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Masturbation bet with the neighbor

A few years ago I had a neighbor who was a huge Jets fan. She was always talking about what a great team they had (even though their record was pretty mediocre at the time). She was also pretty adventurous in a slutty kind of way. She liked to sit by the pool in a bikini, laying on her stomach with the straps off to get an even tan, and if she caught someone attractive looking at her she would always give them a quick "accidental" glimpse of her tits when she re-tied to get up and swim.

She had done this to me once or twice, and I knew her reasonably well, so I decided to see just how adventurous she was. I asked her if I could come over to her place to watch the Jets-Giants game, knowing that she would start going on about the greatness of the Jets. Things started off innocently enough. I brought a twelve pack, and we each had a couple of beers as the game went through the first quarter. The Jets, surprisingly enough, built up a 10 point lead by the end of Q1. This was when I decided to go for it.

I asked her if she was interested in making a pretty risque bet. She seemed surprised, but interested. I was mainly hoping to just get her naked and see what happened, so I suggested that the loser would have to strip for the winner. She laughed, and I thought she was getting ready to kick me out. What happened next was a big surprise. She told me that she had seen plenty of guys naked, but had never watched a guy just pose in front of her and jerk off. If we were going to make a bet, the terms would be that the loser would have to masturbate in front of the winner.

I was a little nervous about this, particularly since the Jets looked surprisingly good at this point in the game. However, I was pretty confident the Giants had a good chance to make a comeback, and I figured I would go for it.

We continued on through the beers as the game progressed, and to make a long story short, it got pretty tense at the end, but the Giants came from behind to win.

With the game over, I wasn't sure what would happen. I halfway figured she would tell me she was just k**ding, and send me on my way. However, that wasn't how things played out. When the clock ticked to zero, she looked at me, and said "I guess you won, so now I need to hold up my end of the bet". She got up off of the couch, headed to the bathroom, and then to her bedroom. She was gone for a few minutes, but when she came back she was just wearing her Jets jersey (and it was pretty clear there was nothing underneath), and carrying what looked like a big massager (which I now know to be a hitachi magic wand). She folded the futon couch down flat, stripped off her jersey, plugged in the massager, and lay down.

At first she seemed kind of nervous, but she turned on the vibrator and put the big bulb head on her pussy. Her smiles and giggles soon turned to soft deep breaths, and her nipples became very erect. She started to move her hips a bit, and closed her eyes. She started to arch her back, and then stopped very quickly. I asked her if she was ok, and she smiled and said yes, but that she needed a favor. She didn't want to make a mess, and forgot to get a towel. She asked me if I could grab a towel out of the bathroom for her.

I wasn't sure what she meant by a mess, but I got up and grabbed her a towel. She took the towel from me, lifted up her ass, and put the towel underneath. She then turned the vibrator back on and got back into the swing of things. After a few more minutes her face started to tense up, her legs shook, and all of a sudden she let out a deep grunt and a huge stream of liquid gushed out of her pussy. I had never seen a woman cum like this before, and at this point I had a huge raging hard on that was in serious need of relief.

She kept on vibrating her pussy, and I couldn't resist any longer, so I pulled my cock out and started to slowly stroke it as she masturbated. She looked over and saw what I was doing and told me to come over to her. She told me she wanted to see me cum, and to shoot my load all over her tits. I pulled my pants off and walked over to her. She kept on going as I stroked my cock over her beautiful tits. I could tell she was getting close to another big one, and I couldn't take it any more. Just as she started to let go again I shot a huge load all over her tits, neck, and chin. Her pussy exploded in another huge gush, then she looked up at me and started to giggle.

She asked me for another towel to clean her up, which I gladly grabbed. We cleaned up, and each grabbed another beer. She told me that she had always fantasized about putting on a show like that, and she had really enjoyed the experience. After we finished the beers I headed out. We never hooked up again after that, but I saw her around quite a bit and she always gave me a little smile when she saw me by the pool after that.

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