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A Weekend of Firsts Part 1

I should probably start off this story by saying that all of what I am about to put is in fact real and happened to me a few years ago when I had just turned 20 and is not exaggerated in anyway. In fact I'll have to keep some of what happened out of the story so I stick to the rules.
I will try articulate it as best as I can. Hopefully I won't get too descriptive and make it too long.

This night started like most nights when I lived at home, desperate to sneak away have sex and come back without anyone noticing, so I decided to jump onto a gay hook up site that I had visited before. Usually I have little success with the site as there are a lot of time wasters on it but this night was different.

I was looking down the user list to see who was online, other than the usual ones you seen every night, when an elderly man of 59 messaged me. I'm into older men so I accepted his chat invite straight away. After a bit of chatting I found out that he was from London and was currently staying at a hotel in the city center (which was about 20 mins drive away). I can't remember what he was up in Dundee for but we had a lot in common so we decided we should meet up and have some fun, unfortunately he wasn't free this night so we agreed to meet the next night in his hotel.

Usually I would be quite annoyed if I didn't get any fun as I could usually only meet guys there and then instead of planning ahead but it wasn't bothering me too much as I was going to be getting a good seeing to the following night. Just as I was about to go offline and go to bed another man messaged me looking for some fun, he wasn't as old as the first man (he was only 38) but he lived two minutes walk away from my parents house and more importantly was free right then.

We were only talking for about 2 mins before we were saying what we'd like to do to each other and what fetishes and fantasies we had. He brought up the topic of fucking me bareback. I had never done it before out of fear of catching something but admitted it had always been a fantasy of mine so I told him we'll see how it goes.

It had only been about 10 mins since we first started talking and I was on my way up to his house. That was a nervous and exciting walk, all I could think about was that question about bareback. By the time I reached his house I had convinced myself to try it out.

I nervously knocked on his door, I had no idea what he looked like or what his name was. I liked not knowing his name as it made me feel like I was just there to please him and that's it and essentially that's what happened. Not knowing what he looked like was a first for me though as I usually see pics of the guys first.

I was greeted by a man taller than myself only wearing a towel (we had discussed earlier that's how he would greet me. I was oddly at ease, we exchanged hellos and then I entered his house.

As soon as he closed his door he dropped his towel and I saw one of the biggest dicks I have had the pleasure of having inside me, at the time it was the biggest. It was just under 10 inches and fairly thick. He ordered me to get on my knees. I eagerly obliged. I went to grab his dick to wank him then suck his dick. He then said to me "no hands, open your mouth". I had never really been into being dominated (things have completely changed now) but I was enjoying getting ordered.

I opened my mouth and he placed his hand on the back of my head and slowly put his dick in my mouth with his other hand. Soon both his hands were on the back of my head forcing his dick a little further down my throat with each thrust. I could only manage to take about 7 inches, deepthroating has never been one of my skills, he said he was about to cum as he had been wanking before we started talking. He thrust his dick in my mouth a few more times before pulling out and cumming on my face, completely covering it.

At that point I thought the night was over as the guys who have fucked me before have never came more than once. I asked if he had a towel so I could clean up. He then told me I wasn't getting to clean his cum off my face until it was time for me to leave.

I was taken through to his living room and told to get naked. He sat on the couch and watched me take off my clothes. I joined him on the couch and started wanking him. I asked him if he was ready to fuck to which he told me not yet and ordered for me to get on my knees in front of him again and suck him off, this time I could use my hands and suck him off instead of getting throat fucked. He asked if I had ever tried poppers before, I hadn't so I asked what they were. He told me they help you relax the anus and make me relaxed also. I knew with his dick going inside me I knew I'd need some help so I said I'd try them. I was told not to take his dick out of my mouth whilst I tried them. I quite enjoyed it and poppers were involved during the entire night. I have become a fan of them ever since.

I was then told to bend over the couch as he was dying to fuck my ass, I obliged. At this point I was thinking that the topic of fucking bareback would be discussed but it wasn't. He positioned himself behind me and slowly pushed his dick all the way into my ass. I don't know if it was the poppers or the excitement of being fucked bareback for the first time but I was surprised how easily his dick had entered me with no lube. Even though he was fairly dominant he wasn't one of those guys who stick their dick in and start pounding straight away, he let my ass adjust to his dick and slowly started fucking. After about a minute he must have known that I was ready because he started fucking me faster and harder. I was loving it, without trying to sound too cliched, It was the best sex I had ever had. I had completely forgot about all the cum on my face and was only focused on the pleasure I was getting from my ass getting pounded hard and rough.

I must have been getting fucked quite hard for about 25 mins before he said he was about to cum, this is when he started fucking me deeper and harder. His hands grabbed my hips as tight as he could hold onto and thrust as deep as he could and then let out all of his cum inside me. I turned around and (stupidly) asked if he had just cum, "of course, it's the only way to cum when you fuck bare" was his response. I naively thought he would fuck me bare then cum on my face, the thought of cumming inside me never crossed my mind, although it was something that turned me on greatly.

He never pulled out after cumming inside me. At this point he was slowly fucking away, just doing enough to keep himself hard, I was loving the fact that all his cum was still inside me. He then said "ready for more" both of us knowing full well that he wasn't asking he has just telling me that I was going to be getting fucked again.

After cumming inside me for the second time he pulled out and told me to suck him clean, this was yet another thing I had never done before but because I had had so much fun with all the other first times I decided to give it a go, so I started to suck him and I quite enjoyed it. It made me feel a little dirty, something I was quite enjoying being. After about 10 mins of sucking he told me to get on my back as he wanted to fuck me again.

By the end of the night I was sitting on his dick slowly grinding away and bouncing up and down, we had fucked for hours and he cum inside my ass at least 4 times. We were exhausted, I joked about one more fuck before I left but he was done. As I slowly bounced up and down on his dick I told him about the meeting I was meant to be having the next night and if he didn't mind could I go to his before hand for a fuck and use his cum as lube for the next guy to fuck me with. Not only did he agree to it but it must have turned him on as I felt his dick pulse inside my ass. "one last time" he said before pushing me onto all 4's on his floor. He thrust his dick inside me and started fucking me again. He wasn't going as fast and hard as before, due to being so tired from the previous times, he was going slower but deeper. Very nice slow deep thrusts, I was in heaven. After about 10 mins he cum inside me then collapsed on top of me.

I then got up and started to get dressed, keeping all the cum inside me. We walked to the front door and exchanged numbers, just as I was about to open it he said "you forgot about that didn't you" pointing at my face, I had no idea what he was talking about. Then it hit me, his cum from the start of the night had dried into my skin. I gave my face a quick wash and left, thanking him for the best night of my life and that I was looking forward for a repeat the next day.

I walked home extremely happy with an ass full of cum and a big smile on my face.

Part two to follow...

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