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Had anyone been conveniently placed they might have seen a tall shapely woman step out through the open double doors of the hotel dining room onto the wide brick paved patio. She was simply dressed in a grey linen dress with a white collar. The rest of her was black: shoes, belt, and stockings, except for her hair, which was foxy red and fell to her shoulders.

The observer might have gauged her to be about forty years of age, and if the observer was male, he might have concluded that she was gorgeous. That would have been reinf***ed if he was on the path below the patio and looking up at her and seen her pretty ankles above which rose an even prettier pair of legs.

She moved with an u*********s grace and seemed to be alone, and if our notional male had also been alone he might, if bold enough, have introduced himself in the hope of future pleasure.

Had there been such an observer, and who is to say there wasn't, his hopes would be dashed. The woman stood for a moment as if hesitating, and was then joined by a tall young man who appeared to be in his early twenties who said something to her and then putting his arm round her waist they went to a seat and sat side by side, his arm still round her.

Our observer might have lost interest at that point, seeing that the woman was, as it were, already taken. He might of course feel envious of the young man, imagining that later he would be enjoying some bedtime sociability with the attractive woman.

If however he had bothered to look closely at the young man he would have seen that his hair was the same foxy gold-brown colour as the woman's and his eyes the same shade of green.

They sat for the most part in silence, looking out over the lake that was silvered by the light of a three quarter moon. A final conclusion might have been that since the hotel was very popular with newlyweds, and despite the apparent age difference, this was a couple on their honeymoon. Had the observer come to that conclusion, then he would be wrong.

The woman was Stephanie Margaret Albright and the young man Luke Peter Albright, her son, and they were at the Lakeside Hotel on what might be loosely called a "recovery mission."

Specifically the recovery was from a rather messy divorce and wrangling over money that Stephanie had endured, and which by association Luke had also endured.

Stephanie had taken the whole sequence of events rather badly, and it had been at Luke's urging that she should get away for a while. Stephanie had declared that she did not want to be alone at that time, and so it was agreed that Luke should accompany her.

They sat on for some time, occasionally exchanging a remark, but for the most part in silence, as if to be in each other's company was sufficient. After a while Stephanie laid her head on Luke's shoulder and appeared to go to sl**p while he held her close.

The overall impact on a viewer of these two might have been that they were very much in love, which conclusion would have been correct, but not having the information that they were mother and son, he or she would not have understood the complications.

Stephanie seemed to come to with a start and said something to Luke and they both laughed. She glanced at her watch, her only adornment, spoke again, and they rose and entered the hotel.

* * * * * * * *

The request by Arnold Albright for a divorce had, as far as Stephanie was concerned, come like a bolt of lightning out of a clear blue sky. To some extent she blamed herself. She was assistant principal at a primary school and, so she thought, had become so engrossed in the work that she had neglected marriage maintenance.

She made herself feel guilty because she hadn't seen the divorce coming. Warning signs there had been, like a drop off in Arnold's libido, but she had failed to read the signs properly, putting the libido decline down to pressure in his workplace.

To make matters worse, she had fallen into a familiar trap when Arnold brought the girl he was having an affair with home, saying that she was new in the city and needed some friends. Stephanie had therefore in all innocence befriended her.

The girl was very pretty and petite, and if Stephanie had any expectations of a sexual relationship taking place, then it had been between Luke and the girl she expected it to happen.

The shock of the divorce was bad enough, but when it came to wrangling over money it was an even greater shock. For some reason she could not fathom Arnold seemed to treat this as a means for revenge, although revenge for what was unclear. Stephanie simply couldn't understand why someone who had once loved her, and to whom she had been faithful should treat her in this way.

She had been ready to come to some amicable agreement, but Arnold claimed she was asking too much, and so it went to court. It ended up with Stephanie getting more than she had originally agreed to accept since the court deemed that she had made the biggest contribution to the f****y finances.

Throughout the divorce proceedings and the financial wrangling Stephanie had appeared to have her emotions under control; it was only after it was all over that she fell apart. Blaming herself; feeling unreasonable guilt; she would without warning break down in storms of tears. She couldn't eat or sl**p properly and she had to be given long term sick leave from her work.

Throughout this confused time it had been her son Luke who was the one sure anchor in her world of turbulent emotions.

It had been Luke in collaboration with the doctor who suggested Stephanie go away for a while. She agreed to this only when Luke said he would go with her; it was he who chose the location and made the arrangements.

There had always been a close love bond between Stephanie and Luke, and that bond was strengthened by Luke's support of her during the time of crisis. What he thought about his father's actions is unknown, except that he put it down to a mid-life crisis.

In this he may have been right. Stephanie and Arnold had married young by present day standards, and it might be conjectured that as Arnold entered his forties he felt that he had missed out on his youth, and having gained the affection of a girl some fifteen years younger than himself, he tried to relive that imagined lost youth.

Had there been other c***dren in Stephanie's marriage some of the load during her critical time might have been shared, but as it was, it all fell on Luke's shoulders.

To an outsider looking in on at the situation it might seem that Luke was carrying an unwarranted burden, but it did not seem so to Luke. Although he might not admit it, he was not altogether sorry to see his father's departure. Not that Luke bore his father any ill will derived from his upbringing, but once he entered upon his teenage years he had increasingly resented his father having access to Stephanie that was denied to him.

From Stephanie's point of view, the more Arnold's libido declined, the more attracted she became to Luke.

To state the matter frankly, both Stephanie and Luke would have done anything to bring about a loving sexual relationship between them, anything that is, but the obvious. Neither of them spoke the words or took the steps that would bring about what they so much desired.

Given this situation it might be asked to what extent Stephanie knew how Luke felt about her, and equally to what extent Luke was aware of how Stephanie felt about him?

It is certainly true that the human psyche has depths -- even dark depths -- that are even hidden from our selves. In the case of Stephanie and Luke what they were clear about was that they loved each other in the sense of mother and son love. They were also clear about their own sexual feelings for the other, but were not sure to what extent those feelings were reciprocated.

I suppose this might be called a sexual impasse.

Now, with the divorce over and Arnold out of their lives, they might have felt free to give expression to the love they felt for each other. At least adultery would not be an issue, but of course the i****t taboo remained, and it is upon this rock many potentially beautiful sexual relationships have foundered.

That was how things stood on the evening when they had sat, Luke embracing her as a lover might, watching the moonlight over the lake.

* * * * * * * *

They made their way up to the second floor of the hotel and entered the room being occupied by Stephanie. Luke plumped himself down on the bed and watched Stephanie as she prepared to take her shower.

She took off her shoes and said, "Darling, would you come and unzip me?"

Luke rose and standing behind Stephanie tugged down the zip of her dress. She removed the dress and hung it up in the wardrobe.

It was true that her underwear did not come into the category of sexy. Black cotton panties and a practical black bra, and it was also true that Luke had seen her wearing less, for example, a bikini, yet somehow the black silk stockings gave an aura of sexiness to the other items. But Stephanie did not appear in the least self conscious about being dressed or undressed, depending on your point of view, like this in front of Luke.

Was she however consciously aware of the effect on Luke?

Throughout the evening Luke had been in a state of semi arousal over Stephanie. It is probably only those who have experienced the potent mix of mother-son love and mutual sexual desire for each other, who can fully understand the potency of that mixture.

Now that Luke's arousal came to full bloom it seems hardly possible that Stephanie could have missed the substantial swelling in Luke's groin. This view is supported by what followed.

They had communicating rooms but the luxury of separate en suites. Stephanie smiled at Luke, stretched and said, "I'm going to have a shower before going to bed darling."

Despite the fact that it wasn't a shower that Luke needed at that particular moment, he did need to escape from Stephanie's disturbing presence and so making his way to the communicating door he said, "I think I'll have a shower as well." With that he entered his room.

As Stephanie showered she thought of Luke, fantasising his naked body and manly erection under the cascading water. The thought led to one hand starting to caress her breast, and the other to stroke her cleft.

She inserted two fingers into her vaginal tunnel and moved them back and forth while with her thumb she stimulated her clitoris. As she made herself come she murmured, "Luke...oh Luke darling..."

Not too far away Luke was visualizing Stephanie naked under the shower and as his sperm splattered against the shower tiles he groaned, "Mum...oh Mum..." Such can be life's difficulties; two people hot for each other but seemingly unable to communicate their desires.

* * * * * * * *

Luke, finishing his shower, and being temporarily relieved of sexual tension, put on pajama trousers and flung him self discontentedly on the bed, his hands behind his head gazing up at the ceiling. Despite his recent ejaculation he projected images of naked Stephanie onto that ceiling. Consequently he gave himself another erection.

It would no doubt heighten the salacious aspects of the situation if it could be said that Stephanie was also lying on her bed projecting images of naked Luke on the ceiling, but it was not so.

Having completed her shower and dried her hair she put on a wrap, and no, it was not a lacy all revealing negligee but a cotton garment rather like a short housecoat tied at the waist with a sash. Stephanie held the view that cotton was best next to the skin.

To make matters worse, she was engaged in a rather mundane but all too human activity. Seated on the edge of the bed with one foot resting on her thigh she was cutting her toenails, and as most of you will know this activity requires some degree of concentration or a bl**ded toe can result. Thus her thoughts were not at that moment focused on Luke, naked or otherwise.

Having finished her toenails for a moment she considered her fingernails, but decided they could wait for a few more days.

She was about to get into bed when a thought struck her. "He didn't say goodnight to me." She made her way to the communicating door.

As a result of his ceiling imagery Luke had got himself into a high state of arousal, and was contemplating masturbating. Whether you consider it fortunate for him or not, he hadn't begun the process of self-gratification when Stephanie entered his room and making her way to his bed sat on the edge.

Luke was of course not under the covers, and so Stephanie could not avoid seeing the bell tent shape that seemed to be stretching the material of Luke's pajama trousers at the groin. She was not however convinced that she was the inspiration for such a magnificent display of manhood. Was it some girl he'd been fantasising?

What Stephanie was sure of was her own response to her son's erect phallus, in the form of a lubricating vagina, erect nipples and a slight tremor.

Trying to ignore Luke's masculine display she said, "You b**st, you didn't come and say goodnight to me."

Luke, given his state before Stephanie entered his room, and the fact that in sitting on the edge of his bed her garment had ridden up to reveal delectable thighs, was also in a slightly shaky condition. His response was delivered with a slight stammer,

"Er...I th-thought w-we'd s-said goodnight."

"Well we didn't," Stephanie said.

Now concerning Stephanie's next move I have always suspended judgement. Was it only her intention to deliver a goodnight kiss and a hug, or was it something more? But then, it's very difficult to know people's precise motives because at times they are mixed.

Perhaps the best thing I can do is to quote something someone once said; "By their deed you shall know them."

Stephanie leaned over Luke and planted a soft kiss on his lips. The kiss went on a bit longer than a goodnight kiss usually requires. When she withdrew from the kiss her face was still very close to Luke's and they were looking into each other's eyes. It was as if a question mark hung over them.

Whatever Stephanie saw in Luke's eyes, it emboldened her to kiss him again, and this time it was certainly not a goodnight kiss. The tip of her tongue glided lightly over his lips, and when she finally withdrew Luke gasped, "I love you mother."

"I know darling," she replied, as she undid the cord of his pajamas and took hold of his penis. Stroking his penis she kissed him again, the kiss of a lover wanting to taste the beloved one. Luke's hand slipped inside her wrap and he began to fondle a breast.

They emerged gasping from the prolonged kiss, and Stephanie moved down his body until her face was poised over his penis. For a few moments she remained looking at it then she began to run her finger delicately over that sensitive nerve centre, the crown of his penis.

Looking up at him she could see his face contorted with ecstasy as he looked down at her and what she was doing to him. Still looking at him she took the head into her mouth and began to suck and lick it.

She heard his cries and moans, "Ah...ah...oh mum...ah...ah..."

She was still pumping his shaft as he cried out, " mum...not like this...don't make me come like this..."

She withdrew from his penis and began deep kissing him again, and as their mouths clung together he rolled her over onto her back. He pulled aside her wrap to expose her breasts, and fondling one breast he sucked the nipple of the other.

Stephanie was softly whimpering, "Oh my lovely boy...I want you...I want you in me..."

She parted her legs as he felt her genitals with his hand, and feeling her wetness he came between her legs.

"Do it to me it to me..." she pleaded as she guided the head of his penis into her tunnel.

Feeling the wet satin smoothness of her Luke murmured, "Its beautiful mother," and as Stephanie felt him penetrate deep into her she responded, "Yes...yes darling...deep...deep."

Once his full length was in her Luke paused. They were looking into each other's eyes and saw there the love they felt for each other. They kissed, and with Luke's hand on one of her breasts he began to move in her, slowly at first, relishing the journey towards the climax but in no hurry to arrive.

Stephanie felt his rhythm, and rose and fell with his thrusts and withdrawals. It seemed to become a contest for who could hold out the longest. It was Stephanie who surrendered crying out, "I'm coming darling...I'm coming...harder...deeper...Oh...oh...ah...oh...ah..."

Luke increased the speed of his thrusts and drove hard into her. He felt the warning sensation in his testes; they released their burden, sending his sperm up his shaft to spurt out of his urethra. At that first ejection of his cum he drove deep into her, remained still for a moment, and then began frantic movements as he shot load after load of his semen into her.

Stephanie, feeling his sperm strike deep into her tunnel gave a sobbing cry and winding her legs round his waist she joined in the struggle for greater depth.

As Luke finished and Stephanie was over the pinnacle of her climax she lay still in an attitude of surrender and Luke continued to thrust into her, dragging from her soft sobbing cries; "Ah...ah...I love you...ah...oh...I love you..."

Then they were at peace and once more looking into each other's eyes and murmuring words of love. Finally Luke withdrew his penis, rolled way from her, and then drawing her to him and with one hand still holding her breast, he slept.

Stephanie lay awake a little longer, a smile of triumph on her lips. Then she slept.

Some time in the early hours of the morning she was awakened. They had moved during the night and Luke was now pressed up against her back, his penis in her vagina. As the fog of sl**p dissipated and she felt Luke's movements she began to thrust back against him.

She did not come this time, but was content to feel his sperm enter her again. They slept once more, with Luke's penis still in her vagina.

* * * * * * * *

When Luke woke it was to find Stephanie still asl**p and facing him, his penis no longer in her vagina. At first he had a sense of unreality. It hadn't happened, it couldn't have. Yet here she was in his bed lying beside him, the bedding in disarray and the smell of their sexual unions pervading it.

He laid on his side, his elbow on the pillow his hand propping up his head, looking at her. She looked particularly lovely in sl**p.

As he watched her she slowly awakened. Her eyes focused on him and for a moment she looked puzzled, and then realisation came.

In a soft voice she said, "Well it took us long enough to get round to it."

He smiled and touching her cheek with his hand he kissed her. As he gently urged her legs apart she said, "Oh no darling, I'm all sticky and smelly," but she made no resistance as his penis slipped into her.

As he moved in her slowly he could feel the residue of their previous couplings and hear the soft slurping and sucking noises.

Stephanie began to moan, "Yes...yes darling...oh...oh...what me..."

Luke held back his orgasm and he watched her face as she began to climax, the mixture of agony and ecstasy as she writhed beneath him. When she reached the pinnacle she cried out and clutched him to her, and then he shot his sperm into her.

She clung to him making little whimpering sounds as her aftershocks continued to rack her until finally they were at peace.

She smiled up at him and said, "You're very naughty, you should have waited until I'd had my shower, and then added, "What are we going to do today?"

Luke smiled at her and said, "Stay in bed of course."

That seemed to galvanize Stephanie into action. "Oh no we're not," she said in mother mode. "We're going to get some fresh air." With that she got quickly from the bed and headed for the shower.he lay amid the ruins of the bed covers Luke listened to the hiss of the shower. He supposed she was right; they couldn't lay in bed all day making love.

When she came out from the shower still naked she looked radiant, a woman transformed. She was now in charge and she said, "Come on...come on get up, you can't lay about all day."

He grinned and getting off the bed went for his shower.

For the first time since the divorce and its aftermath Stephanie had slept well and felt energised. Having been unable to eat properly she now ate a huge breakfast, and Luke commented, "If that's what having sex with me does for you then why don't we go back to bed?"

"You're a conceited b**st," Stephanie laughed, "we're not going back to bed...well, not until this afternoon. Now we're going for a long walk."

Half an hour later had our previously imagined observer still been on the alert, he would have seen a couple hand in hand heading for the lakeside forest and it's walking trails. Seeing them in daylight he might have reflected on the fact that the women was older than the young man, and that both of them appeared to be extremely happy. If the viewer was a red bl**ded male he might well envy the young man his good fortune.

* * * * * * * *

On their return some hours later Stephanie again ate heartily, but this time Luke made no claims for his sexual prowess as an inspiration for her appetite, since it was probably the fresh air that had given her the appetite.

So far there had been no meticulous exploration of each other as lovers are wont to do, and so that afternoon there was a great deal of sucking, licking and nibbling. There was a break from the love feast for the evening meal, and then they retired to bed again.

This seemed to evolve into a pattern over the next few days but came to an end when their time at the hotel ran out.

On returning home their sexual couplings became less frequent since work and other activities had to be resumed, but clearly they were established as lovers on what looked like a permanent basis. This was reinf***ed when Stephanie announced that she as pregnant.

That is how things stand for the present, but if and when I get further news of this couple I shall be sure to let you know.

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