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Nexpected Hot Night With Mom

The stories really got me thinking about my fantasies concerning my mother. I was just curious about i****t when I discovered this site and I had no prior i****t experience to share until last week.visit on to see full series of these stories
From as far as I can remember, I always looked at mom as just regular ol'mom - until I hit puberty. I started noticing all the different things that separated boys from girls: tits, round hips and ass, and of course, their sweet and delicious pussy. I first had sex when I was 15 with a girl who was just a year younger than me. From that point on, I understood first hand what the birds and the bees were all about. And why I had these weird feelings for my mother, that at first, I didn't understand, but now it was crystal clear to me. At about that age (15-16) I started bringing my friends over and I'll never forget what Eric Simmison said to me. Man, your mom is hot! I was shocked and I didn't know what to say. I got myself together and told him to "cool-off, that's mom, dude!" Every since then, I knew I wasn't weird for having the hots for my mom. She was drop dead gorgeous then and she's drop dead gorgeous now.
For 17 years, I kept this attraction for my mom in check and never acted on them. So here's where my current story begins. My mom and I were driving up to Lake Tahoe for a week, to meet up with my dad, b*****r, and a bunch of other f****y members in the cabin. Like most working Americans, I couldn't get off of work on time, to meet and take off with the f****y on the designated day. My mother was in the same boat, or should I say car. She too, had a lot to do at work and decided to carpool with me until the next day. Well, we didn't exactly start bright and early on our trip to Tahoe. My mother did her packing and shopping before the roadtrip on the same day, which caused us to leave in the late afternoon.
We were in the mountains by 9PM and it was snowing real bad. I was tired and hungry, so we decided to call it quits and pulled over to some cafe for food.
When we were seated, I was so happy that I didn't have to drive anymore. I hated the drive up from the Bay Area to Tahoe. I was glad that I was here with mom alone, not because I was horny and I wanted to get into her pants, but because it's been a while since we sat down and talked, just the two of us. My mother started talking about her many projects at work and in the low lighting I started to realize again how sexy she was. My mother was hot, even at 54, I thought. My mother took off her heavy coat and exposed a tight, low-cut, black sweater. Her gorgeous D cups were screaming at me to look at them. (I know her cup size from all the times I would infiltrate my parents bedroom and check-out my moms undies and bra.) I took notice immediately the cleavage that was infront of me. My mother noticed that I noticed! She looked down at her cleavage in mid sentece and, with a smile, told me to behave. I laughed and said, "sorry mom, you are a hot one!" I could not believe I just said that! I think mom was thinking that too, until finally she started to laugh, as well. That was a real relief! At that point, I didn't know whether that was an appropriate thing to say. From there, she asked me how a young guy like me would be attracted to old woman like her. I just told her the truth, I said that she was hot. My mother kept her self in great shape, she was intelligent, and also very caring. All those things equal up to being a hot catch, I told her. She told me I was sweet and she also told me that she got a lot of compliments from younger guys. Well, they were more like c'mons, she said. She said she never took them seriously and she never had a reason to take them seriously, since she was more than happy being with my father. Through out the time she was telling me all this, my mother was sitting forward, pushing her gorgeous tits toward me. The beautiful, tanned, and frekkled cleavage was jutting forward from the low-cut sweater. I couldn't help myself, my eyes were completely drawn to them. I kept eye contact with mom, but every now and then I'd move down to those gorgeous globes. I know she saw me looking. I think the more I looked, the more she did it.
I wasn't sure what to think at this point. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I was so hard, it took me a while to start urinating. I started to think that this could be the night that something could happen. I went back to the table and dinner was served. Over dinner, we got into the conversation on girlfriends and lovers. I told her that I'm dating a few girls, but nothing serious. I brought up the fact that there is this one woman who was 14 years older than me that I was seeing occassionally. I could tell mom was stunned when I said this. Are you sl**ping with her, she asked. I told her yes, I wasn't going to lie. At this point, my devilish mind was starting to work up a strategy. I told her, why not!? If a man is attracted to a woman and the woman feels the same, then why not!? Age is nothing, it's the chemistry that counts, I told mom. I could tell mom was thinking about what I just said. Well, it's your life hun, I just hope you're protecting yourself, mom said. I told her I was and that I was very careful. I looked in her eyes and I told her that I loved older woman. Mom didn't break the stare as she lowered her lips to her drink straw. I told her too that the older woman I'm bedding is also a mother of two. Both of the k**s are grown adults. Now why would you want to waste your time with a older woman? She said. A good looking young man, you can get girls your age, why an older woman. Most men are crazy about the young ones, aren't you? She asked. Mom, there are lots of things that I love about older woman. If I told you, I think it would be a little inappropriate. I mean, your mom! Shoot, I'm not that much of a tight pants! I'm curious now that you've brought this up. Mom said.
Feeling a bit akward with all the people around, I told my mom we should talk about this somewhere else. She agreed and so we finished up our dinner and decided to check in to a small hotel that was down the highway from the cafe. There was only one room left, we were lucky - especially me. There was only one bed, a queen. I could tell my mom was a little unsure about the sl**ping situation when I told her there was only this room and only one bed. I offered to sl**p on the floor, but she wouldn't allow it.
When we finally got to our room, I let my mom get ready for bed first as I brought in more of our bags. My mother came out of the bathroom with this silk white robe that came down to her mid-thigh. I also saw her cleavage peeking out from the top. I'm sure this sl**ping attire wasn't meant for my eyes to see, but I was non the less enjoying every minute of it. My mother saw me checking her out. She smiled and blushed and decided to play along. So what do you think? She asked. She raised her hands out to each side and walked accross the motel room and turned with her hands falling to hour glass hips. I told her she looked beautiful and gave her a wink. She returned the wink as I walked in the bathroom. Learning from some of the stories in the forum, I left the door open while I stripped and hopped in the shower. She didn't come in once, to grap her brush, but to my disappointment that was it. I got out of the shower and decided to go out to the room in just my towel. I walked accross the room to my bag. I told her I forgot to grab my clothes before going over to the bathroom. I don't think she caught on to what I just did, I did that on purpose. I saw her smiling and watching me in the reflection in the mirror. She was actually checking me out! I thought. Maybe all that talk about older woman and younger men having sex really got her thinking? I hope so...
I walked out of the bathroom wearing just my silk boxers. Mom looked over and asked if I always wore silk boxers to bed. I said, yeah, they feel good, they're comfortable. I slid into the covers with mom. Mom was looking through some magazines and was reading for a few minutes. She finally put the magazines down and slide further into the covers with me. We were both facing each other in the bed when she said, you don't have to tell me (why I love older woman). I told her I'd tell her if she wanted to know. She said, she really didn't have to know. Mom turned around and turned off the light. She rested her head on the pillow facing away from me. Some of the motel parking lot lights were peeking through the blinds and entering the hotel room. I could see the outline of my mother's gorgeous figure. I moved closer and spooned her. I felt her stir a little as she move closer to me. The bed's so much more warmer, now that you're under the covers, she said. I told her I'm glad, cause it's freezing otherwise. When I said my mom was in shape, she isn't a total hard body. She was soft in all the right places and shaped perfectly in my eyes. The feeling of her perfectly round ass by my crouch and the smell of her perfume gave me a raging hard-on. By this time, my hard-on was so big, it left my silk boxers and was now resting on my moms underwear clad butt. I found that her silky one piece had ridden up and exposed rear. I know she could feel my dick. It was riding perfectly between where her crack was. I baried my face into her neck and move my lips to her ears. I was just working on autopilot at this point. I was so horny. I felt moms breathing quicken. I moved my hands around her waist. I found myself kissing my mother in her ears and the back of her neck. I brought us closer with my hands around her waist. I waited for a moment to see what her reaction would be, but there was none - except for her breathing. Less than five minutes ago, we were talking. I'm sure she was still awake.
I waited for a moment, but she didn't move or said a thing. That's fine with me, so I went back and spooned her. It was such a mind blowing feeling, having my mother infront of me, in bed, and both of us barely having any clothes on. My hips started to move slowly, like they had a mind of its own. My mother raised her knees up and positioned her self in the fetal position. I don't know if she meant to do that, but it gave me better acceess to her love spot between her legs in the position that we were in. I slowly grabbed my uncovered cock and placed it against where her pussy lips and anus were. I accidently touched her there when I had a hold of my hard dick and found that it was a hot and moist. Fuck, I was so horny! I didn't care anymore, I had to have her. I ran my forefinger in that region and found her covered pussy lips. I went to the edge of the silky fabric and pulled away the portion of the undies that covered her pussy lips. My mother's back went straight all of a suddent. I felt her take a deep breathe and held it. I didn't care at this point. With my right hand I took my cock and slide it to where my mother's pussy lips were. My head slip in and slip out. My cock's head was on fire! I don't know what it was, maybe it was her vaginal juice that was so hot. I felt her warmth and wanted more of it. Realizing that I was too high, I lowered my body toward the foot of the bed, so I had better access to that hot pussy. I grabbed my cock again with one hand, while the other hand kept the fabric of her undies from covering her pussy. I moved my hips forward, but my move away. I grabbed mom by the hips and mangaged to easily get my head in her pussy. She froze, with my hands on her hips, I started to pump a quarter of my dick in her pussy. I couldn't believe it! I was fuck my hot mother. I wanted it to last and I didn't want to be overly aggressive and slam into her. I kept a steady rhythm with my cock's head going in and out of her. I heard her moaning a little. I slowly slid my whole cock in her. Mom let out a long moan. I had my hands around her waist now. I moved my head over to her head and neck area and kissed her shoulders. I told her it was okay. I pumped her slowly. I could feel myself going crazy inside. I couldn't believe how ready I was to come! My mom wouldn't look at me. I called out to her, "mom." I peered around over her shoulders to look at her face. Her eyes were closed with her mouth open. I started to move a little faster with my hips and saw her face and her hair bouncing back and forth from my thrusts below. I reached around and turned her head softly. She didn't open her eyes, but kept moaning. The site of her open lips were turning me on. I leaned further and kissed her, tongue and all. At first, I didn't get a response. I frenched her a handful of times, but nothing. Feeling that I was about to come, I started to slam home into my moms pussy from the rear. She started moaning louder and finally, she started to french me back. This time her repsonse was wild and almost desparate. I couldn't take it anymore. I told her I was going to come. Mom's eyes opened wide and pulled away from our kissing. Mom violently shook her head side to side to tell me NO. She had this shocked, almost terrified look. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder. Her look of disapproval slightly went away, as she continued to moan respondingly from my rear thrusts. We were both looking at eachother now, for the first time. This set me off! I grabbed mom by her hips and barried my cock deep in her pussy and blew every bit of seman I could muster. My orgasim was so intense that I didn't even notice my mother's own orgasic eruption. Mom's body shook and continued to shake for another few minutes. I felt myself go semi-soft, but I left my cock in her slick pussy and continued to slowly thrust my hip for her. As her orgasim slowed, my cock was at fool staff again. I got up and spread her legs wide. Mom said, "again!?" She had a completely startled look on her face. I said yes. I got between her legs, missionary style, and buried my cock in her soaked pussy. She moaned and grabbed both of my shoulders with hands. I pumped her nice and slow this time. I kissed her passionately and she returned them. I pumped slow for 25 minutes. I felt myself ready to come again, so I reached underneath and grabbed both of my mom's butt cheeks and started to move faster. Yesss, that's it. Fuck me like! You're hitting me at the right spot. I pumped her really deep for a few more minutes and we both had a violent orgasim together. God, how this middle aged woman can fuck! I've never came that way before in my life.
I was with mom in bed and we just had a fantastic orgasmic session together on our second round. I slumped over, but I didn’t flatten her. I was quite aware that I was much bigger than her and would probably hurt her if my 200 lb frame just went limp on top of her. Mom is 5’4 and I’m 6’0. I did a push up and felt my head get caught on the elastic band. Good thing that I’m a push up freak, I was able to stop in time and hold my push up position before my head was yanked off. That would have been painful! I reached under to move my cock head out of the fabric and found that my mom’s undies were just saturated with my semen and vaginal juice. It didn’t occur to me that her undies were still on! When I mounted her, I had absolutely no problem accessing my mother’s pussy. I looked down and saw, in the dim light, my mothers glistening pussy lips. Her pussy lips were huge! Her lips actually held her undies to the side! That’s what made my entry so easy, I thought. Don’t get me wrong guys; my mom’s pussy is not in any way loose. On the contrary, her pussy is actually very tight. It’s the fact that her pussy lips kept the undies from getting in the way of my dick sliding in her that made the entry quick and easy.

My mouth was literally watering just looking at her pussy. Yummy, I thought to myself! I slid down on the bed, from my knees to my belly. At this point, I was now flat facing mom’s spread legs. I grabbed mom’s undies from both ends of her lovely hips and dragged them down her legs until I had them free. My mother raised her head from off the pillow and looked over between her legs. I could tell mom still couldn’t shake the fact that she was having sex with her own son. The frown and unsure look returned to my mother’s face. I smiled at her and caressed her smooth legs as I kept my eyes on hers. I told her that I loved her and cared for and all was well. After saying that, I looked down on her hot pussy. The mixture of cum was oozing out of her pussy lips, down to her anus and on to the bed. I took my finger and wiped the slippery ooze off her. Mom shuddered as I did this. I smiled at her. She closed her eyes and drew her head back with her mouth open. Mmmm…. yes, I thought. In my head, I thought - gosh mom, you have this totally sexy look that just comes natural to you. Shockingly, I actually thought of dad for a few seconds and envied him for having mom as a lover all these years. You are mine tonight! I said out load. The words just came out and I saw my mother bring her head back to the front to look at me. I took a deep breathe and plunged myself between my mothers spread legs.
My tongue found her wet opening. I licked slowly up and down her slit. I felt both her legs tremble as I continued to lick softly, up and down her pussy lips. I can hear mom moan a little and her breathing again was becoming labored. Her hands dropped to my head and pulled away. I kept licking softly on the outer lips of her vagina and all the while her hands would grab my head and pull away. I can tell she was torn inside. I heard her whimpering a little. That’s when I decided to stop. I got up and wiped the pussy juice (and probably cum, too) from my face and placed my self next to mom. Mom was now on my right side. I placed my right arm around her head and under her pillow. I took her in my arms as she continued to cry. I told her it was going to be okay. She said she just wanted to lie here, if that was okay. I said, absolutely, mom. Her face was covered with tears. I took a tissue from the tissue box from off the nightstand and gave it to her. She wiped off her face and her tears. I did some wiping myself and told her everything was okay. I really didn’t know what to say, come to think of it. The real world was starting to materialize in front of me. I rubbed my mother’s shoulders and back to reassure her that I was there for her. But again, the feeling of her soft skin was like a bolt of electricity to my libido. I looked down to my mother’s face and found my eyes trailing off to my mother’s gorgeous tits. I couldn’t believe it, I just fucked my mother twice and not once did I touch those beautiful breasts. I took my left hand off my mom’s back and brought it underneath her right arm. I delicately took hold of my mother’s right breast and softly squeezed it. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. My mother was crying for Christ sakes! I thought. Here I was being the all time pig, as my hormones were taking over once again. My mother started to moan a little, but suddenly grabbed my hand that was massaging her breast. She looked up at me and said, “Carl, let’s just lie here and just hold each other, okay hun?” I felt ashamed of what I just did, for the first time. I realized that I was pushing it and wasn’t respecting her wishes. I nodded and held her. I don’t know what happened after that, the next thing I knew it was morning.
I looked at the time and found my mother next to me in bed. It was half past 7 and it looked like a gorgeous day outside. I looked under the sheets to see if everything that I remembered from last night was real and not just a dream. What I found told me everything I needed to know. I saw my beautiful 53 year old mom with her one piece hiked up to her tits, exposing the whole lovely package. I slid off the bed, trying not to wake her. I already had my morning hard-on and I didn’t want my dick to get too hard cause peeing wasn’t going to happen if that was the case. I did my business in the bathroom and walked over to the heater to turn it on. With the heater turned on, I slide back under the sheets with mom. I found mom turned away from me. I went over behind her and looked over to see her face. I lifted the sheets and started to pull the sheets down. The morning light was now starting to creep into our room and I wanted to see my mother’s hot body in its full glory. I didn’t completely expose her to the cool air of our hotel room. I raised the blanket enough to get a good look at my youthful mother. She was damn sexy for her age, I thought. At that moment, mom slowly opened her eyes. I said good morning and she returned the greeting. She smiled at me and said nothing. Mom got up. She was feeling a little awkward being half naked in front of her son. She saw that I was still naked as she pulled a little of the sheets away as she was getting up. She apologized and walked quickly to the bathroom. I followed her with my eyes as she walked around the bed and into the bathroom. Mom shut the door and locked it. I heard the shower running for a half hour and she finally emerged after a full hour and a half. I told her I was starting to get worried. She said she needed to be alone and a good bath was something that she did when she needed to think things through when there’s a situation that needed sorting. We sat on the edge of the bed talking. She told me she wasn’t sure what exactly happened last night. Yes, she acknowledges that we had sex, but was that the right thing to do? I assured her that to me, it was right and it was perfect. I told her that I enjoyed it and asked if she did. She paused and agreed that she too enjoyed it. That’s when she started to cry again. She stood up with her face in her hands. Her beautiful red hair came loose as the towel on her head came apart and fell to the floor. I stood up immediately and wrapped my arms around my mother. In the process, her robe loosened and eventually opened as I came forward with my embrace. Her robe was wide open and her D cups were pressed against my abs. My cock responded, after feeling my mom’s naked tits against my bare stomach. I’m sure it was my hard-on that set off what she said next. “Oh Carl, what’s happening to us?” “I don’t know about this?” “You’re still my son and that’s so important to me.” Mom said. Tears were running down my mom’s eyes now. I moved forward and took some tissue from the nightstand and wiped her face. I looked at her face and saw a naturally beautiful face that needed no make-up at all. I was realizing that after last night, I was actually looking at mom in a totally different way. My mother was still looking at me as her little son. I think I was starting to understand the difference between what my mother expected of me and what I expected of her. I wanted her to see me as a man and not just her little boy. I wanted to her to see me as someone whom she can have an intimate relationship with. I didn’t think of all this at that point in time. It’s actually taken me a week to rationalize all of this, but I knew that I wanted her to see me as her lover and not her son in that moment.
I held her and rocked her side to side, telling her that everything was going to be fine. No one is hurt, I told her. Dad doesn’t need to know. Mike (my b*****r) doesn’t need to know. Our relatives and our friends don’t need to know. She looked up, with tears on her face. She looked into my eyes and shook her head, indicating that she didn’t agree with all this. I leaned forward and kissed her. As I did this, my hands moved to my shorts and I pulled them down. They eventually fell to the floor with ease. Her eyes went wide and she froze again. She had that unsure look from last night. I kissed her again and this time I inserted my tongue. I heard a slight moan come from her. I knew I was turning her on; there was no mistaking it. I brought both hands up to dislodge her rob from off her shoulders. Realizing what I was doing, mom tried to catch the robe, but she reacted too slowly as her robe dropped to the floor. Mom closed her eyes and looked away. She took a deep breath and right before she could say anything, I swooped her off her feet. I took both my hands and reached under and behind her. I grabbed her where her ass and thighs met and picked her up. Her legs spread quickly as I raised her up and towards me. My cock was sticking straight up and curbing towards the ceiling. I raised her high enough for me to finally suck on those beautiful tits. My mother didn’t say a thing. Her arms were wrapped loosely around my neck. I kept licking and sucking on her huge tits. I looked up from her right breast and saw her head tilted back, looking up at the ceiling. I took my tongue and ran it from her right nipple, up to her neck. I kissed and licked her on her neck and then to her ears. From underneath, I reached around her juicy ass with my right hand and found my cock. No doubt, I wanted to fuck her again and make her see that I was her man. My left hand was now supporting her weight and at the same time, I was spreading her left ass cheek with it. With some coordination down below, I jabbed at my mother’s partially shaved mound with my rock hard dick and after several tries; I found the opening of her pussy. I felt my cock become engulfed in a sensation of warmth and velvet wetness. Ooooooh God… was the only thing that my mother said as I entered her. I kissed her neck, her ears, her cheeks and eventually her soft lips as I lifted her up and down on my hard cock. There was no turning back in my mind, I thought. I wanted mom to see me as her lover. I was determined. I fucked mom furiously for 12 minutes standing and against the wall. I kept my cool and tried my best not to cum too quickly. That wasn’t the case for my mother. “Oh God! I’m going to cum, honey!” Mom kept on moaning, until she was actually cumming. When she came, she started to thrash her head violently and started to scream. I thought the people next door or even management was going to come knocking at our door to see if there was any trouble. Mom finally realized what she was doing and covered her mouth. She tried her best to control herself, but it was no use. I never realized that mom was a screamer. This hot cake really knew how to turn me on! After mom had her big O, I brought mom over to the bed and set her down at the edge. I told her to turn over doggie style. She nodded and didn’t hesitate to show me her perfectly round ass. I move forward as I stood and entered my mother’s hot pussy. I saw our reflection on the other side of the room. Mom looked up and saw me watching from the mirror. I looked at her, in her eyes, and I didn’t have to say a thing. Her eyes would close now and then from the pleasure of being fucked, but non-the less, kept her eyes locked with mine throughout the doggie ride. While still fucking mom doggie style, I move and hovered over her. I over to left side and started to kiss and French her left ear. She turned her head to meet my lips and we started to French passionately. I noticed mom’s pussy was starting to dry up a little. She apologized; she said it was her old age. I told her don’t be. I pulled out of her and started to eat out doggy style. God, her pussy was sweet. I licked and sucked her pussy for good long time, enough time so that I had enough saliva in her hole to fuck her again. I mounted her again doggie style and we both looked at each other in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how sexy my mother looked. She literally looked like a porn star being fucked. She closed her eyes and started to lick her lips. Her red hair was a mess now and her wet curls were dangling over her face. She whipped her head back, forcing her red curls to go back, but it was no use. My thrusting in the rear was rocking her head back and forth and curls just kept on falling. Mom was completely free of her inhibitions. As I pumped my cock deep in her, she said in a moaning way “yeah…, yeah…, yes” over and over. I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to cum!! I told her I was going to cum. I grabbed her tits from underneath and used them to pull her in as I fucked her hard. Mom was screaming again, no doubt cumming herself. I felt the rush from inside my balls to my hard cock. The shock waves convulsed throughout my body and down my abdomen. In my final thrust, I felt my cock erupt. With every bit of satisfaction, I grunted and emptied my balls in my mother’s pussy. There is something satisfying about cumming in a woman or with someone you are attracted to or love. I almost felt like I was one with my mother at that point.
I pulled out and we rested a bit and talked. We decided to keep this to ourselves. After mom took her final shower, I seduced her again for another fuck session. This time, I got a chance to really eat her pussy and she got a chance to suck me off. I fucked her again for the second time that day and left her pussy soaked and dripping with my cum. The bags were in the car and the time was already well into the afternoon when we finished our last fuck and suck session. To my satisfaction, she didn’t have time to wash off her pussy before the drive to Tahoe and before she would meet my dad. I know that’s a strange thing to say but I almost feel like I want to leave my mark on my mom to let everyone know she’s mine. I love me dad with all my heart, but to each his own. I found out over this weekend that I love fucking his wife. I know that sounds awful to the regular person, but that’s one of the consequences of i****t – you find out you love it, so you keep going back for more. Disappointingly, mom was still a little unsure about our relationship. I understood and respected how she felt. When we finally hooked-up with the rest of the f****y, it was weird to see my mom in my dad’s arms again. Mom and I didn’t do anything during the week, my dad was around too much and we couldn’t find any time alone. At the end of the week, saying our good-byes, I reached under and gave mom’s ass a full squeeze and a quick open mouth kiss. She looked at me and smiled. I can’t wait to fuck her again. It’s been two days now since I last saw her. Dad will be away this coming weekend, which means I’ll invite mom over my house. I hope she accepts. Wish me luck!
I just got off with my mother on the phone and she just told me something really startling. She told me that her menstrual period just started again today. I thought, “What!” My 53-year-old mom is still capable of having babies, I said to myself. I told her I was a little surprised, but not so much, considering mom really takes good care of herself. I asked her if she was ever worried about getting pregnant during our pit stop up to Tahoe. She said, no not really. She hasn’t had her period for the last 8 months, which she said was common for most women her age. The chances of her getting pregnant were still possible, but slim. Although, the thought of possibly being pregnant did enter her mind throughout the course of the week, as she did worry a little about her own son impregnating her. I asked her if it ever did happen, what would you do? She said she would keep it and would tie her tubes, so there wouldn’t be any more surprises. I said, is this the green light, the go-ahead, that we would continue our relationship? She said, maybe. All right!! I said to myself. Homerun for me! I get to fuck her again and again and again! But this still left me wondering about my mothers’ ability to make babies. What if she got pregnant, especially with me! I asked in all seriousness, how would we pull that one off? The whole f****y is going to know she’s prego and then what!? I asked her if she was going to say it was dad that got her pregnant to end all questions. She said partly jokingly, “of course that’s what I’m going to say, silly! You don’t seriously think that I’m going to announce to the whole world, especially to our f****y, that my own son got me pregnant!” She started laughing, but became serious again. She went on to say that she would have sex with dad at least once, or if she’s lucky, twice a week. And every one of those fuck sessions, dad would spill is load in her. So the chances of dad being suspicious would be zero and it would make the perfect cover. I was feeling a little dishonest at this point. I felt like I was backstabbing my own father. He’s really a great guy and I love him lots, but now that I know how it is to fuck mom, there is definitely no turning back, at least for me. The chemistry with mom when we have sex is mind-bogglingly-feel–oh-so-good-addictive! I think those are the perfect words to best describe my experience with her.
I asked her how she’s feeling about us. She says she’s not all that confused anymore. She knows that she loves having sex with me and that she hasn’t had sex like that in a long time, she went on to correct herself, “it’s been years as a matter of fact.” But she still loves me as her son and she made it firm that her love as a mother will not change. She wanted to drill it in me that she is a mother first and my lover second. What she said caused me to really think about us and what we were doing. All I could really say at that point was okay, I agreed. I really felt my love come out for my mom at that point. Not as a hot and horny lover, but a son who really cares and loves his mom. Any way, I’m going to end it here. We are going to meet this weekend. Dad is away for just an overnighter, so we’ll only have one night together. Oh well, one night is better than nothing. I was ecstatic non the less. I asked her if she wanted me to use protection. She said she felt it wasn’t necessary, but if it made me feel better, it was okay with her. I thought about it and told her I wasn’t going to use any contraceptive. There was no way I was going to give that up. I told you guys how much I love cumming in her and that leaving my hot seed in my own mother left me with a rewarding sense of satisfying a primal lust that is only satisfied by doing the ultimate deed.
Here’s a quick update for everyone, this morning I decided to skip my morning run and instead drove a half-hour out to my folks house to see mom before she took off for work. Well, the traffic was horrendous on southbound 101, even at 6A. It took me almost an hour to get my parents house. I knew my dad was out of the house by 6:30A and my mom would just be getting up by then. I finally arrived at their house and proceeded to look for the spare key that my parents kept by the front door of the house. Damn it, I couldn’t find it! After 5 minutes of lifting flowerpots, rocks, and everything else in the front garden; my mom opens the front door, to my surprise. Hello, can I help you! She said in a teasing and sarcastic way. I looked up and smiled at her. Man she looked hot, even after just rolling out of bed. I told her I was the gardener and was here to fertilizer her bush. She laughed with a single loud “Ha!” while she covered her mouth in almost disbelief of what I just said to her. She then answered with, “We’ll have to see about that, that is if you’re good. But first, lets have a little coffee and some breakfast.” After saying that, she turned to walk to the kitchen, leaving me to shut the door and follow her. I watched her round ass and exceptional figure in her long towel robe as she walked ahead of me. My hard-on was on and my hormones took a jumpstart when I saw her ass and figure. She went to the corner of the kitchen where the coffee maker was and poured two cups of coffee. I came up behind her and with my left hand, I slid between her legs to where her pussy was located and with my right hand I took a hand full of her ass. She moaned a little and quickly turned around. She put her hand on my chest to tell me to stop and put a finger to my lips to keep quiet. She said to me that we need to sit down first before we do anything else. God, this woman has some serious restraints inside herself (good restraints, that is). Mom’s always been a tough cookie, which I’ve always admired about her. Or maybe she wasn’t all that horny for me? Hmmm…I was a little worried.

We talked and had breakfast for almost a half-hour. She said she had to go upstairs and get ready. She got up and collected the plates, cups and everything else, which I helped her with and proceeded out of the kitchen and into the living room. I followed her there and asked if I could join her up in her bedroom, just to test out the waters, since she spoke nothing at all about last weekend. She acted like nothing had happened. I told myself this wasn’t a cause for worry. She said sure (thank god), so she turned around and I followed that sexy ass all the way up the staircase. God, my mother’s sexy ass and hips were swaying side-to-side in perfect display. Mom was driving me crazy and she wasn’t even trying! As we were walking up, she talked about her unfinished projects at work and all the managerial drama that came along with it. Little did she know, I began to undress as we were walking up – I undid my belt and eventually had my pants falling by the time we got to the bedroom door. My mother stopped and turned as we entered, she put both hands up to her mouth and said, “oh my god!” and giggled like a little schoolgirl.

At this point, I already had my shorts down to the ground and my raging hard-on out in the open air. With one quick move, I grabbed both ends of the front side of her towel robe and opened them. My jaw dropped! Underneath the robe, mom had on a really sexy black silky one piece that was tight as the top and loose toward the bottom. The top showed off her cleavage nicely, as I decided I wanted to have her tits for an after breakfast snack. I bent down and grabbed the soft material that covered my mother’s right breast and moved it over to expose that gorgeous tit. Once her tit was free, I just started to suck and lick the soft pink nipples. I massaged and played with the other tit over the fabric as she started to moan. I looked up and saw mom’s classic ‘I’m in ecstasy look,’ with her head tilted back and her mouth open - man what a hottie mom I have! Without missing a beat, I ran my tongue up to her chest, to neck, and up to ear. I had her in my arms by this time and couldn’t wait to kiss her in her lips. Our lips connected and my hands fell to both of her ass cheeks. We French kissed for almost 10 minutes on our feet as I squeezed and massaged her perfectly round ass. My right hand slid over to the front and found her neatly manicured bush. When I found her pussy, it was soaked! “Honey, wait a minute,” she loosely said in between kisses. She must have been so turned on to see me. At least, that’s what I naturally thought was the case. Mom is definitely ready for some serious fucking, I thought. I squatted down and grabbed both butt cheeks and swooped her up off her feet.

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