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Cuckold - How I Fucked Your Wife


You don't know me but im a friend of your wife's.
im sorry to break it to you like this but she told me to write to you explaining that you are being cuckolded; and that im the one that is fucking her.
She told me to write because to be honest i think she thinks you have a bit of a fetish for cuckolding, she has found cuck stuff in the pc history and seen stuff you've been getting yourself off to.
she also told me that your sex life isn't all that it was?

anyway, its all happened like this; i work with your wife and have done for a few month now, we always flirted like workmates do and iv always had a bit of a thing for your wife, shes cute in her own way an i could see tension built up in her so i teased her about what we could do if she wasnt married, she always laughed it off until the other week.

i went out to grab some lunch with her and a couple of others and because im kind of known around work for my party trick ( i can touch the bottom of a pint glass with my cock ;))and cos im a big tall guy all the women have a giggle with me, but your wife wanted to know if the rumors were true,
i told her that i wasn't going to get my cock out there and then! so i told her id do it when we had more privacy' well she suggested that night if she dropped me off at my house after work (that's why she was late back that night ;))

So that night she drove me home, she was very nervous! shaking in the seat as she drove (i take it shes not done anything like this before? just one of the things she made her mind up to do i suppose and not turn back!)
when we got in she got even more nervous, her hands were really shaking lol, i grabbed her waist and puled her into me as an ice breaker (she only comes up to my chest!)she started feeling my ass gingerly,
i said "so you wanna see my trick"?
she smiled and nodded
i told her to sit on the sofa while i undid my trousers and let my cock fall out in front of her face, you should of seen the surprise on your wife's face lol
she didnt really know where to put herself sat there all proper, fully clothed so i grabbed her shaking hand and put it on my cock, she started to feel my length and then my balls . i moved closer to her face, she didn't know if she should suck me, i think she was feeling guilty for you lol
so i started to rub my cock gently on her lips till she opened up. i pulled my foreskin back and slid into her mouth, she put both hands by her side clinging onto the sofa while i started to ease in and out gradually building the momentum until i was fucking her mouth quite fast, im 9" hard so she gagged a couple of times which lubed her mouth up more,i grabbed your wife's head in both hands and fucked her throat deep and good making her gag with each thrust mmmmmm
god i want her again now lol.

After a few minutes i stood her up, her eyes were red and watering making her mascara run from the gagging, she looked so horny! ten i did what iv always wanted to, i took off her blouse and sucked on her tits hard and fast, sucking and licking and biting (bet she kept covered up that night eh? lol )god that made her gasp and moan! i pushed her back lifted her skirt, ripped a hole n the crotch of her pantyhose and buried my face in her wet pantie covered cunt,she makes some really nice noises doesn't she mmmm

i then stood up with her on her back in front of me ,lifted her legs up under my arms so the only thing of her touching the sofa were her shoulders, pulled her panties to one side and slid my cock into your wife's sweet cunt, i could only go about halfway as she was quite tight (how small are you dude? lol) she did those silent, mouth and eyes wide open screams of shock haha
i fucked her slow to start with but once she opened up a bit i could fuck the life out of her, she was like a rag doll bouncing around lol, until i said i was about to cum i pulled out and came buckets over her gaping cunt mmmmm
i wanted to make her cum using my cum as lube, it didn't take long to rub a huge orgasm out of her; infact i just kept rubbing till she had another lol!

she held me tight and kissed me deep after as we lay on my sofa , she fondled my chest and balls till she said she HAD to get home to you.

sorry to be so blunt, not sure what to write really as she just told me to tell you what happened, she said if you want you can not mention it to her and go on as nothing has happend but at least both of you know what shes up to with me
i hope you are cool with this , i don't think she will leave you she just wants a big strong man to give her what she wants!

we have made arrangements to meet again and im one kinky fucker so god help her next time lol.

comment if you want me to write a report wont you bud. ;)

see ya

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