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Santa Claus is Cumming Part 3

Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure naughty fiction. Any similarities to any person living, dead, undead, fictional, et. al is purely coincidental.
This is the 3rd part of my first story. Critiques are welcome.

1 more day until Christmas. But first I have to make it through the office party. Work's been crazy, we're all working overtime, plus with my stint as Santa I just want to head home. Nope, it's been "highly recommeneded" we attend. Ah hell, might as well enjoy some free food.

I have no desire to see most of my coworkers outside of work. Well maybe 1 or 2 would look nice all disheveled on my bed, but not gonna happen. Still, I make the best of it. I wander around, chatting randomly with others and eating. Thankfully there's an open bar.

The company's not very large, maybe around 100. I'm pretty familiar with those there, or at least I thought I was. I see this beautiful raven-haired girl sitting in the corner, nervously snacking on some crackers. Wearing a sparkly silver dress, she looked stunning. She stands as I draw closer. She's short, maybe 5 foot. Small tits (my fave). I offer her a drink. She says, a little tipsily, "Sure, a Coke'd be fine."

I head to the bar and order up a rum and coke for her and vodka and sprite for me. I walk back to the new girl and introduce myself. "I'm Kelly," she says, "sorry I'm just kinda nervous, I don't really know anyone here." I ask her if she's new. She just laughs and takes a long swallow of her drink. She coughs a bit and takes another swallow. Coughing again, she asks, "are you sure this is Coke?" "Yes," I reply, "just bacardi and Coke." Her eyes widen at this and she nervously eyes the drink. "Oh shit," she says, "I can't let my dad know I had another drink tonite."

"Your dad? You mean you don't work here?" Uh-oh. Her face is already flushed and she's gotten a bit giggly. "Well let's get you someplace quiet so you can work off some of that buzz," I offer. I grab her arm and discretely e****t her to my office. She staggers a bit as I help her to my chair. I put down my drink as I pace. I turn around, and there's Kelly taking a mouthful of my drink! She starts coughing continuously as the liquid burns going down her throat. I run my hand up and down her back, trying to relax her. Eventually, the coughing subsides and I stop rubbing her back. "Don't stop," she says. I hesitate. "Don't stop or I'll tell my dad." I can almost see her smile from the back of her head.
Seeing no other choice, I continue rubbing her back, going between long soft strokes and short strong ones. Soon enough she beings purring. I begin massaging her neck and shoulders. Shortly I begin getting bolder, my hands moving along her shoulder blades, closer and closer to her chest. I feel her beginning to nod off just as I slide my hands under the soft fabric of her dress. My fingers slide under her bra and I flick her nipples, feeling them harden. Soft moans escape her lips and she urges me to go on. Not one to argue, I continue massaging her breasts. I remove one hand and unzip the back of her dress. It slides off easily. One hand still working her nipples, my other begins caressing the inside of her thigh. Warmth within beckons me as I slip my hand into her panties. Kelly shivers as I begin fingering her. Her hand goes over to her now uncovered breast and she tweaks her own nipple. I remove my hands and she groans in disappointment. Without thinking, I spin the chair, Kelly now facing me, grab her by the waist and lift her up and onto my desk. Unzipping my pants, and pulling her panties down to her ankles, I begin licking at her warm sweet hairless pussy. My tongue senses she is close. I remove my tongue and replace it with my throbbing cock. It slides in smoothly. I feel her pussy contract around it. I thrust quickly and deeply. I feel myself losing control. As Kelly cries out in orgasm, I pull out, shooting my hot load onto her stomach and thigh.
"This is just what I wanted for Christmas," Kelly says softly. Then she passes out.

1 more day til Christmas. Hohoho

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