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New friends pass the time

I meet Pat through a friend of my wifes at a wedding. We were both dragged to the event and were both equally bored. Pat was a sandy blonde knockout at 6'3 and 200lbs of muscle. We hit it off BSing over drinks and ended up sneaking out the back of the reception in a wooded lodge to smoke some weed. We found a small wooden outbuilding in the woods nearby to hide from anyone in the wedding who might step out the back of the reception. I was pretty tipsy and anxious to blaze. Pat produced a blunt from his suit coat and sparked it up. We each had quite a fews drags and I started feeling real high. I could feel this intense body pleasure coursing through me, and it all seemed to be culminating in my crotch. My dick started to involuntarily fill to the point where my pants started to tent out. I leaned forward in an attempt to hide my rapidly expanding cock, but Pat noticed. "Hey man, it looks like you're a little pent up!" Pat said with a chuckle. I apologized and said that the mix of weed and booze was effecting me in a strange way. I awkwardly commented, "Sorry, it has been a while since the wife took care of that for me." Pat didn't hesitate to ask "How longs it been?" I admitted it had been around a month since we last had sex and that the sex we had been having prior wasn't exactly great. "Linsey is a great girl, but we just don't click in the sack. She just never seems that interested in me." Pat gave me a quick once over with his eyes and smiled. "She must be crazy man, youre in great shape and youre a looker. What else is she looking for?" I told him it was a nice compliment but that I wasn't sure his opinion was shared by everyone. "I get by, but I'm average at best." Pat stared down at my tented pants and stated "You look pretty above average to me." He paused and looked up, and saw the latent hot lust brewing in my eyes. He then continued "But its hard to tell with those pants in the way." Pat hands slowly reached out and pulled the belt loose on my pants. His knuckles brushed my hard cock through my pants occasionally as he fumbled to undo the clasp. My dick was rock hard and bounced around in my stretched tighty whites as the pants waist caught the head of my hard cock as they slide past to the floor. Pat immediately reached out and grabbed my bobbing cock through the underwear. His hot hand closed roughly around my steaming sex and began to pump my shaft slowly. With only a thin layer of fabric between us, his cock pumps only served to inflame the white hot desire burning in my loins. I moaned as he began to pump my cock faster through underwear. He leaned in with his tongue lapping at my ear and whispered "I want to make that hot cock of yours shoot whats been brewing in your sweaty balls this past month." All I could do was moan as Pat continued pumping my cock and tore at the waistband of my underwear, eventually tearing them off of me by ripping them down the middle. My hard 7inch cut cock popped up as the restraints were torn off, with its mushroom head flared out to full attention. "God, your cock is hot" Pat cooed as he lowered himself down to eye level with my hard rod. He grabbed my dick and lifted it straight up so he gain access to suck my balls. His tongue felt amazing as it snaked around my low hangers, gently rolling them in his mouth, sucking the loose skin between his teeth. I was putty in his hands at this point. Pat slowly worked his tongue down the skin between my balls and asshole, lightly biting at it while licking and sucking it. I cried out "Pat, please lick my ass." Pat stopped licking, turned me around and told me to stick out my ass. "Spread your ass open and Ill lick every inch." I reached back and held my cheeks apart as Pat dived into my ass with his snake like tongue. He pushed that tongue on deep, lapping at my hole like a salt lick. I ground my ass back against his face as he drove it in, his tongue towards my prostate. My cock was pouring pre-cum at this point, as this had all been a huge tease for my already blue balls. As Pat pulled his face from my ass, he gasped "Baby, you taste so sexy. I want your ass so bad." I wasn't too sure, but the words my slutty mouth spoke was "Fuck me Pat." I was so turned on, I whipped around, pulled him up and grabbed his dick through his pants. I quickly found the zipper and pulled it down. I fumbled with Pats cock and eventually pulled it out of his zipper. It felt thick, even when flaccid. It had a light pink cockhead that was smaller with a buldging, thicker cockshaft trailing behind it. I kneeled down and stuck his rods head in my mouth and started to gently suck on it. Pat moaned and grabbed the back of my head to push his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged at first, but quickly got the cock swallowing down, letting Pat fuck my throat. Pat threw his head back in ecstasy as his rod passed over my clench lips and swirling tongue on its way to the back of my throat. "Fuck baby, my cock is so hard and wet" Pat said, panting from the heat of the sex." I stood up, turned around and stuck out my white, naked ass. "Push it in my hole baby, fuck me and make me cum hard" I hissed. Pat didnt waste time, spitting on my ass and using his index finger to rub my hole with it. The hole was still relaxed and wet from the earlier tongue bath, so his finger slipped in easily. I then felt him place his cockhead on my pucker and begin to press. It felt so hot, hard and slick. I found myself pushing back on it as it slowly pushed its way past my ring. I felt like a lamppost in my ass when he worked it all the way in. It stung, but only a little as my hole adjusted. I started moaning as he picked up the thrusting . As his balls slapped me, his cockhead was pushing on my prostate as it went in and out. My cock was rock hard again and it felt like it might explode from the bl**d pressure in it. I felt Pats dick swell in my butt as he let out a long moan of "I"M CUMMING!" As the first jet of hot spunk shot inside of me, my dick involuntarily twitched and I threw my head back as a scorching orgasm ripped through my body. MY cock shot cum all over the wall as cum leaked out of my stuffed butt. Pat removed his hot meat and slapped my ass. "I knew you looked like a horny guy who wanted to have some fun." I smiled as I pulled on my pants. "Lets keep this between us for now, ok?" Pat smiled and said, "No worries, but I'm betting you call me first. Ill be happy to tear up that ass whenever." He was right.

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