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Solf Sweaty Soles - True Story

My friends always use to say that I always have some of the CRAZIEST sexual encounters with females; I think that’s because I was always willing to take a chance and live on the edge. However, they don‘t know about all my encounters, especially the ones involving feet like this story I’m about to tell. Now don’t get me wrong, most of my friends and cousins I hang out with know about my foot fetish (and some still think it’s weird but are cool with it lol) but most of them don’t know how deeply I get into feet. In fact, not all females find out either. It all depends on their vibe, like with this one girl I met some years back.

Her name was Lana (short form for the purpose of confidentiality). I met her during the summer, on the same online BP website where I met Nelly (for those who read my first story posted). Lana was sexy. She was black with a very light complexion, soft skin from head to toes. Her height was 5’8” with a slim curvy shape, nice size breast, long legs and very nice ass. She had medium hair and sexy cat like eyes. She was born in Barbados but she had been living in Canada for many years. At the time I was 21 years old and she had just turned 30 years old.

Lana sent me a massage on the BP website telling me that she liked my profile and thought I looked sexy in my pics. Lana said she loved my facial pics as she had a weakness for sexy lips. But the pic that she was lusting over was the one of my six pack abs, which I still maintain now, with exercise and playing sports. However, the thing that intrigued her the most was what I had to say on my profile. In fact, she admitted to me that my profile was pretty good but what she was really interested in was the fact that I had a foot fetish.

You see, within the side bar of my profile I slipped in a little comment saying, “by the way, I have a little feetish.” Now this was a part of the profile that normally got over looked but there were some girls who caught it. But even most of the girls who caught it didn’t get it, but Lana certainly did. She was the aggressive type, and did not waste any time asking me questions about my fetish. When we first talked on the phone she was DRILLING me with questions about my about it. “So what kind of feet do you like? Do you care what size they are?” she asked. Bombarded with questioned I said, “You know, you’ve got me answering a lot of your questions. How about you answer some of mine?” She laughed and replied, “The only thing you need to know is that I have size 8 feet and they are probably some of the softest feet you’ll ever feel.” lol Sexy and confident, you’ve gotta love!

During that phone convo we agreed to me up. I wasn’t driving at the time so Lana said she would meet me at a donut/coffee shop walking distance from me. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, nothing fancy. I got there early only to find her already sitting down. She was looking good! Lana did not look 30yrs at all!! She was wearing a deep pink girly tank top and jean shorts. On her feet, first glance it looked like she was wearing runners. We hugged and both sat down. Not wasting any time she laughed saying, “I saw look down to my feet. Are you sad that I have my toes covered up?” I replied, “No, it’s cool that you’re wearing runners.” Lana replied, “These are not exactly runners. They’re half runners half sandals.” and she showed me the back of her heel which was exposed. “Pretty cool!” I said, still looking at them. “They must be really comfortable.” And I raised my head up looking back at her. With a smirk she replied, ”Yeah, they’re VERY comfy. I wear them all the time. Even though they make my feet… sweaty.” Swallowing my spit I replied, “Really??” And with an intense stare she quickly said, “Yeah, my toes are kinda moist right now.” Thrown back by what she said I was at a lost for words and just had a shy smile on my face. She smiled back saying, “Ok, lets get out of here youngster.”

So we left the coffee shop and jumped in her car. She asked if there was a park we could chill at? Having one in mind I directed her on where to go. There was a large recreational public park not to far from the coffee shop, which had a lot of trees, trails and a river that ran through it. Once we reached the park, she parked her car and we went for a walk. It was still light out and there were a few other people around the park as well. “So, how good do you know these trails? Are you going to bring me to a special spot?” she jokingly asked. “Hmm, as a matter of fact I am.” She followed me on a trail along the river to a spot I remembered riding my mountain bike past. When we got there, it was just as I remembered it. A HUGE log that braced against a big rock close to a shallow part of the river. It was a quiet section of the park where very little people knew about.

We sat on the log; she sat on my right and crossed her legs towards me. She then whispered the question in my ear, “What is your favourite part of the foot?” My cock started getting hard in my shorts and I replied, “Umm, the toes. I just love the toes.” Nibbling on my ear she giggled saying, “I had a feeling you were going to say that.” Then I heard her shoe dropped, and from her leg that was crossed towards me, I felt her sweaty, wet toes start to rub my leg. My heart skipped because her toes felt so soft on my leg. As the bottom of her toes rubbed on my leg we started kissing, and we was REALLY getting into it. I took my hand and ran my fingers up into her hair, and with a bit of a tug, I tilted her head back so that I could start kissing and licking her neck. She was panting and getting so carried away until she caught herself and suddenly backed away. Catching her breath she said, “Damn!! For a youngster, you know how to kiss!” “Thanks,” I said, “It’s easy to get into it when the motivation is beautiful.” With that she blushed and admitted, “I was not planning to get all carried away like this. To be honest, my intention was to make you my boy toy for my feet because I LOVE having my toes sucked! And I could have my toes sucked for hours. But the way you have me weak, you’ll end up man handling me. I laughed and asked, “Can’t we do both??”

Lana gave me a devilish grin and said, “Sure, but today…” pausing her words she uncrossed her legs, kicked off her other shoe, slightly slide away from me to give herself space and swung her feet up on the log right next to me; continuing she said, “… you have to worship my feet.” I swung my leg over; now with one leg and each side facing Lana, I looked down at her feet saying, “Worship them?” She quickly giggled and said, “Yes! I haven’t had my feet worshiped in a long time and right now I need my toes to get sucked on. Besides, the sweat from my shoes got them all nice and soft so I’ll be able to slide them on your face with ease.” My heart skipped as my dick started bouncing around in my short like crazy, fighting to get out. It was intense enough that she had VERY sexy size 8 feet with nice bright pink coloured toes looking like candy, but the way Lana talked was driving me crazy! “By the look of your cock in your shorts, I can tell that I found me a REAL foot freak! In fact, here, let me help you out because this is what you want right?” And with that she took both of her feet and shoved them onto my face.

I thought I was going to cum in my shorts when Lana did that. Her soles were so wet and soft, they felt amazing on my face. Not to mention that they were a little stinky. She kept sliding them up and down on my face, rubbing her toes into my cheeks and over my nose, telling me to stick out my tongue as she played on my face. “Ahh, this feels so good, using your face to massage my feet. Hopefully they don’t stink too bad. But than again, I know foot boys like you like that.” I just continued to lick her toes, snaking my tongue in between each of her toes. I would open my mouth as she would slide 5 of her toes in there, where I would suck on her toes as my tongue was licking underneath her toes and the ball of her foot. She was moaning like crazy and as I looked down I noticed she was playing with herself, furiously rubbing her pussy and clit making herself cum to the feel of me working my hands, mouth, and tongue around her feet and toes.

I had a feeling Lana liked getting her toes sucked but didn’t know it was like this!! She finally slowed down and admitted that she first started to cum when I began to lick between her toes. “I didn’t know your feet are that sensitive!” I said as I continued to rub them. “That’s my weak spot. And the way you licked my toes made me cum so hard! But uhh, we have to do something about this.” And she took her feet from my hands and pressed her toes into my cock! “Wow!! You cock is hard, and it feels so big! I got to see this.” And she took away her feet, leaned over and unzipped my shorts. When she reached into my boxers her eyes widened and she looked up at me saying, “For a youngster you have a BIG cock! And look at all the precum! Hmm, I bet after having my feet in your face this cock will shoot out juice really quick huh?” And not wasting any time she began to drizzle saliva all over my cock from her mouth, jerking on it and making it really slippery! She then slide herself closer to me and with both of her legs on either side of the log she began to rub my legs with her toes saying, “I know this cock is going to shoot a big load for me really fast. After having my soft sweaty feet in your face, there is no holding back. Hmm, and I know my feet probably stunk a little too. Did you enjoy me rubbing my sweaty, stinky feet on your face?” Once Lana asked me that I couldn’t hold back anymore and I just started shooting out stream after stream of cum, moaning loud like crazy!! I was making a huge mess. “OMG!! You came so much, and it’s so hot and sticky. And your still hard?? Wow!! I’m going to have so much fun with you.” Lana exclaimed as she licked some of my cum off her hands. I replied saying, “My gosh… you made me cum so much. And you got me so worked up that my dick won’t go down!” Lana grabbed my dick and leaned towards me and started kissing me and sucking on my bottom lip. She then whispered in my ear saying, “I love foot boys like you, especially young ones, and I know how to do it to you real good.”

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