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Dad uses me for his wife

After a long and unstable marrage of 20 years, the divorce papers finally came. My wife and I only had one c***d, William, and he is very gay. My wife was too much of a homophobic bitch to support him. Even when he was younger we knew he would turn out gay. Always wanting to wear girl's clothing, dress differently, speak differently, even walk differently. I always supported him as a dad and as his friend. I never understood and I still don't understand my wife and how she could just leave her only c***d and I. I remember it was his 18th birthday, about five months ago. She came home from work, late and d***k as usual, and was very enraged. She kept ranting on about how god had cursed her with a fucked up c***d, I told Will to take my car and go where ever he wanted and that I would call him when this was all over with. After hours of yelling I told her to get all of her things and leave for good. That I never wanted her to see Will again and I never wanted to see her face.

The next morning I awoke from on the ground, my head hurt and the night had been a blur. I remembered that I never told Will to come back home so I quickly dialed his cell number. He answered thankfully "..Hello?" he quietly said. "Will it's me, everything is going to be okay now, just come home son". I knew he was upset. "Okay dad, I love you" He hung up. I sat and waited by the door for him to come home. As soon as he opened that door I grabbed a hold of him and just held him in my arms. I told him I loved him and kissed him softly on his sweet lips, we had always kissed each other on the lips. We both knew it was more then just father and son love, more then fake f****y love. We had truly loved each other.

That night, it was a Monday night. The game was on and I was alone on the couch watching watching the Giants beat those damn Cowboys. I heard foot steps coming down the stairs, I knew it was Will but, I didn't know what he had planned. He was dressed in a tight pink tank top that exposed his belly, a pink mini skirt and a black lace thong, no shoes but his cute little feet were nicely pedicured. He didn't need a wig, he had grown his hair out. And he has his make up on. I barely recognized him. But I knew it was my beautiful tranny son, I could never forget those eyes and that look. He slowly walked over to me and sat on my lap, turned the TV off and kissed me. I spoke softly "Will.." "Shh" He quickly replied with his finger up against my lips. "This is what I want dad, I love you, and I want you. You are the love of my life." I just smiled and grabbed onto his petite figure and kissed him passionately. He slid to the floor, got on his knees and took my sweat pants off. Exposing my boxers that couldn't hide my rock hard 8 inch cock bulge. He licked his lips and started kissing my cock. I started to take off my boxers when he stopped me, stood up and put on a little strip tease for me. Taking his pink tank off first, showing his cute pink erect nipples. The mini skirt was next, I could feel that I was blushing but I knew this was right and that I loved him. He turned so that his lucious white bubble butt was right in my face, bent over and took his skirt off. He turned back around and in his lace thong was his cute 6 inch cock throbbing hard. I took my shirt off exposing my old toned body, I saw the blush in his face so I pulled him to me, started licking and sucking on his nipples while he stroked my cock. I whispered in his ear "Take my boxers off and do what you please my love". He practically tore my boxers off, and shoved my cock in his mouth. I could tell he was practicing. How easily he was taking it in his mouth and down his throat. I gasped a little and began rubbing his head. He pulled off my cock gasping for air. I told him to stand up and then I lay on the couch and told him to lay on me, in a 69 position. I pulled his lace thong off and started licking his amazing pink asshole while he went right back to deep throating my cock. After lathering up his hole I eased a finger in, I could tell he was a virgin by how tight he was and how he moaned with pleasure. Then Will shoved my whole cock down his throat and was gagging on it. When he pulled it out he looked back at me and said. "I'm ready dad. I want this, I've been waiting for years." I told him to wait that I needed to grab a condom and he came up to my face and kissed me deeply. "I want you naturally" he said grinning and biting his lower lip. I picked him up and pinned him up against a wall, kissing him and massaging his asshole getting it wet and horny. He grabbed a hold oh me and let me know he was ready. I lined up my cock with his tight horny hole and slowly pushed, kissing him at the same time. He started moaning and broke our kiss, holding me tighter and moaning as my thick cock eased it's way in his virgin ass. I asked if he was alright and he replied "I love you". It was all I needed to continue to fuck him and not stop. I started pulling out and going back in deeper each time, each time he moaned and shook with pleasure more and more. I had never been so hard in my life, and my precum wasn't even for lube. But he kept kissing me and moaning so I kept shoving my cock in him. As his hole began to take my cock i began to fuck him faster and harder, I could tell he loved it from his tight grip around me and his moans and shivers. He whispered in my ear "Take me to bed daddy.." and so I carefully, while my cock still deep inside him walked through the living room, past the bathroom, and into my bedroom, which would soon be our bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and bounced him on my cock, his moans so intense and arousing.

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