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My Son brings me another Part 5

How Many is to many?

As it happened it was Debbie and James that answered the door, so easy for them to slip on their dresses and top. I made a note to myself, the next time we had Chinese somebody else would answer the door. And Beth, she gave Nicky a run for the money. Wontons dipped in a creampie for everybody. Granddad just sat there with his mouth open..... waiting his turn.

Nicky must have felt like she had meet somebody just like her, wild and ready for anything. They put their heads together like old time friends. I watched and waited. This should be good but it was Toby that surprised me.

James and Toby had been whispering as well, then, with James showing him how, Toby wrapped some noddles on his chopsticks. WTF were they up to?

James walked between Beth's legs, which she opened, thinking something good was coming her way. She had no fucking idea. Neither did I. James held her pussy open as Toby pushed his noddle laden chopsticks up her cunt. When he pulled them out they were empty!

Debbie was now the Master Sergeant. "Game time, we take turns to suck the noddles out."

Beth smiled, god she looked so sexy lying there, her legs open and just the hint of a noddle showing. Me, being the good mother that I was, checked the noddle box. Would we have enough?

Granddad patted my ass. "We can use anything, my daughter has a kinky side."

So did Nicky. "Jane, use your cock and push the noddles in further, let's make a real game out of this."

It was when Debbie coated a dumpling in sweet chilly sauce and used her cock to push it home in Beth's pussy that she really went wild. I shuddered at the thought, then... Toby did the same to me. OMG, hot hot hot then sweet, oh so sweet. Granddad sucked my pussy so hard I felt it pop out.... and he didn't stop.

Nicky screamed, in pleasure. Her dumpling went into her ass followed by James cock! Jorden was waiting for his snack.

When I had checked the internet for porn nothing like this had shown up. Nothing, even in my wildest dreams had I thought about something like this. I loved it. Everything, but. Tomorrow was a school day and because Susie was working it was decided that Toby would go home with Beth and her f****y. He couldn't hide his smile, neither could Beth or Amy.

And me. That night Jorden and I talked rather than fucked. He told me how exciting it was to fuck Beth, how she could squeeze his cock in her pussy, how sweet Amy's cunt was. All the time stroking my pussy. This was something new to both of us. Jorden was growing up. He was using the words as foreplay, getting us ready. Then, Jorden and I made love. The sweet kind of love making that a lot of married couples never knew.

The next day on the bus I knew the dymamics of our group had changed. Jorden and Toby normally sat at the back of the bus, today we were all together at the front.

And at school, Debbie looked so cute between her 'big b*****rs' with Amy holding Toby's hand and James tagging along. It was like there was a big sign. Don't mess with us.

Then the shit hit the fan. I was called to the principle's office. I had visions of jail floating before my eyes as I waited. The 5 W's, what, who, where, when, why? I just about fainted when I saw her smile. I wasn't going to jail. So.

Of all the things that could have come up this was the last, by a country mile. A new student was joining my class. A student with a difference. The jury was still out on whether 'she' was a boy or girl. The doctor's couldn't make up their minds and the Army's 'don't ask, don't say' didn't help. 'She' dressed as a girl, did girl things..... but 'she' had boy's equipment. A cock.

It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Not laughing as the principle, blushing, told me this. If only she knew about Debbie. 'She' was going to be given the use of the staff toilets, 'she' would use seperate showers after PE, and, 'she' would need special teaching in Sex Ed. I was to be given 'special' material just for her. I thought I had all the 'special' training aids she would need. Debbie.

The principle clicked the intercom. "Send Ms Black in please." I waited.

The door opened and I had to catch my breath. Jesus fucking christ. 'She' was beautiful. Long honey brown hair with eyes that held you. A simple summer dress but added with her mid thigh boots, she was sex on the move. 'She' had the walk down pat, maybe even better than Debbie, and the smile. She could break my heart.

"Diane, I would like you to meet Mary. Mary, this is your home teacher and she has been told of your.... 'special' condition."

There was no awkward meeting, no sudden silence, just 'hello'. I felt my pussy leaking.

It was the principle who broke the moment, in a way I had never imagined. "I have been told by other teachers how your son has helped other students get settled here. I hope he can help with Mary. He seems like a good role model."

I nearly choked on that. Jorden? What about the others? OH FUCK, Nicky. She going to cream her panties, if she's wearing any! I had to get out of the office before I left a wet spot on the chair. "Come with me Mary, it's nearly time for your first class, I'll show you the way."

What made it worse was Jorden and Toby were in her first class as well. What to do. Do not rush things. Do not assume. The mother of all things to go wrong. But then I saw my son sitting there.... and Toby's smile. Shit. I introduced Mary to the class and while they were busy getting their books out I guided Mary to a set beside Jorden. I quietly said one word to my son. "Debbie."

There was a frown.... then a smile, then a wink to Toby. God I loved my son. He would look after Mary like his own s****r without another word from me. And Toby would help.

It was lunch time and I had yard duty. I didn't think anything would happen but. There was one girl in school who was a bitch, with a capital B. Susan. She still had both of her parents and would crow over others with only one parent. I had often thought about putting her over my knee and spanking her ass. Her bare ass. The thing that made me stop today was how Jorden and Toby acted.

Jorden and Toby were not out yet and Mary was sitting by herself when Susan walked over to her. I could see Mary wasn't happy with whatever Susan said but before I could move Jorden and Toby were there, along with Debbie, James and Amy. I watched as things got controlled. Jorden and Toby stood over Susan, not touching her but very close. Debbie was in control. I could see her talking but couldn't hear what she was saying. Amy was smiling but, the finger pointing was enough. Even James got in her face.

I thought it was time to get involved and stood. And damn near fainted. Jane, another teacher spoke in my ear. "Looks like the gang has Susan under control, let it go."

I looked at Jane. I didn't like the idea of my son in a gang but the smile on her face, the quiet words. What the hell. And smiled. Susan was heading away and if she had a tail, it was firmly between her legs. The gang sat with Mary.

Jane turned, "They look good together, she'll be okay."

I wondered if Jane knew just how good they were together, or how bad.

And my day of surprises wasn't over. This was just Summer schoool and that meant no Sex Ed so I had a free period. I was thinking of Mary's special needs when I was called back to the principle's office. I really needed to calm down and stop thinking about bad things happening, to try and keep my heart from having an overload. What happened inside didn't help.

Once again I saw the uniform before anything else and my heart took off. The recovery was a bit quicker than the other night, this was an Army base after all, and I knew this man. He was older and in 'supply'. He had come over when we moved in to check everything was in order. A warm fuzzy calmed me down. He looked just like granddad. That brought a smile to my face as I wondered if he shaved his pubes.

"Mam, word got to me your boy and another were thinking about setting a mowing operation to help some of the single parents here, clear their yards and stuff. Well that fits in with the new orders coming from on high. Got a little something for them if they are serious, mind you, there's some strings you should hear about first. They'll have to put the school grounds on their list."

I was dumbfounded. But pleased and wondered who had spoken to whom so I just nodded my head remembering an old Army phrase. 'Never volunteer'.

"If you'll step outside Mam, I show you what we got."

The principle was using her hands to shoo me out. But she was smiling. I went.
Out in the yard, next to the bus was a pickup with a trailer. I had seen it before when it arrived to do the school grounds but had never taken much notice. Now I did.

"Got everything the boys will need, ride on mower, that'll need someone older for a while, mowers, blowers and a couple of trimmers. Gas cans that can be filled at the yard and all the safety stuff. Whadda think?"

Think... I couldn't put two and two together.... "Um, granddad... I mean Beth's father was in landscaping and said he would help. I didn't think they were thinking this big.... "

"That's what we heard and the new order is to use private contractors from now on. Couldn't think of anyone better. Heard good words about you folks.... good words."

I knew the Army was run by the 'Sergeant's' but.... he smiled and winked. "May have to help the boys at first, show em which houses have the 'extras'. Couple of the mum's have nice little cupcakes to go with the coffee..... if you know what I mean. And one of my girls went and got pregnant, she could help for a while. Real good with her hands that girl."

I still couldn't get my mouth into gear so I just nodded. What the fuck was going on with the Army nowdays. Then it hit me. "I think it's a great idea and I think you should talk to Beth's father and I think now would be a good time. She mentioned she was going to make some cupcakes today."

I gave him the address and we were both smiling as he left. I dug out my phone. I should give her some warning. I mean, if Beth was naked and the front door was open, what would the Sergeant think. I was still away with the fairies as I walked back to my room. Mary?

I decided to wait. We had more than enough going on at the moment. Maybe more than I knew. The group, gang, were going swimming after school, I thought it might be a good idea to cool down some myself. No, fuck it, I was going to wear my bikini. Susey, Nicky and Namoi were working and I thought Beth would be busy, I hoped she would be busy. Amy could borrow one of Debbie's swim suits, yeah. I could play 'den mother'.

I also thought about that old Sergeant. How long will it take you to get your cock in Beth's pussy you sweet talker you?

The seating in the bus had changed as well. Amy was sitting beside my seat, across from us were Mary and Debbie. Behind them were James and Toby then Jorden. A single seat in a whole row. The gang had taken control. Or had it. One of the other small girls from my class slide in beside Jorden and smiled at me. Betty Sue was a straight A student and as far as I knew the word 'timid' would be the best to discribe her, followed by 'mouse'.

Yet here she was, moving to sit with Jorden. The priniple's words came back to me. 'Role model'. Jane's comment about the gang, 'having it under control'. The supply Sergeant, hearing 'good words about you folk'. How had I missed it? I knew Jorden and I were closer than a lot of other mother's and son's. And not only Jorden, Toby was right up there as well.

All of them were. A hand under my dress brought my mind back. "She's pretty." said Amy.

I had decided to wait, now I had to bite my tongue so I didn't let the cat out of the bag. Mary had to say or do something first. I was walking on egg shells and any wrong move would hurt a lot of people. Nicky was just starting to get her life back together the same as Namoi. I would go to jail, sex with a student being the worst charge...... and the c***dren. No, this time I would wait. And so would the gang.

At the swimming pool something did happen, and it wasn't what I had worried about. I was suddenly the center of attention for a bunch of mother's. All wanting the new 'cleaning crew' to visit. All hoping they would be on the list. What fucking list? Oh shit, we did need a list or the boys wouldn't be able to walk if the old Sergeant had been right.

What had we gotten into now? The Horny Mother's of Amy Base ....... They may not be into i****t but..... Did they all want fucking? Did they all want young boys to do that fucking? I looked over at Jorden just in time to see him dive into the pool and squeezed my legs together, pushing the material of my bikini hard against my clit. When Toby followed I had a climax.

They were young Gods and all of the mother's watched the boys, as I watched them. How many hard nipples were there? How many had a wet crotch? How would the boys react to this new development? And how the hell had this spread so fast? The Sergeant? Tell one tell them all. Had the whole camp gone sex mad?

Then I knew it had. James was walking toward me and he was getting hard, just a little bump but if you knew. I couldn't blame him, there was a lot of naked flesh here. Bikini's didn't cover everything and some of them were.... just about indecent and one was a thong. I heard a quiet gasp. Debbie and Amy joined him. They looked so cute, so innocent.

Debbie's bikini on Amy didn't do a very good job of covering the important bits. The gasp got a little louder as Amy turned and dived into the pool. The back was completely between her cheeks. I didn't want to turn and embarrass whomever but I was going to watch to see who left and headed to the changing shed. Somebody was as horny as I was.

I was just about to tell these excited women we would make a list when my world crashed. Mary walked through the gate, looked around, spotted me and walked over. The sun caught her hair and it glowed, her breasts were just big enough to cast a shadow. This time it was a sigh from somebody over my right shoulder. One of these women was into young girls.

She was in for a shock.

Mary smiled as I stood, "As soon as I can we will set up a roster, I'm sure the boys can take care of 'all' your needs. Please remember they are young and just starting, they'll have to learn just what you need..... doing. Excuse me now, one of my new students needs me."

I looked at the somebody to my right. I didn't know her but I was going to. Talk about a wet spot. I had a nasty thought as I walked to Mary. "Just a minute, I need to talk to Jorden."

Mary smiled, she was carrying what looked like a swimsuit and I knew what she wanted, but. "Jorden, that lady in the yellow bikini, she's hot for you. Show her your stuff." I left with Mary to the ladies changing shed. Smiling. Today just kept getting better.

As we entered the shed Mary stopped and turned. "You know? Do you mind if you stay with me as I get changed?"

"It's not a problem for me but I think next time you should put your suit on at home then come down. You look lovely in that dress and it would save you time."

"It's not that easy walking home with a wet suit under my dress. I heard you talking and hoped you'd be here. I'm sorry if it's a problem."

I don't think she thought it was a problem as she lifted her leg to the seat to unzip her boot just as I sat down. OMG. She was naked underneath, I mean no Panties, I mean I could see 'her' cock. And she knew. She smiled.

The little bitch. She was teasing me. She could have put the suit on under her dress and then taken of her boots.... Come to think about it. Who wears boots to a swimming pool. I had been set up. If it was a game, well, I could play.

"Nice cock, I like them small as well. Does your mother know you're running around without panties? I expected you to wear pretty little boy shorts, with a bit of padding for your cock."

"Yes mummy knows, she wanted a daughter but likes to play with my cock under my dress so I don't wear panties."

"Just hold that thought, I'll be right back, and don't put your suit on just yet. I have to check something with Debbie. And don't play with your cock!"

As I was heading out I heard a moan from the toilets. I even thought to look under the door to see if I could see some flash of yellow. If the bus was bad, well. Why not here. Jorden was at the edge of the pool with Toby and James. So were a couple of the women. Bitches in heat I thought but I had another bitch to take care of. If Mary was going to show and tell. So could Debbie. I didn't have to find her, she found me.

"Where's Mary? Isn't she going to swim with us?"

"Got a surprise for you. Come on and don't squeal." I was going to play it cool. I was going to wait. Well the waiting was over. Now I wanted to see Mary's face when 'she' saw Debbie. As we entered the changing rooms the lady in the yellow bikini was leaving the toilet. I couldn't help myself. "There's a little extra for personal service, you get two for the price of one. Both of them." Smiling I left her there. Her mouth open then I added, "At the same time."

Mary was still standing as I left her, the only difference was she had lowered her dress. "Don't be shy Mary, we're all girls here. Why don't you show Debbie, she's just like me and loves small cock's. Why don't you show Mary what I mean Debbie?"

This time I thought I had caught her at her own game. She didn't say anything as Debbie pulled her bikini bottom down. She did open her mouth but nothing came out. Then she lifted the hem of her dress. Watching Debbie's cock starting to rise broke the silence.

"You're like me.... oh my.... umm..." Mary was silenced again as Debbie closed her hand around the newest cock in our group. She did close her eyes.

"Isn't it nice Diane, mummy's going to like it, and aunt Susey." Debbie stroked Mary's cock.

Now Mary was frowning. "Are you all like me.. I mean... do you have a cock as well.. Diane?"

"No, I'm like your mother. I like playing with my son's cock as well.... as well as Debbie's, and Toby's, and James."

"Don't forget granddad, his cock is real fun. You're just going to love fucking Beth, she puts stuff up her pussy and then we eat it and Diane likes a cock in her ass. So does mummy."

It was all to much for Mary. She hugged Debbie and then me. Oh God, her cock was just the right height. I opened my legs and it slipped along my wet crotch. It took all my will power not to pull the crotch away and have her/him fuck me right there.

"Come on you two, time for that later. Lets have a swim and cool down a bit. Can you keep that under control until we get in the water?" I gave Mary's cock a squeeze. "If Amy see's it you're in trouble."

Mary finally got her boots off then her dress. Things stopped for a moment as Debbie kissed her nipples and giggled. "How did you make them big? I want big boobs as well."

I wondered as well. My God she looked beautiful. Her nipples were hard on good sized breasts. Definitely a mouthful, then flowing down to her hips. Yes, good enough to fuck.

Finally we were all in the pool. And when I say all, there were a couple of mothers around Jorden and Toby. One woman was talking to James, funny thing, I couldn't see her hand and another was talking to Amy. I couldn't see Amy's hands either but she was smiling.

And I was smiling. Mary had one hand under my top and was playing with a nipple while her leg was between mine, rubbing my clit. She had a one piece suit with a high thigh cut, this made it easy for me to pull the crotch to one side and play with her cock. She was also full of questions. The one that caught my attention, apart from asking if she could fuck me, was about her mother. Could I meet her.

I looked around. It was like each group had an invisible wall around them. You can't see us and we can't see you, but I knew. At least I thought I knew. Ms yellow bikini was between Jorden and Toby, smiling. James was smiling and had his eyes closed, the lady could have been less obvious. She was wanking him and Amy was giving her lady a fine old time. She also needed lessons about being less obvious, or the lady wanted it that way. Her top was floating well above her tits and she had a finger in her mouth. Biting hard as Amy's shoulder rocked. Debbie was the only 'normal', she was sitting on the edge talking to another mother.

Or was she? Even from where I was I could see the outline of her cock. She played the part of a young innocent girl to a tee. Legs splayed and fingers playing in the water

Things came to a head for Mary, or should I say, things came out of her cockhead when I told her about our double fucks. In detail. Again I looked around. Each group seemed to break apart at the same time. It was then that I really noticed what was missing.

Apart from our boys there were no other males about. Not one. I thought about granddad. He would love this, I knew Beth would. Just the other night she had talked to Susey about those little blue pills, would they harm her father? Fuck her father, I wondered about the boys. Would their young hormones be enough?

Just to keep Mary in the right mood I squeezed her softening cock. "When do you want to fuck me? Do you want your mother to watch, I want to watch you fuck the shit out of her so I can get a nice big cream pie. I want to suck your mother's cunt after you have filled it with your cum."

Mary closed her eyes. "Oh god yes and I want to join you. I love sucking mummy after I've cum in her... cunt. Can I, can I please?"

I felt her cock start to stiffen and thought I had better cool off a bit, but. "Wait until Nicky gets you to suck her ass after you've cum there and if you're really good she may let you suck her pussy as well. You never know who's shot up her cunt, could be anyone."

"Could I? Please. I'll be your slave, just like mummy friend wants. She wants me to be a good cunt slave. She makes me lick and suck her cunt all the time before I can fuck her. I love it."

Shit. Had I opened a can of worms? Had she? A cunt slave? Jorden and Toby had played at being our slaves. Play was one thing, this was another. I really had to meet the 'mother'. I also needed a good fuck. k**s, we're going home. Just as we got home I heard Beth pull up. Before I had even got inside Beth had me in a hug and gave me a deep french kiss. "Thank you, oh god thank you. His cock is a bit bigger than Dad's but his tongue. Oh my god.

Mary stood there, listening, looking, her mouth open until. Amy pulled her inside. "I want to see your cock, if it's nice enough you can fuck me. I want to be first."

Beth looked at me. "Another?... Oh my god."

"Stand in line greedy, by the way, how did it go with Toby or should I ask how's your ass?"

"Three times, bitch. Now, where's Jorden? The Sergeant scratched an itch with his tongue but. It's back."

"Inside, and if you drop your dress out here we'll all be in trouble. Move it."

Inside was a mess of naked bodies. Jorden and Toby were sitting on the couch, discussing Ms yellow bikini and watching Amy checking out Mary's cock. Debbie and James were in a huddle on the floor beside Mary. They were also talking about their adventures with the women. While James was playing with Debbie's cock she was tickling Amy's crotch. Mary had her hand around James cock but was looking at Jorden and Toby. True to form, Beth's dress hit the floor and she knelt between Mary's open legs.

On hands and knees she looked like a dog waiting for her food. Food that was just out of reach and she had been told to Stay. I couldn't help myself and smacked her bum and in my best 'command' voice told her to wait.

Then it started. Amy knelt over Mary's cock, looked back at her Mother and dropped her shoulders. "Make me wet mummy then you can put it in."

Beth moved closer to her daughter pussy, her tongue poking out. James also moved. Mary was pulling his cock towards her mouth. His body had to follow and when it did he pulled Debbie with him. She headed for a nipple. Jorden and Toby also moved. Jorden behind Beth while Toby knelt beside her head.

My cartoon snowball was laid out before my eyes. Arms, legs and bodies all together. I watched for moment, just happy as everybody got busy. I may have lost a husband but boy did I gain a f****y. I headed for the computer.

I had given Ms yellow bikini my email address and told her I would make some sort of plan. All she had to do was let the others know and email me. I figured this was the safest way and I wanted to compare this list with what the Sergeant knew. I didn't think this was a 'sting' but, I had thought about a couple of ways I could lay out what was on offer. In a subtle way. I wanted them to come to me. I opened a database and thought some more.

A squeal distracted me and I looked. Amy was bouncing on Mary's cock, Mary was sucking James, Beth was busy at both ends and Toby was sucking Debbie's cock. I smiled and got to work. Susey was still working the late shift and I had Jorden and Toby. All night.

So here's how it went :- NEW PERSONAL SERVICE

Mowing only, Mmm/F.

Mowing plus hedge trimming, Mmmm/Ff.

Full service, mowing, trimming, yard work (gardens), inside cleaning, Mmmm/Fff.

All work guaranteed. All safety equipment supplied. All clean up to be of the highest standard.

I thought about the silly things they put in contracts today.

All workers guaranteed d**gs and alcohol free.

All inside work to include full wash and polish. Wax if you prefer.

I remembered how good Beth had looked when Amy shaved her. What else could have a double meaning.

Hours, week days, 3:00 pm till 7:00 pm, (Summer Time).

Weekend, 10:00 am till 7:00 pm, (Summer Time).

Extended Hours on request

Service to be weekly until a full roster can be settled, then monthly.
NB, if unable to complete monthly service other positions will be offered.

I laughed to myself. They could make what ever they wanted to out of that one. What else? How kinky were they?

Extra adult females available on weekend after consultation, (inside work only).

I put that in for the others but left the 'out'. I wanted to be fair to Nicky, Susey and Namoi and I still had to meet with Mary's mother. A cunt slave, was she a swinger, lesbian or just bi?

I was thinking about the pricing when my computer 'pinged'. I had mail. I checked but didn't know a Ms Gorden. It was addressed to me and it wasn't bulk mail. I clicked on the mouse... and fucking near fell off my seat. It was Ms yellow bikini.

It wasn't an attachment, it was right there, in your face. A cam picture of a thirty something female. The top of her bikini was above perky breasts while the bottom was around her thighs. She had a full bush of black hair down there while on top was dark brown. I laughed at that when I thought she may get Amy's help, whether she wanted it or not. I scrolled down. Very pretty. When I read the note at the bottom I thought she was pretty desperate as well.

"Your son helped me so much today but it was only half a job. Please, I need help, NOW."

They had finished, at least round one. Mary was being a cunt slave. Beth was kneeling over her head and I knew that smile. Amy had Jorden and Toby sitting on the couch and was busy cleaning their cocks while Debbie and James were cleaning her pussy. Oh my, I had to pull Jorden from the fun. I didn't think he would mind. "Honey, mummy needs you."

With a last lick from Amy he stood, by his smile, he must have thought I needed him for something else, until he saw the screen.

"Shit mom, it's her.... from the pool. Wow."

"Wow indeed, what did you do you naughty young man? Look at this." as I scrolled down.

"Fuck mom, I..... hell, is this real? She wants me to....."

"Finish the job you started? Is that what you were going to say. Not only, I think she wants a cock on a regular basis. You up for another older pussy?"

Beth walked over to see what we were doing. "Fuck me Diane, she's hot." that brought the others to crowd around.

"No greedy. I don't want you and I hope you haven't worn poor Mary out. This is for Jorden. You should have been at the pool instead of getting your pussy sucked clean. There's a pile of horny women that the Sergeant has been working on and now they want our cleaning crew."

"And not just the boys. Mrs Jones likes little girls as well. She liked me." Debbie interrupted.

Mary sat on my lap, her hand on my tit. "I'd rather fuck her than mom's friend. She makes me wear a collar."

If anything could silence our horny, sex starved group. That was it. Nobody f***ed anyone to do anything. Period.

Beth was silent, then. "If we have started a new cleaning crew and we are all equal partners. Can I interview Ms sex there, I'll drive Jorden over. What do you say Jorden? Is there still some lead in you pencil?"

I had to laugh at that old saying, especially as Jorden was showing that indeed, there was lead in his pencil. He was still staring at the screen. But. "How about you put your dress on first horn dog and Jorden, at least some shorts would be best."

"Shit Diane, you take all the fun out of life. Try cruising the interstate naked. It's a real turn on. Come on Jorden, at least Diane didn't say anything about under wear. What's the address?"

I gave the address and just for fun added, "He doesn't own any anymore." As they left.

I looked at James and Debbie, "Paper, rock and scissors for me, and Mary, a good cunt slave would be begging Amy." My cunt was dripping and I was all alone. Sort of.

Oh the joy of small cocks, especially two at a time and, as it was their second time... pleasure untold when you included the third. I had Mary lay across my front while James, the smallest lay as a 'T'. I mounted James and told Debbie use my ass. Amy squatted over Mary's mouth while I sucked her cock. Heaven.

I think, hope, they all knew I wanted a slow fucking. And that's what I got. Two small cocks working in unison in my pussy and ass as I worked the cock in my mouth and played with two soft ball's. It was those ball's that gave me the signal. They were pulling closer in their sack and my climax just kept building.

I lifted my head, just a little. "Now, cum in me now my lovely c***dren. Fuck me hard." And went back to sucking. James was bucking his hips up, driving his small cock as deep as possible and Debbie was trying to pound me down onto it. Her own hips smacking my ass cheeks. Then Mary joined in, lifting her hips, trying to f***e her cock deeper into my mouth.

Then it happened. Oh what a feeling. Debbie was as deep as she could go and erupted. I swear she did. This set James off and I felt his cum spurt deep in my pussy. Then Mary, OMG. My mouth and throat must have been just right. The first shot went straight down.

It was like a time in college, open your throat and try to drink the beer straight down without swallowing, but, I wanted to taste her cum. Needed it like a thirst that couldn't be quenched. The next hit my tongue and bounced around in my mouth. My taste buds were on overdrive.

Amy squealed as she saw Mary had stopped fucking my face. "Save some for me Diane, please, mummy got all of it before. I want to taste it too."

It was hard. Mary tasted so sweet I wanted to suck her balls dry. As it turned out I did get another squirt. A good mouthful, enough for all my little fuckers while Mary could suck me clean. I thought about Mary's words, a cunt slave. Were we any better? Was it just the words or how they were used? My climax changed to an orgasm.

I felt Debbie soften and slip from my ass. I could have stayed with James in my cunt forever but, he too softened. It was only fair. With my mouth still full I mimed for Amy to lie beside James, Debbie took the other side and as Mary wriggled under me I started feeding my babies cum.

Poor Mary, just when I thought it was over she poked her tongue into my rosebud. My body reacted before I knew it. My thighs locked her head in place until I could tell them to relax. She came out gasping for breath. But she was smiling.

"Don't you dare do that to Namoi, you might die. Now, kiss me, there's a little cum left."

Thank god for slow cookers. Susey had made the spaghetti sauce and meatballs this morning and set it to start at lunch time. All I had to do was cook the spaghetti. We had decided not to have takeout every night. Nicky and Namoi were car pooling and were due any time. I asked Mary if her mother would mind her staying for dinner and got a clearer picture of what her home life was like. Why she seemed happier here. After all it must have been a shock.

"Mom's in Washington tonight, I'm supposed to stay with a friend of hers, actually mom's lover. She's a lesbian for life and took mom for her lover a couple of years back. Mom was straight up till then. Dad died about a year earlier. I don't like her very much, she's the one that convinced mom I should be a cunt slave. I don't mind with mom, I really love her. She stood by me when my tits started to grow, got all sorts of tests done but no one knows why exactly. At first we made love, then, when she came along it got to be fucking. She puts a collar on me and gets me to fuck her ass doggie style or gets mom on top of her then I have to fuck mom while mom sucks her."

I didn't have to think about it, it was a classic Dom situation. I did think we should help if Mary's mother was a sub. Mary was clearly not happy, and, this was an Army base, I needed to know. "Mary, what does you mother do here? Is she in the Army?"

"Yes, although I'm not sure what she really does, she's a Major and is not allowed to talk about some things. Why."

Why indeed? A female Major, in Washington???? If it got out that she was in a Lesbian relationship.... oh shit. Big time.

"Mary, could you call your mother's friend, tell her where you are and who I am. Explain that I'm helping you catch up at school and ask if you can stay for dinner. I need to talk with a friend and I think she would like to talk to you. And don't worry, I think she'd like you to fuck her as well.... she's worse than Beth.... or better, depends how her day went. She's Debbie's mother by the way.... understand?"

My god. Every c***d should have a c***dhood, Mary actually skipped out of the room.... or was she in a hurry to get back to the others. We were still naked. There was a shriek then Mary was back, laughing.

"James is fucking Debbie... and he has a dress on." Then disappeared again. I just smiled and watched the clock. Beth and Jorden were still missing.

Debbie and James/Jane had become quite a pair. It didn't seem to bother them that they were really boys. They liked getting dressed as girls as much as they liked sticking their cocks in us women, or having us suck them. Just k**s having fun. I thought Mary should be the same, not a cunt slave to a Dom lesbian. I had to come up with a plan to separate her mother and her lover. And if I'm reading it right. Permanently.

First it was a bang, then a thump, some giggles, then a squeal. The squeal I knew, the rest. I went to check.

Namoi was on her back on the floor with Debbie, James, Jane, she had her dress on, and Amy tickling her. The big surprise was Nicky. She was standing by the door and Mary was backed into her arms. Mary was smiling, not because of what was happening on the floor.

Nicky and Mary followed me back into the kitchen, Nicky going to the fridge for a wine as Mary perched on a bar stool. Her cock not quite hard but not soft clearly on display. I was waiting for Nicky to say something. Okay, meeting naked people in my house was nothing new but the look on Nicky's face. That was something new. I waited some more as Nicky poured three glasses. Then I knew something was very wrong. Nicky drained her's in one go.

"Diane, I thought you couldn't surprise me any more and I know it's a small world but, how the fuck did you end up with my bosses daughter..... son, whatever, naked in your house?"

"Your boss? Oh shit, what the hell is going on here. Your boss. Mary, you know her?"

"First meet her after the final interview. Rosie and her were going out, then again last week. Rosie was taking her to school. Now, talk damn it girl, and Mary, don't be alarmed, Diane has this knack of fucking with my mind and if it's not her it's her son and Toby. Nice cock by the way, get it good and hard and come see me. Soon. If your mother doesn't fire me first."

"I think you need to fill your glass and get Namoi. I want her input on this as well, oh, and I love you to, just wait until you hear what else I've cooked up today."

"So there it is... " My story, as much as I knew had had a few holes filled in by Nicky and Namoi. Rosie would lose her job if her relationship ever got out and it would be worse for Mary if word got around. If even a whisper of what we were doing.... I thought a couple of news stations could set up shop here. Nicky explained how Rosie had worked so hard to get this position after her transfer, it would probably kill her. Namoi confirmed a lesbian affair would get her kicked out of the service. All in all it looked bleak and the problems stemmed from this bitch of a bitch. Now I was thinking about Rosie being blackmailed.......

"That's it, that's how we fix everything. We blackmail her!"

Nicky frowned. "Now what's going on in your twisted mind? Blackmail who? For what?"

"The bitch. Mary told me she makes her wear a collar when she fucks her ass. If she's holding a collar or a lead and forcing an u******e girl to fuck her that's statutory ****. Prison time in a big way. All we have to do is catch her."

"What about Rosie? She's going to be caught in the flack. I wouldn't want that to happen to my boss."

"NO, if we can prove she's forcing Mary it's not a long stretch of the imagination to think Rosie was being blackmailed to go along and, it's on a base, the MP's will be in charge to start with. A young girl, a Army Major being blackmailed, accidents can happen. All we have to do is scare the bitch into letting go. Mary said Rosie was straight until she came along. It'll work."

Namoi was listening not talking. Then. "It'll work, if the bitch likes it in the ass and we catch her, I could tell her of a couple of guys I know go that way. Big, black, 10 inch guys."

"And if she is a Dom, that could scare her more than the MP's. Oh well, it's up to Rosie. She'll be back tomorrow, I think she and I are going to have a long talk then. Right now I starving. TOBY!"

"Toby went home to get changed and do some home work for Susey, you'll have to settle for the rest of the gang."

"Done, all I gotta do is figure out how I can use them all....." Namoi looked like she was going to cry. "But you can have Mary. I can't fuck my bosses Daughter... yet."

I looked at the empty bottle of wine and sighed. I put the spaghetti on hold and followed. I could find something to do. Couldn't I?

In the end we all did, and we did eat. It was the constant pinging of the computer that caught Nicky's attention and I remembered I hadn't told the others my new plans. We gathered around the computer and Nicky whistled. Thirteen emails, thirteen fuck buddies. Fuck, Beth and Jorden still hadn't got home. Bad mother, I hadn't missed them. We had been too busy.

Right on cue Jorden walked in.... supporting Beth. It looked so funny. The dress that was usually like a revolving door was all wrong. Buttons in the wrong place, some were missing altogether and her face. I knew she hadn't seen the sun today but, talk about red.

"That woman's a fucking machine.... at least three boys and one mother.... I'm fucked..."

"Ms Gorden's hot mom, hasn't had a real cock in three years. Three times for me and Beth was busy the whole time. I hope you don't mind Toby, I sort of promised you'd go visit tomorrow and take James. She's kinky mom... good kinky if you know what I mean."

God I loved my son, even after all the rest he could still blush. I looked at Namoi. "As long as he comes home on his own feet it's okay with me." Nicky's laugh brought us back to the computer.

"Jesus girl, you want to turn the business into a mobile whore house, Extra adult females available on weekend, All inside work to include full wash and polish. Wax if you prefer. Why didn't you put in our boy/girls will shave your pussy, that would really get those mothers dripping. Can we do this.... I mean."

Beth decided to help. "A Sergeant with a long tongue thinks so, oh god it was good."

Namoi rolled her eyes as the gang giggled. "I've been on the range all day with some real dick heads, someone take pity on me, please." There was a chorus of voices then Namoi was at the bottom of a pile of bodies. Again. She didn't seem to be in a hurry to surface and there was a lot of groping going on.

This was what I wanted, sex with fun. A little bit of naughty fun, there were mothers and sons here after all, but fun. I noticed Mary holding back. Who? Amy? no, Namoi, and dived into the pile pulling Mary with me. My hand guiding Mary to Namoi, pushing others out of the way. Then my plans went ape shit. Mary ended up trapped between Beth's legs. Somebody grabbed Mary's cock, then it disappeared. It reappeared and like a ping pong ball, disappeared again. Somebody's mouth. I sat back as Jorden held me close. Now it seemed that Namoi and Mary were the center of attention, I didn't mind, Jorden was licking my ear.

I wanted to film this. A cock appeared and disappeared, a pussy and clit stood out and appeared to be one with a cock darting in and out of the players. OMG, I was on a sexual high that wouldn't stop. Somebody had added their finger to Jorden's in my cunt. I heard Nicky scream. Now this was what I call an Orgy. Tits, cunts, cocks and pussy. All trying to get to the top of the mountain. I know I screamed as loud as Nicky and Namoi as Jorden fucked me to a standstill and someone put a squirting cock in my mouth. Heaven on earth.

Later that night, while Jorden and I were cleaning up, it's a mother thing, he told me about Ms Gorden. It took all my self control not to jump his cock I was so fucking horny.

"She opened the door naked mom, she begged me to fuck her, at the front door, get my cock where my finger had been. She even asked Beth to put her cunt on her mouth. She told us how she had used a dildo but it wasn't the same as a young cock. She really wanted a young boy to fuck her. Shit mom, she really was tight. I love your pussy mom but, oh hell. She was like a virgin, first time virgin. I think that's why. Sorry mom, I couldn't stop fucking her.

Once again I knew my son loved me. He was honestly pouring his heart and soul out to me. I had to play the game. "Did she squeeze your cock like I can son? Did she milk your cock like I can. What was Beth doing when you fucked her son." and last but not least. "Does her cunt taste sweet son?"

My heart melted as I heard his answer. "No mummy, not as sweet as yours. Yours will be the best pussy for me. The sweetest pussy ever, it was just... |"

"Just lust. I know Jorden, there's nothing wrong with that, I lust over Debbie and Jane, such sweet young cocks but, I know you love me. That's what makes the difference. I love you son, now and forever. You are my man, now, wanna fuck your momma? Wanna stick your fat dick in my cunt? Don't make me beg, although I will. Fuck me son, oh god, fuck a baby into your momma. Fuck me Jorden, my son."

That was the night I became pregnant, although I didn't know it at the time, and. So did Nicky and Susey. Each to their own son's. Of all the fucking that had occurred during our nights of fun This was the special night. Me and Jorden, Susey and Toby, she had woken him when she got home from work feeling horny, and Nicky with Debbie. Nicky told me after how she had been extra horny after our little party and got Debbie to cum in her cunt three times that night.

That wasn't the end. Beth missed her next period as well. She knew it wasn't the Sergeant but. She had fucked with Jorden, James and her father that night. She hoped it was her father's c***d but she would love it no matter what. I had sudden thoughts of my father, could he? would I? Bet your socks I would. Jesus, I was becoming a Horn Dog, the same as Beth. All of a sudden I wanted my father to be the father of my next c***d. How sick was I? What the hell, I was fucking my own c***d, why not my father? That was the start. If I could get my father to fuck me, why couldn't Jorden fuck my mum. As soon as the idea settled in my mind it grew. Why not a f****y fuck feast? I went to sl**p with Jorden tucked close and dreamed of watching him, his cock deep in Mum's wet pussy as Dad had his cock in me. My dreams that night were very erotic. Wet dreams.

I think it was because Jorden had used such graphic details when he described his fuck with Ms yellow bikini. How her pussy had gripped his cock, how she had cried out for Jorden, her son to fuck her hard. How Beth had sucked and licked them both as they were cumming.

The next morning I was a wreck. A train wreck. Jorden, on the other hand, was the perfect son. He kissed my wet pussy and told me how much he loved me. Damn, I wanted to ring the school and tell them we were both sick. Then I remembered Mary, shit, what had happened to Mary? Oh yeah, she had gone home with Namoi. Safe within the Army. Yeah, right. Two bottles of wine and I couldn't remember a thing.

Even a shower with Jorden didn't help. Now, all I could see was him fucking Mum, Dad's cock poking me. I was a mess. Then, when he said, "No matter what Mom, I love you.". Everything came right.

Oh god, of all the things Jorden could have said. I started crying. And it all came out. My feeling for him, my thoughts about him fucking my mother. Me fucking my father. How proud I was when he made Namoi scream in pleasure. I thought it was the end of the world and kept talking but Jorden just stood there, holding me. Oh god I loved him.

Then, with a cheeky grin. "You want me to fuck grandma." With a playful smack on my ass. "And you want to fuck your father? You're bad, worse than Beth."

I felt a weight lifted from me. "And what about Ms yellow bikini, two fucking hours and not a thought about your horny mother then. A big wet cunt and that's it. Don't I deserve something better?'

Jorden was up for the game. "You had Mary, James and Debbie, not to mention a wet cunt by the name of Amy. She was still smiling when I got home. How many cocks do you want?"

I didn't even have to think of the answer. "Just one. Just yours." If I should die right now I would die happy." Jorden took me in his arms.

"It's you and me against the world Mom, cock and pussy against the world. They don't stand a chance."

I climbed onto his cock. "You and me son, cock in cunt. Fuck me son, Oh god fuck me."

The bus had turned into a game of musical chairs. This morning I had James beside me, Amy and Jorden were across the aisle and behind them were Mary and Debbie. Betty Sue and Toby were behind me. The whole bus was quieter as well. The driver smiled at me and winked. Maybe the 'gang' was a good idea and I bet a weeks pay the driver didn't know the reason for my smile. James was working his magic finger's, slowly, closer to my clit.

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