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The Lady Who Picked Me Up -- Part One of the Bubbl

The Chronicles Of Scott : Volume I

The Scott Chronicles, is the sexual conquests of a young boy up until age twenty. Depending on his age, is what the size of his gift will be at that time. By fifteen, his penis has grown to an eleven inch long, six inch thick monster! So getting girls is what he does best. Scott is also bi, he did a lot of d**gs as a teenager, and has a thing for romance... As well as a dark side and a passion for music. All of these things will be recurring themes, read from his actual diary. The time-line will not be in order from volume to volume either, it skips around. If any of that doesn't agree with you, then I'm sorry, and I did warn you... Enjoy

It was ten till seven and a very fucking cold morning. Knees shaking and torso trembling, it couldn't have been a more miserable walk to school. This is me -- Scott, at a time in my life when living in Sandy Utah, the uppity side of Salt Lake City. "What a drag," I think aloud. "Goddammit!" I dully realize how for over a mile I have to sullenly trek downhill; past apartments, snow piles, black ice... Almost slipping on the black ice... While walking along the highway.

Finally! Nearing the school, I walk down the side of a different street now, passing residences with acres of lawn to each house, coming upon a parking lot of what I remember as some kind of old person hospital.

A small, dirty white car slows next to me while walking by the front entrance, "You okay dude, it's freezing out here!? You going to school?" A middle aged, mildly attractive women asks. "Yeah.." I tell her. "Let me give you a ride then." She offers, concern showing on her pretty face. "It's Union, right?" She asks. I nod hesitating only for a second, "Uhhm--yep," coming closer to the car. "Okay cool. Get in," she says, rolling up her window. I'm thinking, "Hell yeah!" I get in thanking her.

"Sorry about the mess." She tells me pointing toward fast food trash, dishes, plastic bags with clothing spilling out, and what looked suspiciously like a used condom poking out from the floor underneath her backseat.

My eyes roam from her floor to the silver, leopard print fuzzy pants she's got on. Her hips are sensuous is what first comes to mind. Huge comes next. Her thick thighs invited, the skin underneath the material enticed; and even sitting, her ass portrayed its enormous succulence to me. I move up to her sweater where, at least D sized breasts are evident. Then, to her slightly pudgy face, crows feet under her eyes, but a very cute nose and mouth just the same; with cool brown eyes, and curly brown hair evident of a recent shower.

"Man!" A part of me is already thinking, "This is -- just too good to be true!" I'd already been with older women. Once a neighbor of mine but she'd still been in her lower twenties. The other, one of my first lovers, had been only twenty-eight. So, little did I know, about what the female body was like when more properly aged, and man, did I want to see this one for myself. She was definitely doing it for me. I was getting super horny, considering she smelt good, and any middle schooler gets turned on even being around girls. At least, I always did...

I hypnotically watch her earrings, little colored gems dangling in big silver loops, bouncing as she drives. Slight neck wrinkles, but still beautiful skin, so soft... Glowing even... Probably simply from the car heater... Exaggerated though, in my state of overwhelming sexual desire.

Breaking the silence, I tell her respectfully, "Thanks again! I could've walked from here, but I'm still not used to this weather, I'm from the desert compared to this place. So I really appreciate this." Looking over with a smile, she asks, "Oh. Where you from?" I explain to her, "Fort Worth, Texas. I've lived there all my life, we barely moved here in fact, in the summer." She laughs, "Crazy, I saw you did look cold! That's why I felt bad... I have to be at work back there, but I have plenty of time to get you to school."

As she tells me this, she passes through an intersection where she should be turning left, going straight instead... I look out the window a little tensely. All I'm thinking about though, is how it would definitely warm me up to have that pretty mouth around my stiff throbber. I feel it getting hard.

She notices my slight nervousness, and assumes that I'm getting scared instead... I see her look at me, judgingly. She says, "Sorry I know where it is, don't worry... Just wasn't paying attention." She laughs a little.

I figure it's now or fucking never.

"No it's fine. Why, where are you taking me, to your house or something lady?" I ask nervously. Stopped at a light, her frame turns to me, a look on her face that still turns me on so tremendously -- even after all this time, and it now only being a faded memory.

Like a damn a****l, spotting it's prey.

All I can think now is, YES. I'm in! The internal pressure of my sex-drive, builds and finally bursts into a wave of ecstasy as I realize I AM about to get exactly what I want! Yes, I did have a God (or whatever) blessed c***dhood. I was very graciously blessed endowment-wise at least, that's for sure. I was almost thirteen at the time and already eight inches, being as I had a veery satisfying growth spurt over the last year. Having had such excellent sex so far in life, why become complacent?

She drives now with a look of curiosity -- contemplation even; her tongue pressed into the corner of her slightly open mouth, in what is either a show of surprise, or quite possibly lust... Silence. "You'r fucking beautiful you know." I tell the cougar, who in turn laughs squeakily, "Oh my God what am I thinking..." She mutters. "Its cool." I say quickly, "Look I'm not an idiot." I thought fast, "Your horny. I'm obviously horny." She interrupts, "Who says I'm horny?" I continue without pause, "And I'm just going to say it now, I have a giant dick. And trust me. This can stay between me and you."

As I was saying this I had unzipped and begun to fish out my VERY, hard on. She's glancing over with a little surprised O on her mouth. I'm thinking, "Man, I love life!" I ask, "Since I gots to be at school and you work, we can just go somewhere right?"

She looks up from my cock and into my eyes. Smiles an exited smile, (A very brief hint of sadness too, I remember) reaches over with her right hand, and touches my newly pubescent manhood; brushing it lightly with the back of her hand, teasing it as it throbs madly for her. "Come on that's messed up!" I groan. Big smile, she tells me, "Sorry.." Then begins to stroke the very tip of my prick in a circular, up and down motion that causes me to throw my head back with a loud sigh. "Here," she says hurriedly, "Let me pull over.."

We were on some residential street near the school. She continues to excellently stroke the beautifully long shaft between my legs, then moves toward me with that same lioness expression as she tongues, then consumes my head. "Oh fuck yeah lady, suck my dick. Aww shit yeah.. Suck that little boy dick.."

This went on for awhile with me sitting in bliss, toes curling as I looked down on this woman doing her magic. "Man, I kinda really wanna fuck you." I tell her while she's munching my whole shaft down, just short of an inch. Her tonsils massage the tip of my dick as she deep throats my meat without gagging. "Oohhh my fucking God! Uhhhhh Okay. Or never mind, this is good then." I concede. Slurrrp Slurrp Slupp

This blowjob was close to the best I've gotten, still to this day. I usually lasted a long time-- for a twelve year old, I'm sure. But, I could only handle a good ten minutes this time, and even that took some serious flexing of my cum muscle. The whole situation of "strange older lady picks up boy going to school" sexual perversion, was definitely crossing my mind, and definitely getting me off.

"Fuck yeah!" I start to feel control fading. "Oh shit." Caressing the back of her head, with the other hand I inch my way up to those giant tits. Finally feeling them uninhibited by sweater, I squeeze and fondle them greedily. That brings me there even more... "Goddamn.. I have ta see them," I pant, ripping the sweater up and over her head, (No bra in the way, a welcome bonus) -- then she continues with the head, my dick glistening with warm saliva, her giant and very bouncy tits rubbing pleasantly on my thigh.

"OH I'M Cumming!"

Adjusting myself, I put my left leg up on the seat, standing with my right, "Lady" leans over the middle dash, face flushed and tilted upwards, eyes squinting at me ravishly. "FUCk YEa! Uh Uh Uh." One squirt, two squirt, rope after thick rope of nice and pearly white, feral spunk. (I miss being a teenager). They hit her hard in the face, each squirt splashing off of her aroused skin, cum globules splattering me, the dash, and my seat. I even get the last of it in her hair, before she stops me, pulling away saying, "What the hell!" I Smile. Haha. She's upset, trying to pull it out now, but God-fucking-dammit!

She sits upright again, her cheeks a cute pink, the left one covered in sperm; a pool on her forehead makes its way into her eyes and runs down her nose. Whiteness even speckled in her hair... DAMN! "That was awesome." I tell her. "Yeah except, you came in my hair you little fuck! Now I have to go home and shower." She tells me teasingly frustrated, blinking cum out of her eyes, yet smiling.

"Sorry.." I tell her. Then, scr****g some nut off her face with my fingers, tracing down her neck and all along her chest, I rub it into her cleavage, saying, "Well 'Lady' I'll always remember you." She gives me a sardonic smile and says, "Me to cutie, your a lucky k** with that thing trapped inside your pants.." She jokes. I tell her, "Yeah." Agreeing with her... More than she'll ever know.

"So you've been with a lot of the little girls already, huh?" She asks, while looking through her trash, she uses her wrists to try and wipe the cum out of her eyes, to no avail. I tell her, "Girls my age? Yeah like seven or so." That got her alright. "Uhh uh! Ohhh My GOd! Your too fucking much, you know that!.." She says, shaking her head at me. (I'd done something or other with f******n actually, twelve of them my own age, starting when I was nine. That's for later though).

She looks at me gleefully, absolutely glowing, as my spunk dries on her warm skin, telling me, "So man, what about this mess you made, I need something to clean it up with... How about, you give me your boxers!" She says, matter-of-factly. "What!?" I shout. She commands, "To remember you by 'Texas', there's nothing I can use, and you got it everywhere!.. Hand em over!" I pass them over to her... She laughs, finally able to wipe my seed from her face.

I left there free balling. My boxers now a cum rag, indifferent amongst the rest of the trash that belonged to my highway suck goddess. Thank you, "Lady". I ended up having a VERY good day, as my luck wasn't at an end yet.

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