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The little black boy...and me

My name is Emma. During one of my college years, I was doing teaching assistance at my local primary school. The class that I had on this particular week was Class 4.3. The teacher, Ms. Deveraux, was just beginning a maths lesson, while I was desperately fighting the urge to pee. I finally couldn't take it anymore and quickly excused myself. Rushing to the girls bathroom, I swung the first door open. The second door faced me, with the sink off to the side. Without thinking, I charged forward and opened the second door.

Unfortuanetly, I had forgotten about the fact that Molly had just gotten up to go to the toilet a few moments earlier. Molly looked up at me, startled. Normally, I would have taken the time to examine her; her school skirt furled up around her waist, her pink panties pulled down around her legs, her rosy red cheeks and strawberry blonde hair. Everything so innocent, her untouched vulva squirting a steady stream of pee into the toilet. Unfortuanetly, now was not the time. I crossed my legs, desperate not to wet myself, in spite of the sexual pleasure I would gain from doing so.

I blushed and coughed up a quick sorry before pulling the door. I glanced around. The bin? No, it would be too awkward, squatting in the corner. I turned again. A-ha! The sink. I reached out and clasped the door to the cubicle. "Molly, honey, do me a favour and don't come out for a minute, OK?" I whispered to her. "Um, sure," the confused little girl replied.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down my legs. Climbing onto the sink, I pressed my foot against the door to prevent intrusion. I pulled my panties back and try my best to aim into the sink, then let-a-rip. I let out a sigh of relief as the pent up liquids exited from my body, flowing into the sink in a dark yellow stream. As I was done, I sniffed and called to Molly again. "Could you hand me some toilet paper, sweetie?"

The door opened and the still somewhat confused little girl came out, clutching a crumpled ball of toilet roll. "H-here," she said, offering it to me. "Thanks," I replied politely, taking the tissue and wiping my plainly visible pussy with it.

I climbed down and pulled my jeans back up. "Hey, Molly, would you mind if we kept this, just between us? Our little secret?"

Molly shook her and then got to work washing her hands. My clit tingled as she ran her fingers of the taps I pressed my butt against and scrubbed her hands with soap and tiny droplets of my piss.

Unfortuanetly, that sexual teasing didn't leave me for the rest of the morning. I was at a desperate war with my desire to go back into the toilet and rub my clit virgorously until I came. But I just about managed to overcome that feeling. I only had to make it to break.

Finally, break arrived and most of the class flocked for the door. Seeing that was in no hurry to get out to the yard, Ms. Deveraux dropped the keys on her desk and asked me if I wouldn't mind locking up.

The last few k**s toddled off, except for Jacob. Jacob was a young black boy who I knew relatively well. I approached him. I didn't want to come off as bitchy, but my pussy was aching. I needed to satisfy myself. How was I meant to do that with Jacob still -

A though crossed my mind, and a tingle struck my crotch. "Hey Jacob, what's up?" The dark skinned c***d shrugged. "Not much." I pulled out a chair next to him. He was putting the rest of his books into his bag, and taking out the ones he needed for after lunch. Jacob liked to prepare like that. Luckily, I too had come prepared, but more on that a little later.

Jacob pulled his biology copy out of his bag and then his textbook. I reached out and put my hand on it. Jacob looked at me, confused, and I flashed back to Molly, innocently minding her own business, going for a pee when I burst in and got a quick peek at her p*****n pussy. I opened the book and flicked through it. "Hmm, Jacob. I've noticed something. These books aren't really all that...complete." "What, why?" I knew that this would tickle Jacob's insatiable curiosity. "There seems to be a chapter...missing from here," I said, closing the book. I placed it back on the table. "Jacob, tell me, what do you know about sex?"

Jacon swallowed nervously. " mom says I shouldn't talk about it. I'm not old enough." "How old are you?" "11 next month." "Well then, I'd say that's old enough. It's OK, just tell me what you know, I won''t tell anyone else."

He seemed slightly reassured by my promise. He shifted slightly, still a bit uncomfortable with the situation. "I know that sex is what happens, between a man and a woman to make babies." "Do you know how it works?" He shook his head. "Well, you know you...willy?" He smirked slightly at my reference to gentalia. "Well, all boys have willies. It's what makes them boys. Girls have what are called...vaginas." He nodded. "I think, that I've seen my s****rs. But I didn't know what it was called." I smiled at this. His innocence aroused me further. "And, well, when a boy grows up, he becomes a man, and a girl a woman. And when they want to make babies, or sometimes just to feel good, they have sex. This happens when the man sticks in willy into the woman's vagina, and then, he shoots of this...tasty white stuff into her. Then the white stuff makes the babies."

Jacob looked on in awe. "Wow, that's cool!" I smiled again at his reaction. "I bet I can tell what you're imagining..." Jacob blushed and looked away. "But I bet what you'd really like, and trust me, it'd be really cool, would be if you saw how sex works, first hand!"

"What's first hand?" I chuckled. "You can experience for yourself." Jacob's small black mouth fell open. "You, have sex? I don't know, I'm too young...I think..." I waved my hand and he fell silent. "You're 11 next month! That's old enough for me!"

"But...who...wha-" I giggled again. "Me, of course, silly! You're gonna have sex with me!" Jacob looked at me, confused, not knowing what to say or do. "Well, it's a simple question, Jacob. Do you, or do you not, want to have sex with me?" He looked thoughtful for a moment, clearly contemplating all that he could. "Um, OK..." he replied nervously.

"Don't worry," I smiled. "You just relax, I'll do all the rest..."

Firstly, I grabbed the teacher's keys and locked the door. Then, I cleared a space on the desk for Jacob and I. Then, I leaned in and kissed him.

"Now, Jacob, some things may be a bit...weird," I warned. "W-why?" He looked scared. "No, no, nothing to really worry about. It's just, I'm a girl, but if this is gonna work, you're gonna have to show me your willy."

He looked thoughtful again for another moment, before he nodded in agreement. He stood up, reached for his button, unzipped his trousers and let them fall down his legs. I knelt down and smiled reassuringly at him. I studied his bare black legs, then his bright white underpants. "Those two," I grinned and gestured at his underwear. "They all have to go."

With minor reluctance, he pulled down his underpants, giving me a fantastic view of his little black penis. "Oh, Jacob, you have a very nice willy," I smiled. He beamed at me. "Now, here's what going to happen next. When a man and a woman have sex, the man needs to have an erection." "A Wha!?!" I laughed at Jacob. "An erection. It's when your willy gets hard and stiff." "Oh yeah..." Jacob said. "I get those in the mornings sometimes, or when I see a pretty girl." I nodded. "Now, i have to help you get an erection, or a boner as some people call it. So, to do that, I'm going to suck on your willy. Is that OK?"

Jacob shrugged. "I guess." Giggling, I approached him, glacing up at him and smiling. Then, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. My tongue touched the tip of his black dong and I smiled. Then, I closed my mouth around it and began to suck. I could feel it; I could feel Jacob getting hard.

"What's happening?" Jacob asked, surprised. He stepped back, pulling his cock from my lips. His slightly curved black penis was now sticking out, with veins visible and his head glistening from my saliva. "That's it, good boy. Now you've gotten an erection. You're all hard now. Soon, we'll be able to have sex."

I kissed him penis again and stood up. "Now, take your school jumper and shirt off. It will be better if we're naked." "Wait," he said, pausing the removal of his jumper. "You're getting naked too?" "Of course I am, silly! It will be better. You willy will feel even nicer when you see me naked."

He nodded, trusting my judgement. He took off his jumper and his shirt. I looked him up and down, taking in all of his naked, black body. I reached under my shirt and pulled it off, then opened my bra and threw it on the floor. Jacob's eyes and cock bulged as he saw my tits. "You're boobs are....really nice," he commented. "Thanks. You can call them my tits too."

I opened my jeans and pulled them down, then my panties. I turned around for him, letting him drink in my lovely bare butt. "You're bum is also very nice," he smiled. "Thanks. You can call that my ass or my butt."

I turned around to show him my front. He examined my crotch thoughtfully, chewing his lip. I imagined his chewing my lips.

"And you have a very, bagina." "Haha, vagina. But you can call it my pussy." I rubbed hand over it. "Would like to lick it?"

I pulled out the teacher's chair and sat in it, sank back and spread my legs. "C'mere, Jacob. Come over here and lick my pussy." His eagerness surprised me. He quickly dropped to his knees and planted his face between my legs, lapping up my clit like it was ice-cream. I couldn't until I lapped up his cream.

I moaned and encouraged him as he performed almost excellent cunnilingus on me, my hands curling up around the arms of the chair. "Remember, keep rubbing your willy like I did. You don't want to lose your boner."

Finally, I motioned him to stop. I wanted him to pleasure me more, but if licked me any longer, I probably would have finished up then and there and deprive him of his promised ride.

"Climb up onto the desk, Jacob. Go on." He climbed up onto the desk and lay on his back. Now, remember when I said that I'd come prepared? I grabbed my bag and pulled a condom out of one of the pockets.

"Now, Jacob, this is a condom or a johnny. it's made so that men wear it when they have sex with women, in case they don't want babies or other things that you can get from having sex. So I'm going to put this on you, because we don't want anything bad to happen. This is only a demonstration after all."

Jacob nodded and allowed me to pull the condom down over his dark shaft. "Now, this is the important bit. I'm going to get on top of you, and I'm going to guide your willy into my pussy, OK? Just let me do the work, you relax. Focus on something...nice. Focus on my boobies." I spread my arms to let him see my tits.

"If you want, you can touch them, too." Jacob obviously couldn't resist my amazing chest and ran his fingers over them. Reaching down, I spread my pussy lips and sank down onto his member. He took a deep breathe as he entered a female body for the first time. I moaned and gasped and my mouth twisted into a smile as I began to ride on his slim black build. I slid up and down on his pole, moaning constantly with pleasure.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me." I threw my head back but arched forward. Jacob grabbed by tits and squeezed them tightly. I moaned again as he did so, feeling my nipples turn rock hard.

"Oh no," Jacob suddenly said. "What is it?" I was concerned, but I did not slow. "I...I...I'm think I'm gonna pee." I laughed as I realised what he meant. "Don't worry, hon. Trust me. It will be nice."

I felt myself building. "My willy feels funny," he panted beneath me. "It feels...tingly." "But I bet it feels nice?" Jacob nodded.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna pee! I'm gonna pee right now!!!" Jacob let out a sudden cry as he came into me. I threw me head back, panting desperately as I too orgasmed at the same moment.

"What....what happened?" I slid off of a confused Jacob. "You just had your first orgasm. That's the special stuff that makes the babies. It has to come out through your willy, just like when you pee." "Oh," Jacob nodded. I peeled the cum-soaked condom off of his moist black penis. Hunkering down, I put it back into my mouth and sucked the rest of his cum.

"So, what...did you think of that?" I panted as I sat back into Ms. Deveraux's chair. "That was...that was awesome." Jacob laughed. I watched as his cock went limp again.

"Those...those organisms..." "Orgasms, darling." "Orgasms. We...we gotta do more of those."

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