and she moved in to take Lena’s place but the onslaught continued. Was it my imagination or had Toni’s lips grazed my ear and was her breathing a bit heavier. Without moving her head which rested on my shoulder, she spoke.

“Do you fancy Kerry, dad? Don’t bother, I can feel you do. She’s a virgin, you know. And she wants you to pop her cherry.”

“Toni…” I began. She put a finger to my lips.

“The problems is, daddy, dear. We have a pact. We can only lose our virginity together. All of us. Now, Lena and I used to listen to you and mum fucking so I know you can go over and over so I think it’s down to you to turn us into real women.”

I looked over to Kerry and Lena and my eyes nearly bolted out of my head. They were on the sofa wrapped in each others’ arms. Lena had her finger working Kerry’s clit and Kerry was massaging my daughters’ tits.

“Come on, Girls,” Toni said. “Daddy is ready for us.”

She led me through to my bedroom and the two girls followed. She pushed me onto the bed and the other two joined me and began to undress me. I was lost. I had three gorgeous women stripping me and, despite the fact that two were my daughters, I let myself go and was soon naked. Then Kerry stood and, as I watched, eased her silk dress up and over her head. It had a built in bra so she was toally naked after the dress went and she was stunning. Her full tits had delicate pink aureolas and large nipples. She had a flat belly and a deliciously rounded pubis, shave perfectly smooth. I was transfixed as she turned to Lena and unbuttoned the white blouse she was wearing. Lena wore no bra and her small tits looked girlish. The light pink nipples were not as large as Kerry’s but stood out rigid. The red-head unfastened the waistband on the skirt and it slipped easily over my daughters hips and she stepped from it. Lena had a delicately rounded belly and a smaller pubic mound but beautifully shaved cunt. Toni was next and I saw that they really were identical twins.

“Guests first,” Toni said and guided Kerry to me. She knelt between my spread legs and bent her head down. As I watched, her cascade of hair fell forward . With one hand she scooped it back then took my prick between her full red lips and sucked it down. My girls lay beside me and kissed me and watched as their friend pumped her mouth on me. After a while, Kerry looked up.

“Ready?” Toni asked. The red-head nodded and rolled onto her back, her legs spread. My girls urged me over and Lena guided my prick into her friend’s cunt. It was very wet and I slid in easily until I felt the stop point. I looked into her eyes. Was there a hint of nervousness there? The tip of her tongue moistened her lips and I thrust. She squealed slightly as the hymen broke and my cock was sliding fully into her. Her eyes were closed but soone opened and I began to pump.

“No!” she said, pressing her hands hard against my buttocks. “Break the girls in first.”

I slid out and looked at my prick, It had a lovely streak of bl**d in the wetness from her cunt. I reached for a tissue which I always keep by the side of the bed for obvious reasons. Lena stopped me.

“No. We share it. I looked at her. She smiled. “Toni popped out of Mum’s cunt first so she’s next.”

Toni took her place next to Kerry who gently stroked her cheek and kissed her as I took my place between her legs and started my entry. It felt like only the tip was in before I met her maidenhood. I pushed gently against it and she writher her hips and moaned. A sudden jerk and she grunted but it held. Another hard jab and thrust and she screamed but I was in and sliding up her cunt into her belly.

Kerry was hushing her and stroking her and telling her she loved her and Toni was panting slightly and smiling.

“It’s gone,” Kerry said. “That nasty virginity has gone.”

Toni turned to look at me and smiled as she indicated it was Lena’s turn.

My other daughter took her place between the two girls and I guided my cock into the last virgin hole. It was deeper set than her s****r and she was panting slightly as I pressed against it then suddenly drove it home. She cried out but she was no longer a virgin. Tears glistened in the corner of her eyes and I withdrew my prick and they gazed down.

“Well girls,” Kerry said. “That’s our virginity on there.”

They laughed and the three of them went down in turn and licked at it. Then they used their fingers to share the juice from their cunts between them making sure I had my share.

Suddenly Kerry was on her back and pulling me onto her.

“Finish the job, darling daddy,” she said. “You don’t mind being my honorary daddy do you?”

I shook my head and placed my cock head back at her hole, Lena and Toni were holding her cunt open for me and I went back in. She was delightfully tight and I was soon pounding her and thrilling as she moaned and grunted her way through the fuck. Suddenly she was crying out and begging me to fuck her all the way. It was too much and I exploded inside her belly.

I slumped onto her and she held me tight slowly getting her breath back. Then she was laughing. We all were. I rolled off and was thrilled to see I still had a hard-on. Toni was soon under me and her tight cunt was responding to my thrusts. I was on fire. I felt I could keep going all night and she came three times before I emptied my balls into her too. We lay back and Lena brought us all a drink while I recovered my strength then it was her turn. She wasn’t as tight as her s****r but deliciously gripped my cock, her wet, slippery fuck-hole sliding easily agaist me prick and I was soon pounding her. She was vocal and urged me on begging me to fuck her harder. This turned the other girls on and their language became pure filth and I loved it. I was pounding harder and harder but it just wouldn’t come.
Then Kerry moved down and placed a kiss on each of my buttocks. It was lovely but then I felt her lips again. This time she bit it. And bit it hard. I winced and thrust hard into Lena. I shot another load and she screamed her orgasm as I did.

We laughed and lay chatting and recovering and that was the last I remember.

“Well this is fucking charming,” the voice said and I dragged myself out of the deep sl**p I was in. The girls suddenly woke. The twins were wrapped around me, Lena’s hand cuddling my cock and balls and Toni’s hand on my cheek with Kerry behind her with her hand between her legs.

“Oh my god!” was all I could say. The girls were suddenly wide awake and in total shock.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“We….” I began.

“Shut up!” she said. “I can see. I don’t really need an answer. You are in bed with your daughters and their friend. I can see what you’ve been doing!”

“Mum!” Lena began but couldn’t carry on.

“Yes, Mum!” my wife said. Carole look furious. It was Kerry who gathered her wits first.

“It wasn‘t your husband‘s fault,” she said. “We seduced him. What are you going to do?”

“There is only one thing I can do, my dear,” Carole said. “I think you will have to show me in detail exactly what happened and you can keep on showing me until I’m satisfied with your explanation?”

“And what will It take to satisfy you with what we’ve done?” Lena asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that my darling daughter. You will never satisfy me so I’m afraid you’ll have to keep on trying.”

As she spoke, Carole had stripped herself and stood naked. I was comparing her body to the twins. It was very similar if older and I had another stonking hard-on.

“And you!” she said to me. “Coffee for us all and then get your camera and video. It’s going to be a hard weekend.”

“Will you marry me again?” I asked.

“Yes. I wouldn’t have divorced you if you’d been like this. Now fuck off and get that coffee.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said. She smiled. I headed for the kitchen. Now where did I put that Cialis?

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