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A story for the holidays

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, OR boredom and loneliness.

Let me back up a bit, Christmas time, three years ago, sometime during the night, my cock was running in and out of Anna's pussy. It was all wet down there, well lubricated and it was fun. I was kissing her shoulder, fiddling her titties and ramming her pussy with my cock. Back, forth, back, forth, ... Anna turns over, she kisses me on the lips and starts sucking them. I am fingering her around her butt hole and spreading her butt cheeks while pushing her lower body to rub her pussy on my body. We didn't do it anally except rarely, but she enjoyed this move. Few minutes later, my penis was reporting from inside her vagina, it is time to release, and there I went off. Penis is out, and our warm bodies hug in peace. We talk for a while about all the things we missed telling each other on the phone, since we hadn't met each other for a long time. The hug serves to start another shag, and another, and by the end of the night we both tasted all the bodily fluids from each other, those bodily fluids we were not able to taste during this long leave.

Her warm body is lying, ready to sl**p, and she was happy. If sex made her happy, and I at that time I really loved her, maybe I won't upset myself if she danced this little dance with anyone else during my long leave. Was this my way for my mind to think my little journey landing on some other girls was OK? This is unfair, I knew it was harder for her, in her home town, among her everyday friends, who know we are still together, than me flying solo. I am a bit sl**pless, happy we are back together, confused, as naive as I was, or maybe it was the big dinner we had with uncle Ben. My mind tricks me again, "No no it is not the dinner. It has not stopped you fucking Anna, did it?". It was confusing for me. I loved Anna, but it was not obvious for me what is next, and I slowly slept.

Next days it was busy, last minute Christmas shopping, going out, catching up with friends, and shagging at night, and it was no time to talk about such non-sense at that time. Everything is back to normal in my mind, and those annoying confused thoughts are gone. Every time I hug her I feel I want her more and more.

Weeks later, I see this woman in her tennis shorts and blouse. The blouse said a lot about her boobs. And her nipples had a crazy idea of starting to shout from under the bra and the blouse, "I am here, I am here," her nipples were saying. We exchanged a good look and she passed by me showing the great ass of her, and suddenly my penis started to rise, as if it wants to leave my lazy body that doesn't go after her, and go all by itself. I was leaving Anna again for months, and my horny mind argued, you did it before and will do it again, go after her. I went in the cafeteria, where she went, met her and we sat outside, and after a brief conversation, she went to shower, and I was in the place we agreed waiting by my car, and once she came, off I went with the car.

Her low cut top, very generous in showing her cleavage was slightly distracting while I was driving. It's strange, after you fuck a girl several times, it is finally OK for both of you (or at least for me) to sit and do something without those distractions. Then the distractions come back again, as if people from both sexes are destined to rub, suck and shag so that they come closer to the other human sides of them. It is the code of horny people like me. When the traffic of the road was less, well knowing that I won't mind the next move, she held her legs up, reached for her panties up the skirt, moved them aside and started rubbing her pussy, and so I was completely distracted, she was saying a lot of things that my mind didn't catch. I slowed down, and pulled over in an empty street. She was horny as hell.

I started kissing her, and she moved my hand up her pussy, and with her hands now free, she unzipped my pants, opened it enough to get a hold on my penis, and started rubbing it very well. My mouth moved to her boobs, and quickly, both of us finished each other. Then, we continued moving back to her place. Back at the place, she spread her legs uncovering her pussy and I started sucking. My cock was rock solid, minutes after, she took it in her hands and started sucking it. Then she moved herself to a horizontal position, and I started letting my penis feel the inside of her vagina, and my hands gently squeezing those crazy boobs.

I am tempted to give you a happy ending for this story (the happy endings sell better), but I never saw this woman after, as I went on my travels, I broke up with sweet Anna who never found out anything over many other cruel and stupid things we both made up. And I simply moved on to fucking other girls. I learned I was a person who is always horny, I just wasn't expressing it before. But, deep down, no matter how nasty things I did to Anna, I really loved and still love her. Of course, that didn't come clear until I was far off in the break-up, and sure it is better if we go on separate ways, she is better off without me. I sometimes miss her cuddle, and how much we knew each other.

This year in Christmas, I am alone. No sweet Anna around to share a hug or a touch with. The past two years my horny person grew bigger and more expressive. Maybe it is better, that I actually like myself and am comfortable with it as it is for the rest of the year. But holidays season brings up this clingy person of mine. I am sure there is a fine lady out there who needs someone around, for these moments as I do. I'll find her, maybe she will be waiting in a cafe, reading a book, or going for shopping, but I will find her so that we share some intimate moments.

Twenty years ago, I was waiting for Santa as a k** to come on Christmas to give me gifts, now I want Santa to come as a sexy lady to give my bed warmth as a gift. For all of us, let's have a good shag as the year is approaching its end. Ladies! There are penises out there to rub, to fuck and to suck. Guys! the ladies are waiting, and their vaginas are calling for a good shag. So if you meet this guy or girl, who smiled at you or looked more openly, reach them quick, and move fast, until both of you get yourself this great fuck you were waiting for, wet the beds, satisfy your bodies, and give another horny person the fuck they needed. Maybe stay for a while after in bed to cuddle. It's the holidays season, after all.

Merry Fucking Christmas!

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