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I had returned home from a two-year active duty stint in the Army in the mid-eighties. It was late Spring and I was looking forward to the summer before going off to college the following fall. My Dad let me borrow his old truck and some ladders so that I could earn money that summer painting houses. I had printed up some fliers to place in the neighbors' mailboxes indicating that I was available for both interior and exterior work. When I came home from this endeavor, as I got out of my car, I couldn't help but notice my next door neighbor weeding her garden. She was wearing cut off jeans with approximately a quarter of her magnificent ass cheeks exposed. I completely froze at this angelic site. She turned around towards me with a big smile and said: "You must be John...the one that just returned from the Army"? I answered: "Yes ma'am". For the next hour we spent talking to one another over the fence. She was a beautiful blond with a huge rack and as I had noticed earlier, a magnificent round ass. At the tail end of the conversation, although I had already placed a flier in her mailbox, I provided her with another and indicated I could use the work if she had any. She indicated that the k**s' rooms could use a new coat of paint and that she would pay me $20 an hour...a good rate for a 20-year old back then. She needed time to select the paint color and would call me when she was ready for my services.

The following week, Mrs. "X" did call and I went to work for her. It was early morning when I arrived and the k**s were preparing for school. Mrs "X" was making their lunches dressed in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her freshly showered hair. Soon the k**s were off to catch the bus. No sooner were they half way up the driveway did Mrs. "X" attack me in the kitchen planting wet kisses on my innocent mouth. Soon her experienced tongue was in my mouth and her robe was off. Her voluptuous, 150 pound frame was there for the taking. She noticed the outline of my erect cock in my pants and proceeded to unbutton my them, pulling them down to my ankles and exposing my youthful, tumescent cock, which by that point, was already oozing pre-cum. She proceeded to drop to her knees as I leaned back against the kitchen counter. Before she started to service my cock she looked up at me and said: "I know you're inexperienced, so I'm going to go slow...but if you can't control yourself it's okay to cum at anytime...I'll just continue to suck it after I've swallowed every last drop of your youthful cum". She then proceeded to kiss every last pore of my cock and balls. She even turned me around briefly to pepper my asshole with French kisses. This only made my cock throb more. As she was providing me with that rim job she told me after the cock sucking that I would have to provide her with one too in preparation of sodomizing her backdoor. I almost shot my load at that thought knowing secretively anal sex was one of my favorite sexual fantasies. Sure enough as she turned me around again and inserted my cock in her mouth I lasted 10 seconds. When I came she grabbed my ass cheeks and thrust them towards her so that my entire cock was in her mouth. I guess she under-estimated how much cum shot out of a young cock because she couldn't swallow it all and the last few ropes ended up on her face. As promised, she continued to suck my cock. I did last longer and this time she was able to swallow every last drop. When she was done, she looked up and said: "Now it's your turn to provide me with oral pleasure to both my love holes.

We arrived in the bedroom and she quickly placed several pillows under her massive tits and arched her ass in the air so that her anus was pointed directly at the ceiling. She asked me to massage her ass first which I did for the next twenty minutes. Women were hairier back then so I was hypnotized by the strawberry bush that wrapped around both her pussy and asshole. Finally she demanded that I kiss her musky asshole. As I approached it with my lips it started to pucker as if it was winking at me. Needless to say, I made out with her asshole for an hour before flipping her over and being taught how to properly eat a pussy. I was awarded with a tidal wave of her orgasmic pussy juice down my throat. And no, I too couldn't swallow all of it either.

Afterwards, she disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared several minutes later with an impish smile on her face. She again assumed the position where her ass was arched in the air and her anus was pointing directly towards the ceiling. This time was a little different though. Her asshole was glistening in the early morning sunlight with some sort of oil. The pubic hairs around it were matted down as far as two inches away from that musk hole. In a husky voice she asked me to insert my cock in her ass and fuck it for the next hour. My fantasies was coming true! I lined my purple helmet up against her tiny, forbidden slit and as I pressed forward she cooed: "gentle at first...later you can fuck it like it's a pussy". I obeyed. About five minutes of slow fucking her tight asshole my own ass cheeks began to tingle, which from the experience of countless hours of jacking off, I knew was an early indication that I was
about to cum. I quickly pulled out to control my cock and as I looked down at her asshole it was still gaped to the girth of my cock. After a few seconds she giggled and snapped it shut to its original form then gaped it again. I could literally slide my entire tongue in her backdoor at that point. I even placed my entire nose in it. She put an end to that by snapping it shut and pinching my nostrils. The tingling in my ass cheeks had subsided by then and I inserted my cock in her backdoor again. This time the tingling came to quickly and as I pulled out my cum shot all over her ass. I apologized to her. She responded by laughing and telling me to continue to fuck it. Which I every position known to mankind. I especially enjoyed the cowgirl position because I could watch my cockmeat disappear up her bum and my cum ooze out of it in the mirror.

Afterwards, she looked at me and told me that I needed to get to work and work faster or her husband might grow suspicious that I had serviced her mouth and backdoor for half the work day. Later that day as I was on the step ladder she came and sucked my cock while I had a paintbrush in one hand and a paint bucket in the other. That load went directly on her massive tits...some of which she scooped up in her fingers and placed in her mouth. She looked up and told me how much she loved the taste of my cum. And as she walked out of the room she looked back and said: "would it be okay with you if you fucked my ass again tomorrow"? My polite reply:"Yes ma'am...I would be honored".

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