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Santa your a big lad fiction

As the title says santa is a big lad. total fiction as I have a very good imagination. The date was 24th december and the christmas eve party was in full swing, every male was in a santa outfit and wearing a mask. The rules where everyone put the keys in a basket and then deliverd a sack to that house, and you couldnt pick your own key.

I picked the house 3 doors down a great f****y and a hot wife he had as well, I grabbed my sack of presents and went on my merry way. The lady of the house had gone home early to let the babysitter leave. I let myself in and put the presents under the tree. I was just about to leave when Jenny the lady of the house came down stairs.

She put the light on in the living room she gasped with shock and said O santa I caught you and laughed, so what have you got for me in your sack, I said what would you like she said well a huge cock to start ive been a very good girl.I unzipped my trousers to produce a weapon that was ready to sniff out pussy..

She came across and took hold of it knelt down and sucked it slowly handleing my ballsack gently, her head moved back and forth slowly my cock swelling in her mouth she made a slurping noise as she started to skweeze my balls gently. She removed her gown to reveal a naked body her tits fell perfect as I looked down ,she had no idea what cock she was sucking only that it wasnt her old mans.

I had always fancied her but that was it really for all I know my wife was being fucked right now,all of a sudden I shot my load into her mouth, when she finished she said Santa your a big lad and laid on the floor legs wide open, her pussy lips puffed open as she rubbed her soaken wet hole, her clit stood out like a button.

I knelt down and started to lick her pussy, it tasted so sweet as I nibbled her clit she moaned with pleasure and I rubbed her opening with my fingers, they where sticky with her jucies I slowly moved up as I sucked her hard nipples she grabbed my head pushing my mouth onto her nipple as tho she wanted to breast feed me.

I sucked her nipples deep into my mouth as I pushed 2 fingers into her pussy she cum saying she was so horny and needed fucking hard and now, I undressed but kept my mask on my cock hung down but I felt it growing, I gently rubbed it watching her finger her pussy I was now hard as a rod I got inbetween her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her wet hole,she cum straight away begging for raw sex I rammed my cock in time and time again my balls banging of her ass.

I felt her pussy muscles grip I felt a warm trickle of fluid on my cock as she moaned and grabbed my ass I cum in huge waves, after I finished I got up she said thank you santa thats just what I wanted for christmas breathing very heavy. I picked up my sack and left her getting dressed I closed the door and went home with a huge grin on my face.

When I got in my wife was in bed I knew she had been fucked as I smelt the smell of raw sex in the room, I got into bed and put my hand on her pussy it was sticky with his load I slowly rubbed her clit it was swallon she arched her back and cum in seconds she said she was as horny as fuck and would love a good fucking, I had to give myself time as I was aspent f***e so I kissed her playing with her huge tits and soaken wet pussy, I recovered after a while and fucked her cum filled pussy we fucked for a while till I cum and fell asl**p.

About 2 days later Jenny popped in to chat to the wife as we sat drinking coffee the phone rang the wife went to answer it, Jenny said that the other night was the best fuck she had ever had my cock was huge,and her pussy was still in recovery, I asked how she knew she confessed my wife had told her my cock was huge when they where d***k one night also out of all the menshe had ,had in the area mine was the biggest,I looked shocked but said I would love to give her more as had fancied her for ages, she said she knew that aswell as I had confessed to my wife I did and she told Jenny.

We made arrangements for when her old man was away with work and her k**s where at his parent. The night arrived the wife had gone out didnt know where I arrived at Jennys she greated me in a very short nighty no panties on and see through my cock lept to attention we went upstairs and got naked, she started to suck my cock it felt good her warm mouth sucking my cock into her mouth.

As we rolled around on the bed Jenny whispered fuck my ass she got on her knees and I got around her, her peachy ass was horny with a nice tight ring, I pushed my cock in she groaned as well as myself I shot my cum into her ass. We lay on the bed kissing I heard a noise from the wardrobe, as I went to look my wife appeard she had been spying and Jenny was in on it.

She confessed she had a fantasy of watching her husband fuck another women I told her to sit in the chair as Jenny and I got on the bed, as my cock got hard Jenny rubbed it as I fingered her pussy I looke across and my wife had her hand in her panties rubbing her pussy,she screamed out as each orgasm followed another we fucked most of the night before going home and shagging some more.

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