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Friends Mother

Jeff and I where at the bar, everybody we saw out was older crowd 35 and up. Didn't bother me I like older people, they are fun, mature and know how to tend to your needs. I had enough to drink to say I'm not driving. Jeff said I can crash at his place and get my car tomorrow. He said his mom was visiting and that she will be in the guess bedroom. Told him no problem I'll take the couch, plus that's where the projector screen is :)

Jeff's mom is pretty hot for 61 years ripe. She has mostly sliver hair with natural blond highlights, Sexy green eyes, big tits, thick ass. Big flirt, straight forward one HOT Young GRANNY. She has always been a natural spirit. She will bust your balls and laugh at / with you. No bra, always hard nipples, no panties, always wears tight pants shows nice meaty mound, no camel toe :( but very nice.

Took a shower and got ready for bed. I had grabbed a pillow and blanket from the closet. Heading to the tv room the movie had been paused and the projector was in sl**p mode. Just giving a slight glow to room. I turned the sl**p mode off where it Illuminated the room. I turned around to make my sl**ping pad on the couch when, there laid Jeff's mom sl**ping. She had a bath robe on that laid open on her thighs. She must of took a hot shower, smoked a bowl and passed out watching the movie. My eyes jumped out of my head as my mouth dropped open. WOW......

I looked to see if Jeff's bedroom door was closed (it was). Turned back around so I was not blocking the tv light. She was so HOT looking laying there. Top of robe was opened enough to see the inside curve of her breast and deep cleavage. The opening of the bottom of the robe laid in a perfect triangle shape. Gaped open across both thighs revealing that lushes fury mound.

First thing came to mind was gently lick on it. My cock was so hard, I started rubbing my bulged through my pants. Pre-cum was seeping through my pants giving me a nice wet spot. Could not hold back the desire to take pictures of here for later. Love the new phones on the market take good photos. I had a bunch of close ups of her legs, pussy, clit and tits. I was so hot that I pulled my pulsing cock from it's chambers. The pre-cum was flowing like a waterfall. So sweet tasting on my lips. I now was standing there fully naked. I wanted to let some pre-cum slowly drip from the head of my cock onto her lips. Rub the tip of my cock up and down her pussy lips. Gently moist her lips as they slowly spread open wanting to swallow my cock.
I stroked my cock deeper, tighter and harder. Thinking about seducing her to a wet dream. SUDDENLY....... I heard the bathroom light turn on. Standing there over my friends sl**ping mom naked as I could be. Thinking this may not go to well if he comes this way. I bend over so I am below the couch's back. Balls tangling cock dripping horny as I ever have been before. The excitement, thrill, turn on of maybe getting caught.

Jeff when't back to bed, phew.... :)
All of a sudden I feel this warm soft touch gently caress my balls and hear well that is a sight to see.

Jeff's mom Becky woke up as I was bending over hiding from her son that was in the bathroom.

She pulled me backwards as she opened her mouth and swallowed my balls. I pushed my ass up in the air standing on the couch with my hands on the inside of her thighs. Spreading that lovely pussy wide open. I buried my face all up in her, while she sucked my cock, nibbled on my balls and licked my ass hole.

DAM I AM SO GLAD BECKY CALLED ME AND TOLD ME SHE WAS AT JEFF'S FOR THE HOLIDAYS. She is a freak like that. It was all her idea for me to leave my car and come home with Jeff. She said that she will be waiting for me. I had no idea like that AWESOME. I had to ask her if she was really asl**p. She said yea you guys took so long getting home. We were having a good time, plus I gave you time to relax for awhile.

Till Becky's next visit home.

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