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Bonnie Teaches Older Women's Tricks

She was an older woman in her mid forties, divorced, alone as her c***dren was grown and moved away. She worked in the city, but lived in the suburbs and spent her time off at home by herself. She hated her job, she hated being alone and she hated her life. Why couldn’t she have someone?
She spent her time at home doing crossword puzzles and being on her computer most of the time. Sometimes she would gaze out the window, seeing the neighbor boy with his friends, wishing he were with her making life better. Tim had lived next door since his folks moved in about six years ago, and he was now 18 years old and about to graduate from high school and would be going off to college.
She had talked to him now and then over the back fence and when he was younger he mowed her yard a few times. But she worked a basic job and could not afford it since her husband left her two years back.
If only he would pay attention to her. Younger men on the Internet liked older women. She had seen it on some of the adult sites she liked to watch. If only she had a man. Why could she not be a Cougar like that Matty at work?
She thought and thought and devised a plan she just knew might work.
The next morning she called Tim’s mother in the pretense of borrowing some sugar. “Oh Mrs. Miller,” she started. “This is Bonnie next door, and I’m sorry to bother you, but I started to make some cookies and ran out of sugar,” she added. “I don’t feel like going to the store, would it be possible to borrow a cup from you,” she finished.
“Of course,” Mrs. Miller said. “Should I bring it over, or would you like to come over and pick it up,” Mrs. Miller added?
“I could come over,” Bonnie hesitated. “Or if Tim is there, you could send him over with it,” she questioned? “I bought him a couple of movies at the dollar store and I can give them to him at the same time,” she added.
“I’ll see what he’s doing,” Mrs. Miller said and hung up.
Bonnie was already prepared for Tim, wearing a white terry cloth robe, a pair of pink semi-see through panties and nothing more. She had the shades drawn in the living room, and a lamp on for some light even though it was day time. She set in an armchair and waited to see what happened, hoping Mrs. Miller didn’t come calling.
Within a few seconds there came a knock at the front door. Bonnie walked to the door and peeked out the peephole to see Tim standing there with a bag in his hand. With a rush of excitement she opened the door.
“Oh Tim come on in,” she said smiling.
“Mom said to bring this to you, and said you had something for me,” he questioned.
“Yes, yes come on in,” Bonnie said heading toward the kitchen. Tim followed on her heels. “Let’s see what did I do with that package,” Bonnie said?
Bonnie bent over to look in a drawer in the kitchen and intentionally let her robe gap open. Tim’s eyes lit up light two flood lamps as he stares at Bonnie’s ample breasts. Bonnie is watching him and sees his look and feels a tingle in her now damp pussy.
Reaching down to grasp the sides of the robe she pulls it open and says, “like what you see Timmy?”
“A….well…a… ya,” Tim replies sort of blushing.
Bonnie reaches down and cups one of her breast and lifting it licks the nipple. “You like this,” she asks Tim.
“Oh man yes,” Tim answers.
Bonnie sees Tim is getting quite a rise in his pants as his manhood turns to a bulge.
“You want to lick it,” Bonnie asks.
“Oh yes, I would love that,” Tim replies.
Bonnie reaches out with the other hand and pulls Tim’s head to her other breast and allows him to suck and bite her nipple. As he does she reaches down and rubs his now stiff cock through his jeans.
With out waiting Bonnie unzips and unbuttoned Tim’s jeans and reaches in and grabs his tool and releases it from it bond. Pulling it out she runs her hand up and down it feeling the pre-cum on its head. After a few seconds she drops to her knees and engulfs Tim cock in her mouth. Slurping and gobbling his shaft she sucks it down her throat as far as possible.
Tim leans back against the counter and lets out a low rumbling moan. “Oh Bonnie that feel so damn good,” he groans.
Bonnie stops, knowing that Tim’s balls are tightening up and he’s about to cum and stands up. “I don’t want you this way,” she says taking his hand and pulling him along. “Let’s go in the bedroom,” she adds.
They walk down the hall, Bonnie-pulling Tim along and enters the bedroom at the back. Tim kicks his pants off and stands facing Bonnie as she sets on the foot of the bed pulling her robe off leaving her naked except the pink panties. She reaches out and pulls Tim’s boxer down as he steps out of them. Grabbing his tool she massages it back to full life. She lies back on the bed, begging Tim,”take my panties off Timmy.”
Tim follows orders and reaches down and pulls her panties down her legs, paying particular attention to Bonnie’s shaved pussy. “You want to touch it,” Bonnie questions?
“May I,” Tim replies looking at it like a youngster in a candy store.
“Sure,” Bonnie says spreading her legs wide.
Tim reaches down, barely rubbing Bonnie’s glistening candy hole. “Go ahead honey, put your fingers inside, it won’t hurt me,” she says.
“It so wet and warm,” Tim answers.
“Would you like to put your cock in it,” Bonnie asks.

“Oh hell yes, can I,” Tim pleads.
“Sure, come here and lay on me and I will help you,” Bonnie moans.
Tim lays down on her and Bonnie takes his hard cock and puts the head up to her wet pussy. “Push, push hard,” she begs.
Tim pushes, but only inserts the head on his shaft. Bonnie reaches around and grabs his bum cheeks and pulls him deep inside her watery hole. “OH YES, YESSSS, she yells. “Right there on that spot,” she cries out.
“Oh lord,” Tim moans. “So wet and warm,” he adds.
“Don’t you dare cum,” she orders. “Pump me you a****l,” she cries out.
Tim starts to pump slowly but keeps becoming disengaged from Bonnie. “Put it back in,” she demands. “Fuck me hard my horny man,” she moans.
Their pumping finally hits rhythm and Tim fucks like an a****l in heat. The bed is bouncing and Bonnie wraps her legs around Tim to hold on for dear life. With the bed squeaking loudly, the sun is going to crash into earth, life will end here Bonnie thinks to herself.
Bonnie reaches around Tim’s backside running her fingers down his back digging into the flesh. Her hand travels the length of his back arriving at his tight butt cheeks. Pulling his butt cheeks apart she pushes the middle finger of her right hand deep in his arse hole. Tim cries out in ecstasy.
Tim has his rhyme now and he pumps faster and faster. Fireworks explode in the room as he tenses his body releasing a large stream of hot cum deep in Bonnie’s love canal.
Tim continues to pump with all his power releasing every drop inside of Bonnie. “Oh god yes,” he shouts.
Finished and still entangled with each other they lay there in a sweaty mass trying to catch their breath.
“Just fabulous, fabulous,” Bonnie purrs.
“I never knew sex could be so good,” Tim replies.
“This is only the start,” Bonnie says. “ I expect to see more of you now we get along so well,” Bonnie quips.
“Oh yes, I’ve got some extra time if you need anything done around here,” Tim teases.
“ I need a lot of things done,” Bonnie says with a smile on her face.
In the coming weeks Tim told his mom he was spending a lot of time with his friend Greg, getting ready for college. But the fact was he was sneaking over to Bonnie’s to take care of those needed chores he promised to do. Of course not many things got fixed, or the lawn barely got mowed, but the time was well spent and Bonnie started liking life a lot more.

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