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Emotions Run High, Inhibitions Run Away.

Sometimes I just need a good cry. I know it sounds weird to you guys, but the women reading this will understand. As creatures of emotions, sometimes we like to just let it out. So it was a Saturday and I decided I wanted a day just for me to decompress. So bright and early I got my husband and son up and said today was their day together and I sent them off to a day of Baseball games and tailgating. I told my hubby that k**do had wanted to spend some time with him, so I bought them tickets for a double header and said it was guy time for just the two of them. I also suggested that he should take him out to dinner afterwards, for some wings and fries. I didn’t have to twist his arm, he grabbed the tickets said “thanks Babe” and they were off. I was so excited a whole day just to myself. I started with a relaxing bubble bath, it was luxurious. When I got done with that I stepped out of the tub and toweled off all the water. I was happy to see that my diet and exercise seemed to be paying off, as my butt was looking very firm and bubbly, abs were starting to look toned, and my boobs were perky. I had taken some extra time in the tub to shave and my legs and of course my private places were also now hair free and very, very smooth.

I was a little bit cold and slipped on a t-shirt, my comfiest one. And headed into the bedroom and got in under the covers to start watching my movies, I had picked up two of the saddest movies I could find. I had “The Notebook” and “The Pursuit of Happiness”. I put my movies in grabbed my Kleenex and got ready to “sob”. I was feeling good, I was warm and fuzzy in my comfy t-shirt and my poufy down comforter, and I was ready for my sob fest. After the first movie was done I was laying in bed and feeling emotionally drained. I looked in the mirror and had to laugh, my eyes were red and puffy, I had streaks on my cheeks from the crying. In short I looked horrible. As I started the second movie there was a knock on the door. Since I was not dressed and my bedroom window is right over the front door I peeked out of it. My best friend Nicky was standing there, I yelled down that the door was open and I was upstairs. I jumped back into my bed as she came up the stairs. When she walked in her jaw went wide and a real look of concern hit her face.

Nicky rushed over to the bed, and said “Oh baby, what’s the matter”. “Where’s James, what happened”.

She looked so concerned, I said “nothing Nick, I’m fine, I just needed to decompress and I watched a sad movie”. “Seriously I am fine, wanna watch one with me”.

Nicky looked at me still a little concerned and said “Ok, if you’re really alright”. I laughed and said, “I am fine, now get in here and cuddle me”.
She started to snuggle up behind me but then stopped and said, “I need to get comfortable if I’m gonna be just lying around in bed all day”. Nicky did some shifting around and then I saw her jeans fly over my head and hit the floor. Then she snuggled up behind me and wrapped her hand around my waist and pulled me closer. I hit play and the movie kicked on.

After about an hour of crying, I looked over my shoulder at Nicky and called her a cry baby.

She laughed and shoved my shoulder, and said “shut up”.
I said “whatever, you know you love me”.

She pulled me close and said “yeah whatever”. And then she pressed her lips up against the back of my ear and kissed it. I got goose bumps on my arm and the back of my neck; suddenly I was very aware of exactly how naked I was under my very thin t-shirt. My mind wandered a little bit, I knew Nicky was bisexual and that she and her boyfriend Ben did the swinger thing sometimes. She always made little jokey comments, telling me how good I looked or how sexy I am. On a couple of occasions she had even invited James and I to attend a party they were going too. We had never gone, but had talked about it on numerous occasions. James had expressed some curiosity and I had to admit I was curious also.

Nicky was lightly stroking my hair and then running her hand down my side sliding just under the comforter to my hips were my t shirt stopped and skin began, and then up my back to my neck. Her hands were warm and soft. I just laid there relaxed and let her rub away. Every now and then she gave me a little kiss on the back of the neck; it was sweet, and relaxing. I am such a back rub whore, it was annoying me that I had to wear a t-shirt, I love tickly fingers on my bare back; it is so relaxing. Anyways after a little while my irritation with missing out on the full effect of a spectacular back rub completely outweighed my desire for modesty. Nicky was my best friend and we were really close, we talked about everything, and we had seen each other naked at the gym more times than I could count.

I pulled up the back of my t-shirt and pulled the neck over my head leaving it wrapped around my arms and boobs. Now my back was completely bare and I could really enjoy my back rub. Nicky was quick to take the hint, and she wasn’t voicing or showing any signs of being uncomfortable, so I settled in for a relaxing rub. I pulled my hair under my neck so it wasn’t in the way. Nicky started at my neck just below the ear and gently ran her fingers down my neck across my shoulder, down my side to my hips then slide across the top of my butt to that point where the crack begins and ran her fingers lightly up my back to my neck. Every now and then I felt a familiar little kiss on the back of my neck or the back of my ear giving me goose bumps down my side. I was in heaven. Then the kiss on the back of my neck was a little bit longer than before, I felt the heat of it, and I suddenly noticed that her hand was no longer stopping at the top of my hip. Her tickly fingers were now making it all the way down to about mid-thigh and on the way back up her fingers were lightly brushing through my butt crack up my back. As Nicky’s hand moved down my side I noticed it was now sliding just under my t-shirt and brushing across the side of my boob. To my surprise I wasn’t really shocked by it, and I really had no desire to stop it. Instead, I just sighed.

Nicky placed another kiss on the back of my ear letting her hot breath glide over it as she pulled away. I instinctively slide my head back to keep the feeling going, Nicky slide an arm across my naked tummy and pulled me closer to give my ear a little nip. I gently slid my arm back and across her hip to pull her hips up against my butt and I realized that Nicky was naked from the waist down, she must not have had on any panties under her jeans when she took them off. I felt bad that I was under the comforter and she was on top with her naked booty in the air, I immediately offer to let her in the covers. At first her hips were cool against my butt, but soon she absorbed some of my warmth and we were nice and toasty. Nicky’s shirt and bra hit the floor and she pulled in and laid her chest against the full length of my back. She felt so soft and sensual; Nicky’s skin was like liquid velvet. Now her hand was brushing across my boob and down my tummy and then back up, as she lightly kissed the back of my neck.

Nicky pulled my right shoulder back towards her and shifted my right hip back to moving me to half laying on her. She then moved her silky leg over mine and pulled it down and apart from the other leg. She kissed the side of my neck more f***efully this time and then rubbed her hand firmly across my boob stopping to tease the nipple, without even thinking about it I was leaning back even more. Her hand pushed down my tummy to my now exposed pussy. My breath caught in my throat as her finger lightly rubbed across my lips and cupped my whole kitty in her hand. I felt my back arch a little as Nicky gently rubbed her fingers from my booty to my clit. I hadn’t realized how wet I was getting, I felt a moment of embarrassment, but it was short lived as Nicky was now rubbing a gentle circle around my slippery clit. I reached up and grabbed my left boob and started to roll the nipple with my thumb and fore finger which just added to the warm and fuzzy sensation I felt in my tummy. Nicky was sucking on my ear lobe and all I could hear was her breathing in my ear. It was all so erotic. The feeling in my pussy was building as Nicky kept spinning her finger around my clit, occasional slide down my pussy and in between my swollen lips to get more of my slippery juices and then she would drag her finger right back up to my overly sensitive clit.

Nicky whispered in my ear and asked “I so want to taste you, sweetie, can I?” She couldn’t have said a better thing to me; I wanted her mouth all over me and I wanted her fingers inside of me so bad at that moment.

I managed to squeak out an “oooh, please”. Nicky needed no further prompting, she slid out from under me, bent down and kissed me deeply as she pushed two fingers deep inside of my quivering pussy and gently worked them in and out. She then kissed my boobs and nipples and then my tummy. My legs tensed as I felt her hot breathe on my clit and my back arched as she locked her lips around it and started to suck. Nicky wrapped her hands around my thighs as pulled herself snuggly in-between my legs and started to lick my slippery pussy juices all over. She kept rotating between intensely sucking on my clit, gentle licking and rhythmic finger strokes. I am not sure how long it took, but it felt like I was building forever. Till finally the tension was so much that I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. I climaxed so hard, that my body actually jerked and shuddered under the f***e of it all.

I was so embarrassed. My pussy was so wet that I was literally lying in a puddle of my own juices, and Nicky’s cheeks and lips were glistening with it. I was so completely turned on by the naughtiness of the entire experience. This was against my upbringing and it was wrong, but I had no desire to stop it, everything felt so amazing. I pulled her up and kissed her deeply as she laid on top of me letting me feel the full weight of her naked body. I pushed her over and told her, “I want to make you feel like that.” I was desperate to feel her cum and to taste her pussy. I grabbed Nicky’s hand and kissed it and was surprised to realize that it tasted like my pussy. I really had cum hard.
I reached down to Nicky’s pussy as I shoved my tongue into her mouth. She was wet, soaking wet. Apparently all this fore play had her excited. I shoved down till I was in between her legs and then kissed her right thigh all the way down to her dripping wet pussy. The smell of Nicky’s sex was overwhelming. She squirmed as I kissed the lips and then sucked one into my mouth. Her breathe caught when I finally let my tongue trail across her clit. I gently placed my fingers against her pussy to create some pressure and then went to work on her clit, sucking and tonguing it over and over again. Nicky pushed down hard and two of my fingers disappeared inside of her as she let out a moan. Nicky’s back was arching as she reached down and grabbed the back of my head, tangling her fingers in my hair and pulling me in deeper. I pushed my fingers in all the way, as far as they would go. That was all it took. Nicky released my head and grabbed the sheets, pulling hard on them as a violent orgasm ripped through her body. I could feel her pussy spasm under my lips and around my fingers. She was really feeling it. When she was done, I slid up half on top of her and we laid there in each other’s arms just kissing and talking. I felt so content, and surprisingly regret free.

I thought about James and had a momentary panic. Would he understand, would he let me keep my Nicky? I wasn’t sure if I could let her go and never have this again. We decided that when James got home that we would ask him to join us at a swinger’s party. I knew he would give it a shot and as long as I was okay he would probably be fine with it. I sighed, “that was so great”.
Nicky hugged me and got a wicked grin on her face, “wait till we do it with a strap-on”.

I laughed at the idea, and said “Oooooh, so now you wanna fuck me baby? Is that what you want, to slide that cock of yours deep into my sweet, tender… innocent little pussy? Hmmmmm, is that what you want?”
Nicky leaned over and kissed me saying “Oh my god, Lexi, baby, I am going to fuck that hot little pussy of yours till you beg me to stop. You can absolutely count on that”.

I realized I was once again covered in goose bumps.
The End!

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