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Sniffing The Cleaning Lady's Bum Pt2

I've gotten a lot of messages and comments about my "Sniffing The Cleaning Lady's Bum", and thought I'd share a few more incidents that's happened since. Her aunt is still off, although she does light cleaning sometimes, I've told them I'm very happy with Teadora, and that she needn't worry about comming to my place until she's fully recovered. Teadora on the other hand, put her hairstyling dreams on hold, and is cleaning full time for her aunt. I've told her if saturday's still work, that it was good for me too. She said saturdays were good for her, as it gave her more time during the week for other clients. I'm now the only person she cleans for on saturdays, and she loves it as she only has to work a few hours.

After the first bum sniffing incident, Teadora would come by every saturday as normal, wearing her usual baggy sweat pants, and baggy t-shirt. I tried a few times to sniff her little bum, but through the sweats, there was barely any smell. The one time, she was at the kitchen sink washing some of my knick knacks from my mantle, and I pretended to get something from the cabinet beside her. As I rummaged trough it, I leaned in for a sniff, but as I said before, it wasn't strong. The next time, Teadora was washing my tub, and was bent over scrubbing when I walked in and told her I was just grabbing my razor, and dropped it on the floor behind her. As I picked it up, I leaned into her exposed ass and took a whiff, but again the sweat pants were too thick to smell anything.

My luck changed half way through June, as Teadora showed up one saturday on her bike, wearing her spandex shorts! This time however she changed in the back room I've turned into a change room for my pool. Anyways, as she cleaned I went into the change room and was delighted to find her bag there with her sweaty shorts in them! She didn't change her panties, but the spandex held a lot of sweaty ass stink! I took a chance and took the shorts to my room where I quickly stipped down and layed on my bed. I took her spandex shorts, still a bit damp with her sweat, and opened them up, placing the ass area on my nose and finally smelling her teen bum again! I sniffed her sweaty bum stink for a few minutes, teasing my little dickie all the while, before moving the shorts and smelling her crotch. It was amazing!! They smelt strongly of sweaty pussy, mixed in with an odor of her pee. I took the crotch area in my mouth and tasted her sweaty pussy juice as I beat my meat furiously! Just as I was ready to cum, I again placed the back of her shorts against my nose and sniffed her dirty sweaty ass stink. That sent me over the edge and I came! I then cleaned up, and returned her shorts to her bag, Teadora none the wiser!

From the time Teadora gave me her panties, everytime she'd come to clean, we'd chat and get to know one another. She'd often stay after and have a coffee or juice with me and we'd just chat. The first saturday of july was the long weekend, and I wasn't expecting Teadora to show up. She did though and when I told her to take the day off and enjoy her weekend she told me it didn't matter as she had to work the previous day and that her friends had left for the cottage that day, leaving her behind. She then told me how nice it would've been to relax in the sun and swim as she didn't get to go very often. I of course jumped at the chance and told her she could use my pool whenever she wanted. She was estatic!! Apparently she loved swimming and she lived in a huge aprartment building and only had a small balcony that never got any sun! I told her my room mate and I wouldn't mind her comming by whenever and sun tanning and swimming. She jumped up and down she was so happy! Clapping her hands excitedly! She asked if she could come by later that day and I told her it was no problem!

I anxiously awaited Teadora's return, fantasizing about seeing her in a tiny little string bikini, swimming in my pool, and sun-bathing beside it! I was quite disappointed when she showed up, changed, and walked out wearing a very conservative one-piece! Not that it didn't look awesome on her, it did, and it really showed off her hot, firm, little body, but it still wasn't a string bikini, that could accidently fall off!! Anyways, we chatted for a bit and I offered her a drink, which she refused as she was driving, and noted that she was a light weight when it came to booze! I told her I had to make a call and that I was making myself a drink and that I'd be back. I went straight for her bag and rummaged through it and found her panties she had worn over! Unfortunatly, she had taken a shower before comming back, and had also changed her panties, so they were clean and had no smell! I put them back and went upstairs to watch her out the window and jerk off. After relieving myself I went back out and kept Teadora company before she finally left. I was surprised sunday, when she showed up on her bike wanting to take a quick swim! I had of course told her whenever she wanted and thankfully she was taking me up on my offer! This time when I rummaged through her bag I was rewarded with her sweaty bike shorts and even sweatier, stinkier thong panties!! I knew it was too big a chance to take them to my room, so I just pulled my shorts down, and sat on my bench, (I had locked both doors!) and jerked off, smelling her raunchy ass stink and pissy, sweaty pussy stench! I didn't lick them like I wanted to as she'd probably notice, so I just sniffed them and rubbed my little dicklette! I came hard and put her thongs and shorts back before making a drink and returning to the pool.

Over the next week or so Teadora fell into a routine of comming over to my place after she was done work and take a swim. I did notice that she would lay on my lounger on her tummy, and read for a bit before jumping in the pool. Everytime she came by, I would of course sniff her sweaty panties and jerk off to her dirty teen ass stink! One afternoon I came home and found Teadora's car parked in the driveway, and went out back to say hi, before going and sniffing her sweaty panties! When I walked out the patio door, I found her asl**p on my lounger, arms folded under her head, book dropped on the stone. I walked up to her and spoke to her, and when I got no response, proceeded to clean up some beer bottles and thus making a lot of noise. I seen she didn't wake, and I again walked over to her and called out her name. Again no response! Now I was still in my work suit (no jacket) but didn't want to waste time changing, so I kneeled beside her and reached into the fly of my slacks to rub my dicklette, as I moved my face down to her firm ass! The smell was strong!! She hadn't swam yet, and all the sweat from a hard days work was still in her little bum crack! Although her swimsuit was clean from swimming, there was only a hint of clorine smell, that's how raunchy her little bum was! I got as close as possible, and rubbed my dick through my silk boxers, and sniffed her ripe ass stink right from the source! It was as good, if not better then the first time on the ladder! Her ass stink was very strong and it filled my nostrils as I rubbed my dick through the silk. I'd stop every few seconds to see if she was still asl**p and I could hear her breathing so knew if it changed I at least had some warning! I got my nose as close to her little crack as possible, and even pressed against the material a bit and inhaled deeply! I did this for about a minute before switching positions so I could sniff the whole length of her butt crack. Teadora has one of the dirtiest bums I've ever sniffed on such an otherwise hygenically clean girl! It was heavy, and raunchy, and I loved every second of smelling it, knowing she had no clue I was even doing it! I finally pressed my nose as close to her little tight bumhole as I could get and sniffed away as I came in my boxers!

I went into the house and changed after, returning to find Teadora still fast asl**p. I sat at my table with my laptop and checked my e-mail. She woke up about 20 minutes later and laughed about falling asl**p, telling me she had a brutal day and was dog tired! I told her to relax all she wanted and offered her supper which she gladly accepted and I threw a couple steaks on the bbq. She went home after and I jerked off twice before going to bed, thinking of Teadora's smelly little bum!

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