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My Favorite Teacher Part 4 Trouble

Miss Peters and me were already fucking for weeks. She was obsessed with it and so was i. She still had problems with anal but with lots of lube she could do it. Once in the auditorium she gave me a blowjob and no one noticed it because it was dark. My marks in her class raised and i finally got accepted by the University of Boston and would study engineering. Miss Peters helped me with my application and demanded my 'services'. It was already the last month of school and really hot when me and Miss Peters had another after class session.

I kissed her and removed her blouse just to see that she was not wearing a bra at all. My hands kneaded her breasts and my lips moved to her neck. She let out a soft moan. I twisted her left nipple and sucked her right one while my other hand was slowly moving down to her pussy. She didn't wear any panties under her jeans-shorts. She pressed my head into her chest as my hand rubbed her clit.
"Oh this feels so good my student."
"What the fuck are you two doing?"
I turned around. Michelle, a girl from my English class and what i heard a real slut, was standing in the room with an amused expression on her face. She had blonde hair, which ended up a bit over her ass, and steel blue eyes. Her boobs were nice B-cups and her ass was well shaped, she was part of the track and field team, and a flat stomach. She was wearing a blue tank top and grey yoga-shorts. She locked the door, what we forgot, and moved towards us.
"Miss Peters, you know you are in big trouble.",she said. Neither Miss Peters nor me said a word. Michelle was moving around us.
"But i feel nice today. I won't tell anyone if you guys do me a favor.",Michelle said with a grin.
"What do you want?",asked Miss Peters.
Michelle kissed me and moved her hand to fingerfuck Miss Peters pussy.
"OH I like that please don't stop!", said Miss Peters while playing with her own boobs. Michelle removed her hand and allowed me to take of her top and her yellow bra.
"Someone is rock hard.", said Michelle and unbuttoned my pants. Both got down on their knees. Both wanked me while sucking my balls. Miss Peters was the first one to suck my cock. She moved her her mouth over my tip and licked it with her tongue. Michelle took her mouth away and started to deepthroat me. It was like a competition between both of them. Miss Peters grabbed Michelle's boobs and ordered me:"Fuck that slut's mouth!"
I did so. Michelle was not gagging at all and Miss Peters kissed her neck and twisted her nipples. I couldn't hold my load and came in Michelle's mouth. Parts of my load ran out of her mouth onto her chin. I pulled my softened cock out and Miss Peters sucked the last drops of cum from it and licked Michelle's chin clean. Then both kissed each other passionately while Michelle gave her parts of my cum. Both swallowed it.
"That was to much for him.", said Miss Peters.
"Damn i wanted him inside of me.", claimed Michelle.
"Lick me Michelle my pussy is wet!", ordered Miss Peters.

Miss Peters laid back on the desk and Michelle bent over to lick her pussy.
"Oh that feels so good. Watch this Thomas! Who knows when you can watch 2 girls having sex again?"
She pressed Michelle's head closer and moved her ass closer to Michelle's face. My cock instantly got hard again and i couldn't resist. Miss Peters was cumming.
With Michelle's ass in front of me i had no choice. I rammed my cock into her soaking pussy. Both girls looked back at me.
"Seems like he is hard again.",said Miss Peters with a smirk.
"Now i get what i wanted.",replied Michelle happily.

I slowly pumped Michelle and grabbed her boobs. She was moaning. I increased the Michelle's moans were louder and she crooked her fingers into Miss Peter's thighs. I spanked Michelle's track and field ass and felt her pussy tightened around my shaft.
She squirted and the floor was covered with her juices.
"Your turn.",gasped Michelle to Miss Peters. Michelle got up with jiggling legs and sat down on a chair. Miss Peters thighs were red from Michelle's fingers. I entered her pussy and grabbed her boobs. I didn't care and started with hard pumps. After a few pumps she screamed.
She squirted too. I moved back into her and felt myself cumming.
"Cum all over my belly."
I pulled out again and covered her belly with my spunk.


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