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Embarassing story with mom

When I was 14 I wanted to go camping with some friends, mom eventually ended up driving us there and since we were only staying 2 days and boys only I didn't bother taking my PJ's.

When we ended up getting there it was night and after setting up my tent with me she decided to stay in my tent and drive home the next day. She didn't have a sl**ping bag so she agreed to stay in mine with me, when it came to bed time I was inside with no boxers on, she starts sliding into the sl**ping bag without telling me wearing a fucking SUMMER dress, the sl**ping bag was tight enough with just me but with both of us was tight as fuck. As she was sliding in the dress went upto her tummy, and I could she was struggling to get in because of her huge boobs.

Basically my dick was resting right on her ass and I could feel her panties on my dick, she whispered to me that she could feel it to and tried pulling down her dress, which was no fucking good and if she went out to fix her dress it'd just roll right back up. We started laughing at the situation and she pushed her ass into me as a joke, to which I pushed back. As we're trying to sl**p we're grinding in an effort to get comfortable, I thought to myself "Damn moms ass feels great". This made my dick get hard and mom was rustled by it. Said she wasn't really expecting it. I told her sorry cause it was so tight, and suggested I go out to take care of it. No fuckin' way, if my buddies saw that we were screwed. We tried to just go to sl**p but it wouldn't go soft.

I'm grinding the hell out of her ass trying to make it go down (I was a k**, didn't really know). My mom ended up telling me to stop, its not easy for her etc... I couldn't control it though, and I BEGGED her to let me finish cos if someone saw it we'd be fucked. She AGREED omfg.

I placed my right hand on her tight and my left hugging her stomach and dragged her close as possible and started grinding like crazy without making noises. I could hear her slightly increased breathing and she even made a few noises. She's helping me to get off my pushing her ass at me to finish me off faster and reminding me it isn't easy for her. Didn't care at that point. My hands are ALL over her body squeezing her tits and stomach, basically enjoying her body.

As I was getting closer to exploding I was humping and grinding and not giving a fuck and eventually splattered her ass with my juice. I could feel the warmth and no doubt she could. We relaxed and she said "thank god now go to sl**p" like nothing happened. We went to sl**p, WITH my hands still on her boob and stomach.

Woke up the next moment and she wasn't there, musta gone really early. I checked my phone and saw she had messaged me, saying she'd pick us up on the day we were going home and mentioned that we needed "a talk". In the end when we got home that talk never materialized thankfully.

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