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Sissy Butt Licker Ch1

I hook up with quite a few women I meet online. They all know how tiny my penis is, and they all know of my fetishes, and most of them just want a no strings attached encounter with a guy that's not looking for anything in return. Of course they would all prefer a hot young stud, but they settle for a gross, disgusting slob like myself because most of them are no better looking! The fact I'm willing to meet them and eat them out and leave, intrigues a lot of them! Now I get shot down more often then not, and some just want to watch me on cam, and others chicken out at the last minute. The few that actually meet with me are usually one timers, and I never hear from them again. One girl I've met though was one in a million. Her name's Stephanie, and this post is about her.

I met Steph on a dating site, and she responded to my ad that read "37yr old bi-male, VERY small endowment, LOVES to be dommed and humiliated either in person or on cam, seeking BBW's into recieving oral pleasure, NSA, no recip wanted." She wanted to know how big I was and after telling her, chatted most of the night with me. I told her all about my fetishes and before going to bed, she made me go on cam and mastrubate for her. She laughed and told me she'd chat with me the next day and logged off. True to her word, I got home and there was a message from Steph telling me to message her as soon as I got home. I did and we chatted for almost an hour before she announced she was hungry, and asked if I'd take her out for something to eat. I said yes, and she asked for my phone number to make sure I was serious, I gave it to her and a minute later my cell rang. It was her and she told me where to pick her up and I asked her what she looked like, so I'd know who to pick up and she laughed and told me she'd send me a pic on my Iphone. I changed, and took off. Half way to her place I got a text with an attachment and quickly opened it. It was a pic of Steph, her reflection in her bathroom mirror, wearing a shirt, looking at the mirror and her pants pulled down showing off her black see-thru panties!! The message was "hurry, I wanna eat so you can eat this for dessert" I almost drove off the road!

I picked her up, and finally got a good look at her. Steph is "goth" (she doesn't paint her face all up with heavy make up though) has shoulder length jet black hair, thick rimmed glasses, piercing blue eyes, huge D-cup titties, chubby, about 200lbs, and a nice big booty! She was dressed in the same shirt and pants she wore in the text, and I knew what her panties looked like and could wait to see if she'd let me sniff them! I asked where she wanted to go and she took me to a ma and pa diner where we sat at a booth and ordered a beer. We chatted for awhile before ordering and as we waited for our food, Steph explained what she was looking for. She wasn't into a boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship, just something casual, and she had to have the upper hand, when she wanted to get together, she'd text me, she didn't want me contacting her at all and she said that she was looking for a submissive guy that would do anything she asked. As our food arrived, she said if I wasn't interested that was cool, and I could just drop her off after we ate. If I was into it, we'd go back to her place for some fun. I, of course said I was into it and after we finished, drove back to her place.

Her place was a messy one bedroom apartment, painted black, dimly lit, porn posters depicting lesbien and gay sex all over the walls, clothes all over the place and smelt of incense and the unmistakable scent of pussy. Steph had told me the first night we chatted she was a compulsive masturbator, and after smelling her apartment truly believed her! She told me to have a seat on her couch and excused herself and went to the bathroom, I spotted a pair of panties, and couldn't resist picking them up off the floor and sniffing them! They were pretty raunchy!! The crotch was heavily crusted with white pussy discharge, mixed with yellow pee stains, there were no sk** marks in them, but the smell of her ass was strong in them! I folded them up and put them in my pocket! A minute later I heard the toilet flush and Steph came out, just wearing the see-thru black panties and black lace bra! I must of had a shocked look on my face as she said "What? Never saw a chick in just her gitch before? Thought you wanted to pleasure me! Can't do that dressed now can we?" I chuckled and said that was right, and she sat beside me and told me she wanted to see how well I worked my tongue. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her face and stuck her tongue in my mouth, I responed my flicking mine against it like it was a clit. We frenched for a few minutes, she had placed my hand on one of her huge boobs, and as we kissed I groped her, and noticed her hand inside her panties frigging away! All of a sudden she moaned into my mouth, before laying back and spreading her legs, exposing her wet crotch to me, furiously rubbing her clit. She exploded a second later and I saw her panties leaking with her juice. She offered her wet sticky fingers to me and I sucked them clean, noting the pungent taste of her pussy. She said it looked like I sucked cock pretty good, and I moved my tongue well, but she wanted to feel it on her clit! I pulled her panties down and sucked the juice from the crotch, and she told me "Never mind those, suck my cunt spooge right from the source." and I dove in between her legs licking and sucking her hairless pussy all over. I took her clit in my mouth and flicked and sucked it, and when I stuck a finger in her sopping went cunt, she came again! I lick all the juice from her crotch and my fingers, before sitting back and catching my breath.

Now Steph had just cum twice, yet she was still frigging herself as I lit a smoke and sharede it with her. She told me she wanted me to lick her ass, as I had told her how much I love doing that, and got down on the floor on her hands and knees, exposing her her big brown pucker. I sniffed it first and basked in the nasty, sweaty scent of it, before licking the whole length of her crack and tasting her nasty bum. As I licked, I felt something on my tongue and realized it was little balls of tiolet paper that had balled up after her last crap! They tasted funky, but I ate them and kept rimming her big butt. All the while she frigged herself and finally came a third time with my tongue buried up her loose shitter. Her butthole spasmed with her orgasm and all of a sudden she let out a huge fart! I instantly tasted and smelt the foul rush of air, but continued wriggling my toungue around her asshole. When she finally got up and sat on the couch she apologized for farting, and was a bit embarressed. I assured her I was cool with it and she laughed telling me how nasty I was!

As we shared another smoke, I figured our evening was over, but Steph surprised again by telling me she wanted to watch me jerk my tiny dick in real life. I got up and dropped my pants, exposing the silk boxers I had on and Steph stopped me. She went into her bedroom and emerged with a pair of pink frilly thongs. She told me since I had a panty fetish and had worn panties for her on cam, I should wear them for her then too! She then sent me to the bathroom to change into them. While I was in there, she told me the thongs I was putting on, were from today, and that she had worn them for a few days, masturbating repeatedly in them. I sniffed them and they reaked of smelly pussy and piss! I pulled them up and they fit quite nice as we are about the same size! I walked back out, and she howled! She then had me take my shirt off and dance around her living room in her dirty panties! Steph lit a smoke and told me to keep dancing, as she idlely rubbed her clit. When she finally told me I could stop, I was sweating like the pig I am! She then had me stand right in front of her and rub my dicklette as if it were a clit. She stared at me frigging my dickie, and her hand went faster on her wet pussy. She then told me to pull my panties down and expose my baby dick to her, and after I did, she didn't laugh, she just stared at and masturbated. I started jerking it off, and a minute into doing that, she grabbed my free hand and sucked my finger into her mouth. I could feel her slobber all over it and she then told me to stick it up my butt as I jerked my little dick off. I fingered my ass and whacked off and just as she was about to cum for the forth time, told me to give her my finger that was in my bum. She grabbed it and sniffed it, closing her eyes and cumming, smelling my ass stink off my finger. As she came down from her orgasm, she took my finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, this was too much for me and I jizzed, my cum flying all over! Some landed on her leg, some on my panties and some oozed onto my finger. She then had me lick my cum from her leg and my finger, and pulled the thongs back up, telling me to get dressed.

She told me she enjoyed everything we had done, and asked if I felt the same. When I told her I loved it, she asked if I wanted to have another encounter with her. I, of course, replied I did, and she said she wanted to test me to see how willing I was to do everything she said. She told me that I definatly didn't turn her on with my body or dick size, but what did excite her was the fact she had complete control over me. I told her I understood, and that I'd do anything she wanted. She thought for a minute and smiled and told me she wanted me to wear her dirty thongs until the next time we met, without taking them off, or washing them. To prove I was complying with her request, she'd text me throughout the day and would give me 5 minutes to go somewhere and pull my pants down and take a picture of me wearing the thongs with my phone! Now I don't usually mix my fetish life with my work life, but I thought it would be worth it for another encounter with Steph, so I agreed. She then said I obviously couldn't shower, and if I crapped I had to just pull the thongs aside! I could masturbate, but again, had to keep the thongs on and cum inside them. Then the next time we met she would smell the thongs, and me, to see if either were clean, if she thought I had cheated then she'd send me on my way, but if I complied, she told me she'd have something nasty in store for us! I agreed and took off home.

On my way home, I noticed that in the closed quarters of my car, I could smell dirty pussy. I thought it must've just been on me and that I'd shower when I got home to clean up! Then I realized I couldn't! What did I get myself into? Now I know I could've just said screw it and showered, and forgot the whole thing. But it's not everyday I meet a girl like Steph, and decided to play her little game! No sooner had I gotten into bed, and was drifting off, my cell rang! I looked at it and it was a text from Steph. "Show me" I turned a light on and took a picture of me laying in bed, nude, except for the panties, and sent it to her. A minute later, another text. "good boy! now get some sl**p"

I woke the next morning and almost ruined everything! I waddled into my bathroom and turned the shower on, and when I went to piss, realized I was wearing Steph's thongs, and remembered our little agreement! I still reaked of her cunt and I did wash my face and hands, before getting dressed and going downstairs to make a latte. Then my phone rang, another text! "show me" I looked around the kitchen and figured my rommie Kimmy was already gone, and pulled my suit pants down and snapped a picture of the thongs, sending it to her. Moments later "very nice! have a good day!" This went on all day, in my car, I pulled my pants down and took a picture, in my office, the worst was the afternoon, as I had to play golf with a prospective client and couldn't cancel! I had forgotten about this and was a bit nervous changing, that someone would see the pink frilly things I had on! My shirt covered my lower half so I was good, and I prayed Steph wouldn't text, but she did! I knew I didn't have time to go back to the clubhouse, but told the client I had to use the little boys room, and took off in the cart towards the clubhouse. I stopped at a wooded area near the 4th hole and luckily no one was around as I went into the bushes and pulled my shorts down, took the picture and sent it. Moments later "lol where r u?" "golfing" "LOL!! you are awesome! way to go!"

I made it the rest of the game without incident, and Steph only texted me once more before I got home. I was grabbing a latte so I just went to the bathroom. When I got home, I changed but I still stunk pretty bad. I'm fat and I sweat a lot, especially playing golf! So after an afternoon on the course I was pretty ripe! To make matters worse, my sweat mixed with Steph's cunt juice and made the panties stink even more! I didn't know if I could go through another day at the office, and decided if she didn't want to get together that night I wouldn't go in the next day! She did text me throughout the evening and just before 11pm wanted me to go on msn and jerk off into my panties for her. After she said she was pleased and that she'd text me tomorrow.

The next day, I didn't go in to work and it was around noon before Steph texted me. "show me" I was beside my pool so just took the picture there and sent it. She responded "didn't go to work?" "no" "lol! didn't think you would! you must smell bad by now" "yes!" "well come over then!" I wasted no time jumping in my car and driving down to her apartment! As soon as I entered she made me strip down and she smelt me all over like a dog, before getting me to take the thongs off and hand them to her. She sniffed them and immediatly shoved her hand down her shorts (my boxers actually) and frigged herself to an orgasm. She then invited me in and told me she was satisfied I had followed her directions. I was of course still nude and sat on her couch waiting to see what would happen.

She walked over and pulled her boxers down and stuck her ass in my face telling me to smell it. It was raunchy and stunk really bad of dirty ass, but I sniffed it for a few minutes before she spread her big cheeks apart and told me to lick her clean. Like before, there were little balls of TP all around her anus, and again I licked them up and ate them. I rimmed her ass for a good ten minutes before she finally started frigging herself and came. She then turned around and french kissed me, tasting her nasty ass on my mouth! We then went to her bedroom and she sat on my face and made me eat her out to another three orgasms! After she said she had to get ready for work as she was working night shift, and kicked me out! I went home, jerked off and finally showered. Steph called me the next morning and told me to swing by her place before she went to work, but that is a story for another time! Hope you enjoyed!

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