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I was fully straight before this incident

This is a true story..

It was back in college days, i had lesson and asked teacher if i could go toilet. He allowed me and off i went.

I had to go to the main reception to get toilet keys (toilets neve stayed open during lesson times). Got key and unlocked door and entered toilet.

As i was washing my hand another boy David a year below me came in, he was just washing his hands looking at me, i thought nothing of it, then Ben a boy a year older entered toilets as well. He was a big guy and everyone was scared of him, including me.

David the younger boy just smirked at me and started unzipping his trousers to use the toilet, Ben went straight towards me and looking quite scary at me 'hey there pretty, if you dont wna get hit listen to everything i say' i was really scared and agreed immediatly to him.

'David over there is going for a pee, why dont you go hold his cock for him, his hands are tired' i looked straight back at Ben shocked! i didnt know what to do. 'Come here then' called out David. i just stood there not knowing what to do thinking i have a girlfriend and definantly dont wna be holding another mans cock. 'Dont make me angry' whispered Ben into my ear.

The last thing i wanted was to piss Ben off so i went next to David to carry out orders. David took his cock and asked me to hold it. I looked down at his cock, it was massive!!! at least 6" and it wasnt even hard. My heart started to race,and leaned forward held his cock and pointed it towards the toilet.

David started peeing, i could feel the pee rushing from his cock, from some odd reason my heart was now pounding like never before, my hands were a little shaky and i was struggle to keep his cock pointed in the right direction.

'good boy' Ben shouted as David was finishing. Now take your trousers off, i was in some kind of trance and just did as he said, my cock was soo hard and i didnt even realise. Why? i didnt know was i gay? holding his cock felt sooo much more arousing than touching my girlfriends pussy. 'boxers too' again i took them off immediatly, my boxers were a little wet, i had already pre cumed just by touching his cock, i couldnt belive it.. Ben started laughing 'haha i knew you was gay, your too pretty to be straight, look at his cock David his pre cumming already haha'.. 'you wna suck cock dont you, cocksucker' 'yes i doo' i replied i really wanted too and i did not know why.

i was straight on my knees, david came next to me still with his cock out and a lil pee still dribbling on tip of his cock. 'Suck it bitch! make it hard' My heart was pounding so hard i could feel it, his cock came closer and closer, i thought for a second what im going to do. then i went for it, got my tongue out and licked the pee off his cock, really salty but by this point i was too horny to care, i went in for his cock again, as i was opening my mouth to put his cock in, Ben pushed Davids cock straight into my mouth 'Suck it bitch dont lick it' David was now thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, it tasted sooo good i wanted to be their little bitch forever i wanted his cock fucking my mouth harder and harder I LoVEd it soo much. it was getting harder and harder bigger and bigger, i then started pushing more of my mouth in more and more, i wanted to leave them with a fantastic impression of me, i wanted to be there best lil bitch, i didnt care if they fucked other people i just wanted to be their bitch and do anything Ben told me too, i loved it too much..

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