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My wife make me her sissy slut

I married Jen when I was a successful high earning bachelor at the age of 30. She
was 25 at that time. 5'4" same height as me, 120lbs, petite blonde with
blue eyes, a set of DD tits and an ass to die for. I was short, skinny yet she was
attracted to me when we first met in a bar down town. Later on I found out that it
was Laura her friend who had told her that the porsche parked outside was mine.
Now, after 5 years of marriage, things were quite different. Things had actually
started going down hill after the first few months when subsequently Jen had clearly
stated that my 3 inches cock was very inadequate for any girl and particularly her
who saw sex as a major part of a relationship. I had tried to
prove that it was almost close to 4 inches when fully hard but she would find one
way or other to tell me after every sex session that she wasn't satisfied.
And it wasn't just the size of my penis. She also had a thing for big muscular guys
and was always going on about either some celebrity or someone she saw
walking around in the mall etc. Lately, she had been going on about a new guy at
work named Darren. Darren did this, did that. He is like this or he is like that.
I finally had a chance to meet this Darren at one of her company Xmas dinners. I
was joining her there directly from work. As I walked in, i met a few people i
already knew but couldn't see Jen or Laura either. Then i noticed in a corner, a
few ladies surrounding this hunk of a muscular black guy. I knew that was Darren.
Jen, Laura and 2 other girls from work were chatting him up. All smiles and you
could see all of them wanted him. No wonder. He was 6'2", muscular, shaved head, big
arms, typical alpha male. When Jen introduced me to him, he seemed surprised as if
he didn't expect her husband to be someone like me.
Anyway, amidst all this, I was carrying on with my cross-dressing behind Jen's back.
My work was flexible and sometimes I worked from home too. I had a girly
body and was always into cross-dressing because of that. Since my marriage with Jen,
the possibility of wearing all sorts of things had opened up to me.
Whenever I was home in her absence, I will get into her stockings, pantyhose, bras,
skirts anything I found slutty and sexy and would take pics of myself
posing. I had also gotten into a lot of bbc porn where white wives were giving
themselves up to big black guys.
Matters got worse when one day Jen came back home early and caught me red handed. I
had her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels on and was playing
with her vibrator up my ass watching a bbc porn video when she walked in. For a
while she couldn't really grasp, but then she started screaming and shouting. It
took me a while to calm her down but she wont let me touch her afterwards. In the
next few days, she went through my pc in my absence and dug out my porn and
photos that i had taken.
For the next month or so, she started coming back late from work. At first the
excuse was that she was going for drinks with Laura, Taylor and Darren. She
hadn't touched my penis since that incident. Whenever she came back late from work,
she wanted me to bury my face in her pussy and ass and eat both out
thoroughly. It seemed as if my penis had become invisible to her and she only wanted
my mouth and tongue. Then she started giving me hints that Laura and
Taylor were doing threesomes with Darren and that she was curious about how exciting
it would be for them. Little did I know that it was all the three women
who were giving themselves to Darren almost every weekend. Later on Jen openly
started admitting it and said that Darren had a very muscular body, a
beautiful 10 inch cock and that he had quite a few regular women who came to see him
for that. Jen said that it was just physical sex and she only loved me
and will always be with me. When i complained, she will get angry and blast me about
not being a man, having a very small penis, unable to satisfy her and
then on top wearing women's clothes. She clearly said that she didn't get turned on
by me any more. She had even told the rest of the girls and Darren about my
size and cross-dressing and said that they all found it hilarious but felt sorry for
her and wanted to help her.
So one day, I was at home as usual and Jen had gone to work. I was wearing her bra
and panties watching porn as usual while playing with a dildo. I hadn't cum
for weeks now since Jen lost interest in sex and my little penis was leaking a lot
of precum. I guess I was waiting for Jen to give me a chance one night and
then show her how hard i could get and how much could i cum. Maybe that might
impress her.
Jen called me as usual at 11 and mentioned that Darren hadn't come in to work as he
had a female visitor late last night and was too rough in the morning. She
also said 'oh my god Darren is such a b**st...he fucked that woman all night but
still got up with a hadron..isn't that amazing? I hated how everything he did
was 'amazing' to her. Jen called me again at lunch time during her break. This time
she said that she had spoken to Darren on phone and he was really horny
and none of the girls were available. She said the girls at work wished they could
slip out to satisfy him quickly but they were loaded with work. Jen then
giggled and asked if i was dressed? I asked why. She said 'well, I had sent your
pics to Darren before..and he was looking at them toady and mentioned that
in some you looked quite similar to me from the back particularly because we have
the same figure and you were wearing some of my stuff that he loves. And he
wants to come over and see you'. I was dumbfounded. I couldn't even answer. Jen
sensed it and said in a giggly tone 'What? Darren is horny and I know how he
gets when he is horny. Me, Laura and Taylor are all at work today. Maybe you could
entertain him? He will make you feel sexy' At that point I heard the other
girls giggle in the background. I said 'No'. Jen said' Cant you just do it for me? I
am after all your wife. And Darren finds you sexy. Oh come on honey please put on
my black bra, heels, the white top and just show it to him. He might just get off
and leave..Oh and don't forget to put on the pantyhose which is ripped and
shows my ass and pussy'. I have to admit i found the idea kind of erotic since it
tickled my feminine side and also because i had been watching so much bbc
porn, I was really curious about seeing a real black cock in person. She then said
'OK let me see what Darren wants to do' and just put the phone down before
I could respond.
After an hour or so there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Darren barged in.
He went straight for the fridge, cracked open a beer, sat on the couch
and called me over. I went there, he looked up and down at me trying to look like
Jen and chuckled. He then asked me to stand in front of him and turn around
giving him an over all view of my body. He said that I had a real girls body and how
much i resembled Jen which kinda flattered me. Then he said 'Jen told me
you watch a lot of black cock porn. Ever seen one in real?' I said 'no'. He then got
me on my knees, opened his zipper, pulled his jeans down. He was clearly
soft but the bulge in his underwear was huge. He brought it close to my face. I
could smell his manly aroma from outside the fabric. Could feel the heat. He
rubbed the bulge on my face for a while. Getting harder and bulge getting bigger by
the minute. Then he pulled his boxers down, his huge cock sprung out and
slapped me across the face. He laughed at that then sat down on the couch, opened
his legs wide and ordered me to sniff his balls. They were sweaty and big
full of cum. While I was sniffing his smelly balls his huge thick cock was lying on
my face and growing. It was much bigger than the length of my face even.
I had never seen such a huge thing in my entire life. No wonder all the women were
crazy about him. His balls had such a masculine smell.
After a while of me sniffing and licking his balls, he made me lick his shaft then
ordered me to open my mouth and slowly stuck it in. It was huge and thick.
I could barely take any of it and he started to face fuck me. I could not believe
what was happening to me. I was gagging like crazy. Spit drooling out, he
was holding me by my ears and fucking my mouth hard. After a while he sat down on
the couch opened his legs and ordered me to get my face down there and
smell his ass hole I said no. He slapped my face with his huge thick cock a few
times and before i knew it I had my nose buried in his ass hole It was nasty
and pungent and was making me sick. Then i heard him laugh and talk. He was talking
to Jen and telling her that I was sniffing his ass. She was laughing and
couldn't believe it. Then he made me take my tongue out and lick his ass hole I did
exactly that because i knew if i didn't he was going to beat me up. It
tasted nasty. It was repulsive but he grabbed my head and f***ed it in so my tongue
went right into his black ass hole He was telling Jen how he was making
me clean his ass from the inside. My head was bobbing up and down, my tongue going
in and out of his ass. Jen was on speaker phone, she said that 'eeww I don't
think I will kiss that looser for a few days then and laughed'. She also asked me
what i thought of Darren's cock size and wasn't it the biggest penis ever. I
could only mumble. Darren ordered me to lube my ass up and ride my dildo while
sucking him in order to prepare myself for what was coming.
Darren finally put the phone down, made me get in doggy, my ass up in the air
showing through the ripped pantyhose. He slapped my ass for a while and said
'You look exactly like Jen from here. I aint no gay OK. I am just doing this because
i am horny and you are a girl, not a man'. Then rubbed his cock head on my
ass hole for a while before slowly pushing it in. I screamed out in pain. Jeez he
was very thick. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass ordering me to shut up
but then calmed down and started slow. He went in slow and out, then in again and
out. Every time he will go in a bit further. Although I could tell that he
was only able to get in a quarter of his 10 inch dick. He was getting frustrated by
it and started calling me names and slapping my ass hard...pulling my
hair. Telling me what worthless slut I was. Then he started getting into it and
fucking me harder and harder. He was now calling me Jen. 'Jen I love fucking
you like the slut you are. Such a cock slut. Fucking that nasty ass of yours. Did
you know that Jen wears this ripped pantyhose for me at work so we sneak
out to the toilets and I fuck her pussy or ass quick' I couldn't believe all that I
was hearing. Here I was, Jen's husband dressed to look like her with my
ass up in the air giving it to her lover only because he was horny and just needed a
hole to fuck. But by now he was pounding me so hard that it didn't
matter. After a few minutes of fucking me hard, which to me seemed forever because
of the pain, he pulled his cock out and took a few pics of my now gaping
wide ass hole on his phone to send to Jen. Then he turned me around and tried to
shove it in my mouth. But it was covered in my shit and stunk. I refused.
Darren got angry and slapped me hard, pulled my mouth open and shoved it right in. I
was gagging. Spit running down. HE fucked my mouth hard holding my head
firmly for a while before making me lie down on my back. He then pulled my legs up
high till they were almost behind my head, I was resting on my shoulders,
ass almost vertically up in the air. He said this is how he usually fucks Jen and
shoved his cock back in my gaping ass hole and started pounding hard again.
At the same time Jen called him up again as she was on her last break. He told her
how he was fucking me in that position and how funny my tiny little penis
looked flopping around all over the place with his strong pounding. Jen found it
really funny and couldn't believe it and said 'I knew he was a loser but
really, you have left not a single ounce of a man in him Darren'. He was now sex
talking with Jen saying 'I feel like I am fucking you right now, oh yes take
it you fucking cock slut' and Jen was responding back 'Oh yes baby give it to me,
you know you own my pussy ass and everything' With every push of his my
tiny cock was flopping around and leaking precum all over my face. Darren and Jen
both found it hilarious and he kept pumping hard. Then he uttered a loud
groan and said 'I am gonna cum deep inside your ass bitch' Jen responded 'yes baby
cum deep inside me..i want your cum..i want it'. I felt his already thick
cock swelling up inside my ass and then he started spraying hot cum in my ass while
groaning loudly over the phone Even though I wasn't touching myself, the
pressure of his cum hitting deep inside my ass had a reaction on me and I started
cumming involuntarily all over my face and in my open mouth. I came from
him fucking my ass. That was so humiliating on top of everything that was happening.
Darren then pulled his cock out and took a few pics of my gaping ass filled with his
cum to text to Jen and the girls. He then put the phone down, got up and
was going to the washroom but then stopped and had a grin on his face. He grabbed my
hair and took me into the washroom with him. Made me sit in the bath and
open my mouth. I resisted but he slapped my face and pushed my mouth open and
started pissing inside it. I was choking on his hot piss and it was going all
over my face, my hair and body. He was a dirty fucker. He took pics of me like that.
Then he saw a funnel lying around and had another smirk on his face. He
made me lie down on the bathmat on my back, ass up in the air and stuck the funnel
in my ass hole By that time, I was so humiliated that I was numb. He was
laughing and directed his cock towards the funnel. I was confused for a while till I
heard a splash. He was pissing in the funnel...and directly into my ass.
My ass was filling up with his hot urine. Darren took a few more pics of me in that
position, funnel sticking out of my ass hole filled to the brim with his
piss...Then he put his clothes on and left.
He showed all the photos to Jen, Laura and Taylor at the next foursome with the
ladies and they all texted me hilarious messages, hilarious to them that is.
Jen now wants me to join all the girls at Darren's place one night but Darren says
he is not gay and doesn't want to be seen doing a guy, no matter how little
of a man I was. But at the same time, whenever the girls weren't available, his
visits to me had become somewhat regular. He had told the girls that it was
just better than masturbating at home by hand and the girls agreed that it was also
helping my marriage as I was part of the sexual circle too. In a very

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