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Mary's First Black Cock

Mary was a very attractive but shy 18 year old who was born and raised in Iowa. Mary was about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighted in at about 100 pounds even. She had wavy blonde hair and beautiful light blue eyes. She had had a sheltered life and she knew it. In her high school graduation class there were only 6 black students.

Mary was always raised to be friends with everyone, but only close friends with people like herself. It would have been a scandal in her f****y if she would have ever dated one of the black students. Mary herself was friends with the black k**s, but admittedly thought she would never date a black person.

Mary had had enough of her small town and to her parents disappointment had decided to go to a college in Chicago. When Mary met her room mate Tasha and discovered she was black, Mary was a little nervous. After a few weeks though Mary and Tasha quickly became friends and Mary felt bad for many of the stereo types that she had about black people.

The one thing that did bother Mary was Tasha's b*****r Tyrone and 2 of his friends. She felt that these 3 represented everything bad about black people. They were truly ghetto! All 3 wore baggy clothing like the rap stars wore with their large platinum chains and spoke in their gansta slang.

The worse thing though was the way they stared at Mary, it made her so uncomfortable. When ever Mary came into the dorm room and these guys were around they would look her body up and down and snicker. Tasha had warned them to leave Mary alone but they kept it up. Deep down the thing that made Mary the most uncomfortable about the guys staring at her was the fact that it was starting to turn her on, especially Tyrone. Besides the way he dressed he was an attractive guy.

Mary was short and had always been attracted to large guys even though her last and only boyfriend was only 5 feet 9 inches. Tyrone on the other hand was on the college basketball team and stood at 6 feet 5 inches and was about 220 pounds of all muscle.

One day while Mary was alone in her dorm room she heard a knock on the door. When she answered she saw it was Tyrone by himself. He had just come from practice and said he was here to see if Tasha wanted to go our for lunch. Mary told him that Tashsa was not in. Tyrone smiled and asked could he come in and take a shower so he would not have to go all the way back to his dorm before he went to find himself something for lunch. Mary was still kind of intimidated by Tyrone, mainly for his size, but did not want to be rude to her friends b*****r so she told him to come on in.

When Tyrone came out of the bathroom he was wearing nothing but a towel, his brown skin still wet. Mary tried not to make her staring obvious but it was hard. Tyrone's chest was large and cut and his waist was small with rock hard abs. Tyrone smiled at Mary when he caught her looking and asked her if she liked what she saw. Mary gave Tyrone a look of disgust, but they both knew that she did like what she saw. Tyrone walked over to Tasha's bed were he had left is gym bag and pulled out a T shirt and a pair of sweat pants.

Mary was still watching Tyrone out of the corner of her eye when to her disbelief Tyrone let his towel drop to the floor. Mary could do nothing but stare at the huge monster black cock that lived between Tyrone's muscular legs. Tyrone's cock was at least 7 inches or more while limp and was already as thick as Mary's forearm. The shaft was dark and the head a dark purple which was as large as a large egg. Mary had not even noticed that she had stopped breathing. Her eyes stayed on Tyrone's cock for about a minute straight before they moved up to meet his smiling face.

Tyrone pointed to the picture of Mary's boyfriend beside her bed and asked her if her boyfriend had anything like this. As he said this he grabbed his cock and gave it a couple of strokes. Mary told him he was disgusting and told him to leave. Tyrone laughed as he put on his sweat pants and shirt. mary could still see the large bulge in the front of his pants, it was obvious he was starting to get aroused. It was also obvious to Mary that she was also getting wet. After Tyrone left Mary fingered herself to two orgasms thinking about his cock. He was right her boyfriend had nothing like that. Mary's boyfriend's cock was less than 6 inches hard and not very thick. It had always been fine to Mary, but now all she could think about was thick black cock.

Mary never told Tasha about this incident mainly because she wanted Tyrone to keep coming over. She was really starting to enjoy him staring at her and making lewd comments about her ass or tits. Of course like any good girl she pretended to be upset but his behavior, but deep down she was loving it. She even found a magazine of Tasha's with naked black men all with large cock's. When ever she was alone she would get this magazine out and masturbate thinking of Tyrone pumping his huge cock into her tight pink pussy.

One day while Mary was alone in the dorm feeling very horn she decided to get the magazine and take care of herself. She climbed on her bed with the magazine and started masturbating. Her pussy was getting soaked as she was rubbing her clit and looking at the pictures of the large black cocks. Mary's eyes were closed and her breathing was becoming rapid, she knew a strong orgasm was on it's way. It was about that time that the door knob started to turn and Mary realized she had forgot to lock the door. Just before the door opened mary was able to pull her cover's up to her neck covering her naked body, but in doing this the magazine feel to the floor.

It was about that time that Tyrone walked in the door. Tyrone looked down at Mary and knew exactly what she had been doing. Mary's face was red and flush, her forehead had beads fo sweat running down, and more than that Tyrone could smell the scent of wet cuchie. Tyrone smiled seeming very happy about the situation that he had walked into. Mary on the other hand had never been so embarrassed in her life. Mary quickly ordered Tyrone to get out, but instead he walked over to her bed still wearing a smug smile on his face.

As Tyrone walked over to the bed he noticed that he stepped on something, as he looked down he saw it was the magazine filled with huge black cocks. Tyrone leaned down and picked up the magazine and held it out. Tyrone laughed as he said he now knew what Mary thought about when she finger fucked herself. Mary was horrified and also extremely aroused. As she sat up and grabbed the magazine out of Tyrone's hands she had forgotten that she was naked under the covers and let both of her tit's be exposed. She still had not realized this until Tyrone reached out and let his large hand cup her right tit. He started to rub his thumb over Mary's very hard sensitive nipple. Mary could not help but let out a soft moan. Tyrone laughed again and said you like that don't you you white bitch. Mary suddenly came back to herself and pushed Tyrone's hand away.

Tyrone reached down and started rubbing his huge cock that now stretching beneath his baggy jeans. Mary stared at the large bulge and seemed to be hypnotized by it. She looked up at Tyrone's smiling face as he pulled his shirt over his head. Tyrone's dark muscular chest and abs were exposed and Mary again felt her pussy starting to get soaked. Mary's mind was racing, could she actually do this was she going to let this huge black man touch her. Mary sat watching while Tyrone let is pants drop to the floor and stood just wearing his boxers.

Tyrone reached out with his large black hand and slowly pulled the cover off from Mary's nude body. Mary sat there staring at Tyrone and did nothing to stop him from exposing her. Tyrone's eyes moved up and down Mary's small white body, she was completely naked except. Tyrone reached down and touched her foot with his hand and let his fingers slowly move up her leg coming all the way up to the edge of her waxed pussy. Tyrone then let his middle finger slip into Mary's tight pussy which almost made Mary loose her breath. She could not believe the thickness of his finger, it was probably as large as her boyfriends cock.

Tyrone then pulled his boxers down to the floor exposing his rock hard cock that was at least 10 inches long and incredibly thick. Tyrone smiled down at Mary as her eyes were locked onto his enormous cock. Tyrone slowly started stroking it and asked Mary had she every seen anything so fucking beautiful, all Mary could do was shake her head no.

Tyrone climbed onto the bed and started stroking his cock a few inches from Mary's face. Mary was scared and excited at the same time see this huge black cock so close to her. Tyrone stopped stroking as Mary reached out and grabbed the dangerous black python. Mary could not believe this, her hand could not even come close to wrapping around the monster cock. Mary slowly started stroking the cock watching the huge dark purple head swelling and leaking precum from it's tip. The head looked as if it was almost the size of a tennis ball. As Mary stroked the huge cock in amazement she watched the large sack of balls below slowly swing back and forth.

Tyrone broke the silence by asking Mary "Are you going to suck my cock or what bitch?" The snap scared Mary but at the same time made her pussy pulse. Mary normally would never let someone talk to her like this, but for some reason it was making her so horny. Mary leaned her head forward and let her lips start to wrap around the huge cock head. At about that time Tyrone grabbed the back of Mary's head and pulled it forward stuffing his cock into her mouth. Mary gagged at first but kept sucking his cock. Tyrone was moaning as he quickly moved Mary's head back and forth. The cock filled Mary's mouth up so much that she could not even swallow. The more the cock pumped in and out of her mouth, saliva and cum started leaking out of her mouth and running down her tits.

Tyrone then pulled his cock out and told Mary to lay her white bitch ass down. Mary laid on her back and Tyrone climbed in between her legs. Tyrone pulled Mary's legs up in the air so that each one of her feet were touching each side of Tyrone's face. Tyrone started sucking Mary's toes while at the same time rubbing his cock head across her clit. This made Mary's whole body shake at the touch of Tyrone's cock head across her clit.

As Tyrone reached down guided the head of his cock into Mary's pussy Mary took a deep breath to prepare herself, but nothing could prepare her for this fuck. Tyrone thrusted his cock in and Mary let out a loud yell. She felt as if she was being split in half. Tyrone started pumping harder and harder and Mary felt her pussy walls stretching wider and wider. Mary's moans became louder and louder as she felt her pussy starting to spasm around Tyrone's huge black cock.

After Mary's orgasm Tyrone filled her over onto her stomach and told her to put her white ass up in the air. Mary squeezed her pillow as she raised her ass up high. She felt Tyrone behind her and his large hands spread her ass cheeks apart. With little warning Tyrone thrusted his cock back into Mary's pussy. Again Mary felt a powerful orgasm come over her, she even tore her pillow cover she was so overwhelmed with passion.

Tyrone then pulled his cock out and sprayed several streams of cum all over Mary's asshole rubbing it in with his cock head. Mary collapsed onto her bed totally exhausted, her pussy sore and throbbing. Mary's eyes were closed and she was lying face down on her pillow as she heard Tyrone laughing. Tyrone wiped the cum and pussy juice off his cock using Mary's bed sheet smiling down at his conquest. Mary did not open her eyes until she head the door slam behind Tyrone. She looked to her night stand and stared at the picture of her boyfriend. Mary was ashamed of what she had just done, but she did not regret it. Deep down Mary knew she was now hooked on black cock.

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