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Bennie, James and I...

Bennie and James are two of my fellow college students, the three of us enjoy sexual escapades at times. I was made aware of James and Bennie by accident, the three of us were at one of the after hours clubs in the warehouse district, neither of us knew that the others were in attendance.

It was near dawn when the orgy was dying down that we became aware of each other. Bennie was servicing three or four burly men and James was handling a set of guys switching out in rapid fashion of anal sex. I was being fed huge penis as fast as they would cum.

We were trying to find our clothes when we really noticed each other. At first we were embarrassed and and tried to act like we did not know each other, this was ridiculous and finally we looked at each other and started to laugh.

Anyway we decided to get a motel room one week end and see if we could avoid having to meet strangers for fun. As we sat in the motel room watching some lame porn, drinking mixed drinks and beer. We started to speak of our fantasies and what we would like to do.

Bennie said 'I want to fuck me a tight but boy till I fill his ass with my baby making juices and than watch him as he suck my dick and get fucked by some one else.' James said 'I just want to be able to fuck or be fucked as many times as I want and not have some fool beat the shit out of me.'

I added that 'I wanted my penis sucked as I am being sweetly sexed by a kind gentle guy r guys, you know the type that isn't trying to bust your guts up. But some one who would be caring and sweet.' It wasn't long before we was all in various stages of intoxication.

Bennie stood and removed his shirt, I kicked off my shoes and James started to undress. Soon we were all in nothing but our underwear, Bennie and James was already in different stages of arousal. Their penis' were throbbing in the shorts as they moved around the room, my penis was flaccid and limp.

Bennie moved behind me and begin to massage my shoulders and stroke my nipples. James had lifted one of my feet and was gently massaging it, I laid my head back against the stomach of Bennie, James leaned in and kissed sucked my nipples, one at a time.

The two of them knew exactly what they were doing, I was getting so horny my mind surrendered to them. James slowly removed my underwear as he kissed his was down my body till he encountered my semi erect penis. He captured it and sucked on it ever so sweetly.

Bennie lowered his head and was sucking my nipples as I hung my head back over the chair and licked his penis and testicles. James allowed his tongue to lick up and down my penile shaft, occasionally licking my bung hole and moisten it with his saliva.

Once he had sufficiently had lubed my anal opening he returned to kiss/sucking my penis and probed my anus with one, than two, than three of his fingers.

I was now squirming around sliding to the end of the chair, James was already kneeling, he raised up and guided his penis to my accepting bung hole. His penile glans probed my neither region, trying to enter, but the angle was not right.

Bennie quickly came up with a solution 'hold on James, lets make David's wish come true.' James stood and the two of them lifted me to my feet, the turned me around so I was now facing Bennie. Bennie dropped to his knees and started to suck my penis, James reached around and held my penis for Bennie as Bennie reached around and spread my buttocks for James.

James penis was already exuding pre-cum as he slid his stiff tube of man meat up to my anal opening. I was caressing Bennie's head with one hand and reaching back over my shoulder caressing James head with my other.

James slowly eased his steel hard penis into my anal orifice, my outer anal muscle ring resisted briefly. When his rubbery hard penile glans popped past my tender anal ring I gasped. Bennie reached back and took hold of James testicles with one hand while massaging my buttock with the other.

James was slowly jacking my flaccid penis as Bennie sucked it so gently and was pinching my nipple with his other all the while kiss/sucking my neck and ears.

After a while Bennie stood and embraced James and me, kissing me passionately and kissing James also. I was like a piece of meat between two rock hard bodies, Bennie whispered to James 'put the pussy on the bed and fuck him right, I want to see you fucking that ass cunt while he suck my dick.'

James pulled from my anal cavity and Bennie pulled a chair to the foot of the bed. I laid on the bed and took hold of Bennie's penis and started to passionately suck on his rigid shaft. James mounted my bung and re-entered my bung, his penis seemed to be bigger now than earlier.

I gasped and Bennie cautioned 'you better not bite my dick David.' I moaned and continued my ministration, Bennie was moaning in unison as he worked my head around his stiff shaft.

James was enjoying his ride as he slowly but passionately slid his magnificent piece of man meat back and forth and grind deep into my up raised butt. It wasn't long before James erupted and filled my anal cavity with his fluid.

He whispered in my ear as we both sucked and kissed Bennie's penis 'we're gonna breed this pussy all week end long. Come on Bennie time for you to get some of this good pussy now, I want my dick sucked anyway.'

Bennie and James changed places, James told Bennie 'get in that ass first, I want hear the bitch whimper as you hit that ass cunt.' I thought that they were being rather rude and disrespectful, considering I was letting the use me as a toy, but then I was having fun and not getting hurt.

Bennie was not as gentle as James, but he wasn't as rough as some of the strangers that I had been in a threesome with. Once his penis touched my bung hole, Bennie, just rammed the entire length of his shaft into my prostate body.

I gripped the mattress and gritted my teeth and let out a small yelp. James lifted my face and kissed my lips and said 'here baby, suck on this dick, get it all cleaned up and ready again, we gonna have loads of fun.'

I begin to suck on James penis licking his cum and my anal juices from his hardening shaft. James slipped his hands under my chest and begin to lightly pinch my nipples, just hard enough to get me to moan but not hard enough to cause unbearable pain.

When James penis was hard again and standing tall and hard, he stopped me and stood. He took hold of Bennie's head and had Bennie suck his penis as Bennie rode my butt. Bennie slammed deep into me and I felt his penis throb and squirt his substance into my rectum.

Bennie pulled from James penis with a wet smacking sound and rolled off my butt to his back. James lifted me and laid me back on the bed next to Bennie, James moved between my legs and lifted them as Bennie cradled me in his arm. I wrapped my legs around James waist as he entered my bung begin to grind deep into me.

Bennie held my head to his nipple and whispered 'suck my nipples David, suck them good.' James kissed/sucked my neck and ears and alternately kissed/sucked Bennie's nipples also. James shot another load of sperm into my anal canal and laid there for a minute or two.

James crawled up till his knees were at my shoulders and commanded suck this dick David.' I started to suck his cum smeared penis, Bennie got up and moved behind James and pushed his penis into James bung hole as I sucked on James semi rigid penis.

Bennie flooded James butt with his juices and James crawled off of me, Bennie laid down on me panting heavily as James crawled on to Bennie and entered him. I was mashed under the two of them as James worked his penis around in Bennie till he erupted.

The three of us laid there exhausted but happy, once James and Bennie had rested, the two of them placed me on my knees and took turns entering my anus each one staying no longer than five or ten minutes, the object was to see how long they could sex me before I made a sound.

Than they laid me on my back and alternately would suck my penis or jack my penis to see who could get me cum. James looked at Bennie and said 'see, David is just a fuck toy. we can fuck him all weekend and he won't shot a load. So lets keep his ass full of dick and cum.'

And so it went all Friday night, all day Saturday, stopping just long enough to get some food and clean up and all Saturday night till check out Sunday. Once a month the three of us would get together, sometimes with other guys we would pick up in bars.

Bennie, James and I...

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