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My first adult cock ; part 2

Not realizing it that warm west coast morning as I finally turned arouned and pushed my up turned thumb out. I see it clearly now having experienced that crazed, wild single minded determination so many times since that morning. I had completely lost any awareness of reality, of of any responsibilities, personal plans or other peoples expectations of me that day. Oblivious to anything except the indescribable excitement, humiliation and raw all engulfing pleasure I felt as I sat on that damp toilet seat. It was literaly the same instant I reached out that the clean, late model sedan pulled smoothly to the curb in front of me. I remember my disbelief and a sudden urgency to clear my mind of the vivid visions that had been driving me for the past few hours. As I opened the door I leaned down glanced across the seat giving the good looking, nicely dressed older man a quick once over as I got in and closed the door. As I had first leaned down glancing in at him, for an instant before he realized I could see his eyes. I could swear he was checking me out, staring towards my crotch. My shorts were quite short riding high on my smooth, tan thighs. The combined events of me deciding to hitch hike, him pulling up, and me catching his lowered gaze all happend in an instant. During which time my concentration was consumed by the vivid images and feelings I ex perienced as sat on that damp toilet seat. My friends older b*****r giving me my first taste of dominant verbally abusive and imposing use. It was my own dirty, overpowering and insatiable desires that caused me to quickly dismiss my natural ability to recognize such behavior. As we introduced ourselves and made small talk I began to feel bad for suspecting him of such deviant behavior as wanting to have sex with a teenager of the same sex who wasn't half his age. I thought what filthy shameless person I was between the two of use. Still focused soley on getting Doug to give me annother lesson in how to keep his thick, hard, spurtting cock burried in my throat and still swollowing every bit without choking on it. I telt so dirty and even worse I was enjoying the feeling, I couldn't wait to smell and taste a fat cock using my young eager mouth. As we got closer to Dougs house I couldn't help but wonder abt wonder about the older strangers cock. Without a thought I turned my body in his direction, raising my left leg onto the seat as I bent it at the knee almost pulling my foot back up under my ass. As I made the motion I took a good look at his crotch easily recognizing the outline of a above average sized cock.I quickly began pointing up the street as I gave him the final directions to Dougs house. My other hand pushed to my bare thigh as I kept his attention on the street. Pushing my fingers into the leg of my OP shorts I pulled at the leg of my boxers and wiggled my ass slightly. I felt the fabric loosen around me and cooler air on my crotch as my dick relaxed loosely onto my thigh. My dick wasn't large but i was sure he^d get a nice peak at my cockhead and. Peehole.

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