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My first gay experience

I was 19 years old and I college when I had my first thoughts about being with a man. I would would watch porn everyday and find myself clicking on the gay tabs. I always enjoyed watching women get fucked, but I never could finish. The only times I could cum would be when I would watch kinky gay sex. And boy would I cum hard. I always loved seeing a big thick cock slip into a tight asshole. Watching the receiver shutter in pain, always made my dick tingle. At some point, I just couldn't control myself and feelings anymore. I wanted cock. It had to be discretely though, no one could ever know my secrete. One day, I saw a Craigslist post about a 60 year old gay man who wanted to dominate a younger boy. I was so tired of masturbating to gay sex, I was ready to have some fun. I responded to the add and dauntlessly waited for him to respond. Refresh button clicked every second. 30 minutes passed and I gave up hope. I checked my email one last time, and I couldn't believe it. There was his email, I clicked right away. His message said he could host me, and show me the ropes a little bit. I was so worried and scared to respond. But my dick was so hard and my mind shut off for a second. I responded and said would he be willing to help me fulfill my fantasy. He replied right away and said he would do anything I wanted. I decided to go for it. Let all my fears go away and just go for it. He gave me his address and I slipped into my tight black boxer briefs. While I was driving, I had some doubts. What if he is fake? What if he is ugly? What if I get caught? When I arrived at his house, I almost ran away. But then he came out of his house and looked at me. He waived to come inside. He was old yes, but very muscular. I knew he could dominate me like I wanted. I stepped out of my car and entered his house. I thought we would exchange awkward talk, and he would tell me everything is going to be ok. But that didn't happen. Right when I stepped in he grabbed me and ripped off my clothes. He saw how big and hard my cock was and he knew he could do anything to me. He f***ed me to the floor and told me he was going to dominate my mouth. He then unleashed his huge cock. It was about 9 inches and so thick. I had no time to think, he began to pump his cock in and out of my throat. I began to gag and cough and he loved that. The more I gagged, the harder he stuck his cock in my mouth. His began to get sweat, and I could taste his sweaty meaty dick. I loved it. I told him I wanted more. I begged him to slap his dick on my face. He did not listen to me, he knew he was in charge, not me. He picked me up, and threw me on his bed. I was in doggie position, and he told me that daddy wants my ass. I could not do anything, nor did I want to do anything. I wanted his hard dick jammed up my ass. He lubed up his hard cock with my mouth and then grabbed my tiny ass and rammed his cock up in it. I screamed. It hurt so much. But at the same time, it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. He did not go slow or take his time, it was rough, hard, and fast. He grabbed my shoulders and began pumping so hard, i could not take it anymore. I came so hard on his bed. Cum was spewing out of my cock like a water hydrant. He then, took his juicy wet cock out of my ass and grabbed my cum and rubbed it on my face. He then told me how dare I cum without him. He said open up, it is my turn. I listened, and opened my mouth wide open. He stroked his cock in till he was about to cum. He then jammed his cock in my mouth and unloaded what was the largest amount of cum in history. It went straight down my throat. And I kept all of it in me. His legs shivered, his cock was jittering, and his eyes were rolled in the back of his head. You did good, he said. He told me that next time I better do a hell of a lot better though. He threw me my clothes and told me to leave. There was no talking afterwards, no awkward interaction. He got what he wanted and I did too.

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