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New Beginnings how it started

This is written to be erotica I hope you enjoy it for what it is.

Eric and I had been dating for a year or so, and things were ok, but my friends all seemed to be having much better and more erotic sex. I was 19 when all of this started, blonde and blue eyed. Standing at 5'8" in bare feet people told me that I was attractive, a typical cheer leader look. They also said that I would be stunning if I'd lost a few pounds, Eric had commented but he loved it because I had large firm breasts.

Back then I worked in an office full of horny women, and they would tell me of their exploits all the time, I was a quite highly sexed teen and I'd even been known to sneek off to the toilets and rub my pussy after they discussed their weekend exploits on a Monday morning. It was during one of these mondays that the subject of gloryholes came up. Needless to say I didn't have a clue, and blushed violetly when they explained. I sat all morning squeezing my knees together, with my panties sopping wet at the thought of sucking cock. I couldn't wait to tell Eric.

The girls said that the glory hole was in the local clothing store between the ladies and the gents changing rooms, and I persuaded Eric that we should visit. I was excited all day and could not sl**p that night, tossing and turning in my bed, trying hard not to play with myself. Eric met me that morning and we made our way to the clothihg section on the second floor, I was trembling as I made my way to the changing area to find which boothe to use. There was a shell carving on the wall and you had to hinge it upside down to find the hole underneath. This also happenned on the other side as an invitation to the man. I found it in the second booth and I stepped out to signal Eric the number two. As I stepped out of my room a rather stunning black lady moved to come in but I stopped her saying that I had not finished yet. In her smooth, silky voice she told me "not to worry dear I shall just use number one" and she flashed me a knowing smile as she closed the door to the next boothe.

I stepped back into the boothe which was actually more like an en suite changing room in your home. A small room with beautiful leather sofa's and cushions. a sink and towels and lovely soft carpets, very cosmopl****an. I flipped the shell upwards and then gasped as someone knocked on the door, I scuttled back to the door and flipped the lock across before they entered and shouted "Busy, sorry" they muttered something and walked off. I was in a real state! flustered, aroused, horny, scared. That was nothing though, I turned to the wall and recoiled in shock, the cock which I beheld wasn't Erics. Firstly it wasn't as thick as Erics, but to be fair was a little longer, but most importantly it was Black.

What to do? I was horny as hell as I knelt before this glorious cock. It was a beautiful cock, sleak and firm, not yet fully erect, and the head was a soft pink colour which I didn't expect. I had been told that black cocks had purple heads and that they were huge and gnarled with veins. This cock bobbed softly through the hole and the owner must have been losing interest as it started to droop slowly and then it began to withdraw. I quickly touched it, the decision made for me by my emotions not my brain, and at the touch it came back in and throbbed up and down with renewed vigour. I took it in my hands and weighed it, rolled it around and then held it tight hand over hand like a baseball player does when sorting out who bats. It measured up as nearly three handfulls, probably 9" and it felt so warm. what now? I pulled the foreskin back gently which showed it in it's full wonderful glory.

I touched the head with my tongue, and rolled it around making it wet. The cock grew to full length and hardness,it was so firm and I could now feel it throb on my tongue as I slid it into my mouth, sucking gently and swallowing it down further and further. The heat was increasing and my panties were soaking, here I was on my knees sucking a strangers cock, like a twenty dollar whore, and loving it. My right hand slid inside my panties and my fingers slid into my pussy whilst I sucked hard on the cock. Sliding my lips along the length whilst I rolled my tongue up and down the bottom of his glans, I actually lost account of time and where I was before the touching of my fingers took effect and I started to orgasm myself, soft and warm at first then a rolling wave overcame me, when he shot his come into my mouth. I swallowed it down as fast as I could but with my own orgasm, and the flood of come, it spilled down my chin and onto my collar. I collapsed onto the carpet in a state of shock, overcome with the power of my orgasm and the situation, and wept softly at the release.

When I came to my senses I straightened up my appearance and made my way out into the waiting area. I could now see what the sink and comforts were for. Out in the shop again I looked for Eric and a wave of guilt swept over me as I realised what I had just done, and I couldn't think of what to say. It was all over surely, an end brought about by my own lust for excitement.
Eric rushed up out of nowhere and gripped my waist tight whisking me off into the store. "oh my good fucking god" he said "where did you learn to blow like that?"
What? How? What the fuck had just happenned? here was I thinking of an excuse, and Eric thought he had recieved what I had given, and made a good job of it by the look of things. How naieve of me to only expect one glory hole, as I reeled around in bewilderment the beautiful black woman passed us closely and gently brushed my ass with her hand. "I'm sorry" she said as she turned and flashed me a knowing smile. "No Harm done, I'm sure?"
I grinned back and replied. "no problem, anytime"

As I came back to my senses I looked around the shopfloor, searching out the owner of the black cock I had just blown. My eyes followed the black queen as she sashayed through the crowds but there was no one to be seen.
I made a promise to track her down and ask what went on but that is another story.

Let me know if you want to know what happenned?

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