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Walk in the park

It’s been a week since I last fucked Jessy, she didn’t want to be fuck-buddies wanted to leave it a one time thing. School let out early it’s Friday figured I’d go to the park since it’s close by hangout with my buddies. I send Jessy a text, hey girl I’m at the park chilling throwing a football around, wanna chill? She replies sure be there later. I go on about my game and after a few I head in the office where there’s a vending machine and buy a drink. Phone beeps, Hey just got to the park where are you?!?!? I booked it… lol jk I’m in the office by the pool table.

She meets me there and we start talking about school stuff, well she is talking I am quiet, admiring her tight blue jeans, and pink shirt, on her right waist you can see her undies, she is wearing a purple thong. We continue walking and talking and we stop at the playground where I sit on the stairs to the slide, she sits on the steps below me between my legs, I place my hands on her shoulders and start to massage her, I tell her you’re a little tense, while I let my fingers do the magic she tilts her head back and enjoys what I’m doing she lets go a soft moan, and tries to continue talking. I keep working her shoulders and neck when she does a 180 and my pants are unzipped and my cock in her mouth before I have a chance to say a word, and now there isn’t a point I just watch her nibble on my tip and then swallow it while it’s still semi hard and she can do it with ease.

I unbutton my pants and lower them a bit so she can get full access to my cock and balls, as I enjoy her fondling my balls as she sucks my dick, she can fit half of it in her mouth before she starts gagging, and at ¾ of the way she chokes. I am playing with her tits, caressing her nipples. I help her up and have her sit on the stairs I lower her pants to her ankles along with her thong which was already soaking wet, I grab her thighs and push her legs up as I get down on my knees and start eating her out, she lowers her legs and places them on my shoulders. Her pussy had been freshly shaven, I worked my tongue all over playing with her clit as I insert my finger in her pussy and start finger fucking her with a twisting motion rubbing her inner walls, she puts her hand on my head grabs on tight and holds me down trying to get me deeper into her pussy while my tongue is still doing work my finger is making her squirm, with my other hand I keep jerking my cock nice slow strokes. I can’t wait any longer I long to be inside her filling her up. She removes her jeans and panties from one leg keeping them still on her other leg, and spreads open for me I smile and turn her over she bends sticking her ass out in the air. I put a condom on and slide right in her juicy pussy. She grabs tight to the handle on the stairs and lets a loud moan that has me looking around to make sure no one is watching us.

I start going hard on her pussy, my balls are aching but I don’t want to stop I want to fill her up, I grab her hair and start pulling with every thrust, she is quivering. With my free hand I place my middle finger in my mouth get it wet and stick it in her asshole, she was caught by surprise and clenched, then relaxed and enjoyed it. I start playing around moving my finger in her hole as I keep fucking her pussy, the thought of getting caught is fueling my excitement, I let go of her hair and take my finger out of her ass, she says I want you to cum on my tits, I don’t want a creampie, as she said that I slowed down pulling my dick all the way out and thrusting all the way in on the fourth pullout I slyly remove the condom and as I insert my cock deep inside her pussy I put my hands on her shoulders pull her and unload I could feel the streams of cum gushing out of my cock and deep inside her pussy my dick is throbbing and it must have been like 7 long warm shots, I hadn’t jerked in 3 days and I made sure to empty it all inside she screams out a moan, as I pull out and my cum starts to ooze out of her pussy she begins to play with it and then sucks her fingers clean. We get dressed and I take her to my place so we can shower.

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