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Xmas at Ann's

Frist let me tell you about Ann she is the s****r of Amy one of my wife's bitches, Amy and my wife (Kat) have been fucking each other and me at every chance they got. Amy is married and has two small k**s that Ann watched when they got together. Ann and my wife hit it off good to she doesn't know about her s****rs and Kat's sex life but sometimes they all go out for a drink or food. Ann is 5'7" very long black hair great tits and the perfect ass she too has two k**s one 8 one 12 both boys.

Two weeks before Thanksgiven this year the three went out for a drink Ann told her s****r HEY WE ARE HAVING A XMAS PATRY WHY NOT INVITE KAT AND TONY OVER Amy was kind of scared at frist but then says OK I'LL ASK THEM. Ann tells her good I really like her and I'm sure that Tom will like Tony too.

Amy comes to are house and wants to talk to me, she pleas with to please talk to Kat please ask her not to do anything there in front of my f****y my mom dad and b*****r will all be there and I'm so scared that Kat will take me in front of them you know I can't resist her at all. I promised her we would talk and she left (after a bj and butt fuck that is) when Kat came in I told her Amy's worries she smiled and says well see.

The nite fo the praty Kat wore a black dress open in the front enought to see a whole lot of tits and split up the side to her hip see looked perfect!! We got to the house and Amy meet us outside Kat just smiled at her and went inside Ann inturduced us to her partens and b*****r her b*****rs wife and a few friends too as the nite went on Kat was a angel Ann asked her for help in the other room thye two went into the upstaires bedroom she had a present for her mom and dad she needed help wr****g she got down on her knees bent down to pull the gift from under the bed doing so her dress pulled up exposing her sweet ass and to Kat's delite she had no panties on Kat stood there looking down at the most perfect ass she had ever seen findly Ann pulled it out and the two did there best at wr****g it. Ann told Kat thanks and started to walk away but Kat grabed her and pulled her back into her arms there lips meet and they kissed not just a kiss but a KISS A PASSION HEATED KISS Ann pulled back looked into Kat's eyes didn't say anything and leaned in for more the two kissed and huged till Ann's husband knock and says hey are you ready yet they both jumped and Ann says yes here we come. They bring out the gift and after it is opened we sit to eat after a short time my wife gets up for more wine and Ann follows her they are gone for a few and then Amy yells to bring her some too. The rest of the nite little kisses here and there then it's time to leave Kat tells Ann call me in the moring and we leave.

In the car Kat tells me it all and is so giddy like a teen in love for the frist time we talk then in bed she fucks me hard and long but the whole time you could tell she was still thinking about Ann about one in the moring she gets up I ask what's wrong she says nothing I can't stand it I'm going to see her I know my wife to try to talk her out of it is the wrost thing to do so I roll over and go back to sl**p.

Kat drives to Ann's home goes into the house and slowly finds her bedroom and crawls to the bed quietly wakes Ann and the two go to the basement Ann is confused but Kat soon has her in her arms and kisses licks and hugs her till all worries are gone. Kat takes control and soon Ann is naked and Kat fingers her to her frist of many cums that nite the two explored each other till about 5am findly parting and Kat comes home all smiles.

Two days later Amy knocks on the door and ask me if Kat was home I say yes but she has a friend over she says well can I sit with you a while I tell her to come on in I fix us a drink and we watch a porn DVD the moans and groans comeing from the bedroom over powdered the TV and we both looked at each other and laugh just then we hear Ann yell OMG YES YES OMG I'M CUMMMING HOLYSHIT I NEVER KNEW IT COULD BE THIS GODDAM GOOOOOD!!!!!!! Amy looks at me then at the bedroom door OMG THAT'S ANN ISN'T IT I just shake my head yes and say you said not to do anything to YOU..........................

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