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Day before Christmas

I am home alone , Tom was playing golf. Sandro a guy works in our village is cutting trees in front. I go to the door in silk shorts and t shirt, wearing NO bra my nipples vbery hard and sensitive. I ask sandro in for water, but i really want to make him horny. He come in I give him water spilling some on my shirt making it wet and my hard nipple can now be seen. He is looking and I ask if he like. He does. He know what I want and he touches my nipple. Mypussy is so wet, my nipples so hard. He now is pinching it hard and I am getting wetter. He put water glass down and pushes me to couch. My legs spread open and he see I have no panty on. He puts his hands on my titties and rubs them so hard, I can see him get hard. He take one hand and put it in my pants and he feel my wet pussy. As he rubs my wet pussy it gets so much wetter and he put his finger in my hole and start to finger fuck me. I moan and let him fuck my pussy with his finger. He stops and get up to remove his pants and I see his hard dick. He tell me to kiss it, I put my lips on head od dick and kiss. I open my mouth and he starts to fuck my mouth, slow then faster as i rub his balls which are very hard. He fuck my mouth for long time before he stop. He remove my shorts and and look at my wet pussy, hegets his head between my legs which heputs on his shoulder and begin to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. I cum twice before he stop. He look up and smile, he stand up I see his dick which is leaking juice. He turn me over and put me on all four in doggy style. He rubb his cock on my wet pussy before he enter my pussy. Oh god I moan as he fucks my pussy hard and fast. I rub my own clit as he fucks me with hard deep strokes. I cum again as he keeps fucking me harder. He slow down and starts to slap my butt, soft then hard. He then remove his cock and put it at my butt hole and presses in. I have not haad cock in my butt for long time so it hurt some , but soon the head of his dick was inside my butt and as he slowly fucked my butt I relax and he start to fuck my butt harder. Ipush my body back to his to allow him to fuck my butt deeper after about a minute he started to cum deep in my asshole. He keep fucking until he shoot all his juice deep in my ass. I rub my clit to a final climax and he reove his cock from my butt and I turn around and face him as he puts his still hard cock in my mouth again. I lickthe bottom of his cock as he fucks my face and takes it out and rubs it on my face where finally he shoots another load of juice on my face and titties. As I lick his soft cock and clean it with my tongue he smiles and says thank you mum. He put on his clothes as I lay here naked and cum soaked, he goes back to work. I wanted to share this day with you and I hope you enjoy, knowing my slutty ways . Janet

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