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Daddy I cum The wedding arrangements.

As a few years had past Sammy and I stayed intouch not going down the same road as we did, before with me fucking the hell out of my daughters pussy making her cum, She phoned saying rob her boyfriend had proposed to her and they where getting married the following year, I offered to pay as the duty-full father but she said no they had got it all sorted.

That weekend she came down to my house with Rob so I made up the spare room and waited for their arrival. They arrived early friday evenin with Rob's mother Dorren, a pleasent 52yr old lady widow for the last 4 years, if I didnt know any better I would say Sammy was trying to hook me up with Dorren, I have to admit she didnt look her age a good 20 yrs younger if I didnt know her age.

I shot upstairs and made up the other spare room next to mine, I told them we will go for a drink then a meal and then all pile back to here to sl**p. we had a good night and all came back pretty merry, I had got to know dorren a lot better she was quite the women and had been a bit of a loose one since her hubby had a heart attack.

We all went to bed I was very intreeged what Dorren looked like nude, i peeked through a gap that was in the faulse wall that had been put up years ago to make a 3rd bedroom, I had always said I would knock that wall down to make a huge master bedroom. I watched as dorren took her dress off, she had a stunning body wearing a real sexy black underwear set.

She sat on the bed and laid back she then pushed her hand down her panties and rubbed her pussy I was getting hard at the peek show, she took her panties off to reveal a totaly shaved pussy with a little tattoo of a rose bud just above her pussy opening, her finger rubbed her clit slowly as I got my cock out and rubbed it slowly.

She then stopped and reached for her bag that she put on the bed, undone her bra to reveal a pair of huge tits that where all natural with nice tanned nipples, she reached into her bad to produce a good sized dildo, she lay back and slowly pushed the dildo into her slit whilst pulling her nipples, I heard her moan and say my name, was she tinking it was me doing all this, my cock twitched and a stream of jizz shot out.

I watched as her back arched she cum, she then got into bed and turned out the light. The following morning I was in the kitchen she came in and sat down, I asked if she had a good nights sl**p, she said well you should know you saw me cum didnt you I had to admit to her I did and I complimented her on her body , she said well tonight you wont have to peek I will send the k**s out and we can enjoy the time together.

Dorren was chatting to Sammy and as soon as I came in the room they stopped I asked what they where upto they denied all and giggled like 2 naughty school girls. Sammy and Rob went out and Dorren came in with 2 glasses of wine, we sat down and chatted about stuff, she said she had not had much fun when she was married to rob's father and was a bit over protective of her.

We started to kiss as I stroked her firm tits her nipples reacted to my touch her tounge slipped in to my mouth as she rubbed her hand on my now huge lump in my trousers, she gasped as she felt it saying what do you feed that b**st on, i said shaved pussy with a rosebud tattoo on it. She unzipped me and slowly pulled my cock out her fingers wrapped around the shaft as she admitted she had never sucked a mans cock all the way, she sucked it slowly as i groaned with pleasure.

I closed my eyes as her mouth went down my shaft taking in the full length, I lay my hand on her head as she sucked my cock I groaned as she rubbed my now huge balls she knew I was close, I shook as I emptied my load down her throat she was a natural. She wiped the corner of her from a dribble of cum saying it was a sin to waste something that good, I pushed back and spread her legs to find she had no panties on she smiled and said dinner is served.

I nibbled her pussy and her clit making her moan with pleasure, she said eat up you hungry bastered eat my pussy, then you can fuck me like a dirty whore and pump your cum into me, as I licked and nibbled her pussy she had multiple orgasms I then rammed 3 fingers into her soaking wet hole fingering her like mad as she screamed she was cumming I pulled out and a stream of jucies showered out as she bucked and shuddered as she cum, I was now as hard as a rock.

I didnt give her time to breath as I rammed my thick cock into her tight snatch she cried out begging for more, I pulled her up and bent her over ramming my cock in her ass like a guy being paid to fuck a women, all of a sudden I exploded inside her pumping a huge load into her,she passed out with a huge orgasm. As we gainned our thoughts she said she had never been fucked like that and would love to get more soon.

We sat drinking wine when the k**s came in as tho nothing had happened dorren not able to move as her pussy was swallen with the constant pounding it got. The following day they left I kissed sammy and dorren on the cheek and said my goodbye's. That evening sammy phoned saying thanks for a great weekend and did anything happen between me and dorren as she was very quiet all the way home I denied all, but a few weeks later Dorren confesed to sammy I had pounded her pussy within a inch of it's life and wanted it alot more.

Dorren phoned and we spoke for ages, I visited her when I went to my daughters and stayed the nights with Dorren. We made arrangements for the wedding that was happening the following year.

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